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Found 12 results

  1. If Zemo has the slow condition and performs the steel rush attack, after the attack does he advance M or S?
  2. malekith's ability and similar abilities like conqueror of the ten realms prevent that character attacking from rerolling dice but what about outside effects that reroll dice from other characters. Example baron Strucker and baron Zemo have strategic genius that allow rerolls but then there are other abilities from Arnim Zola that can use hydra engineering that targets the character attacking and can reroll die based on energy spent from that character.
  3. If Baron Zemo is defending against a physical attack, does he have to decide to pay the power to use the Master Swordsman: 1) after he is targeted but before he rolls his defense dice Or 2) after he is targeted and after he rolls his defense dice I ask because similar wording is on Hulkbuster's Built To Take It superpower: "When this character is targeted by an attack, it may use his power..." They are both reactive powers but I was not sure when the player gets to choose to use it exactly.
  4. Hi guys, In this scenario I have baron zemo playing for convocation and the iron book is active. If I am defending against a physical attack (within 2) can I first use master swordsman's to get all the re rolls THEN switch it to mystic for the extra dice?
  5. If an allied Baron Zeemo in Defenders team picks up the book and uses beam attack and changes one of the attacks to physical using Dr. Strange's leadership can he use his Master Swordman superpower to get all rerolls on this attack?
  6. If Zemo targets a model with a strike and uses Master Swordsman (which requires targeting a model with a physical attack) and the defender uses Iron Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath to change the attack type to mystic, does Zemo still get the rerolls from Master Swordsman?
  7. Given Baron Zemos and Thor’s superpowers that let them move and attack with the same action, is the move action granted by this ability optional? For instance if thor For Asgard’s into Mysterio, can he choose to stay in his current position? And if so, has a move action or movement taken place?
  8. Baron attacks an enemy character using Steel Rush, which allows him to advance M after the attack is resolved. Ghost Spider uses Live Saver on the enemy, pulling them out of range, and the attack “ends”. Does it end before resolving, meaning Baron does not get to advance M?
  9. Quicksilver attacks Zemo with the Cyclonic Vortex. After attack is resolved, he can advance M. Zemo however has Counter Strike which also takes place after the attack is resolved. Can Quicksilver move out of range of the Counter Strike since the order is determined by the attacking active player's side? Thanks
  10. Hello, Can models reroll 1 dice while being in range 2 of Dazed Baron Zemo?
  11. Can a character move more than once in a turn holding a herb if the move action (advance or climb) is triggered by another ability such as an attack (eg Steel Rush)? I'm assuming no, but require clarification.
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