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Found 5 results

  1. So I apologize if this has been answered already, but my friends are having a hard time understanding this. If I am throwing a character (dr.strange) away from me, and that character is BTB (base to base) with a different character, (baron mordo) can the thrown character hit the one it's BTB with? I found an answer by Negoldar saying "The throw will stop only if contact is made during the movement. Contact existing before the movement does not stop the movement from the throw. " The big question is what is existing contact and what is new contact? Are we saying that the literal few millimeters of touching plastic between the 2 models is existing and that if any new millimeter (or smallest form of measuring, Planck Length) of contact is made, the throw is legal? If that's the case do I even move the model? Can u describe or show an example of what Negoldar means, if my interpretation is correct we can't see a time when there wouldn't be new contact. I attached a very crude example of the issue I'm having. I believe that strange would slide along mordos base, which is making many new millimeters of contact , therefore stopping as soon as a new millimeter of contact is made.
  2. Hello In a game this situation occurred: Vader was touching a barrier of crates. He made a saber throw to a unit of Royal guards and force push a unit of stormtroopers into melee to prevent the Royal Guards from charging into melee. the Royal guards step above the crates near the side were Vader’s base was in contact with the crates and declared the melee attack anyway. Is this possible? Can a melee take place at different levels with no contact between the bases? thanks Vladimiro
  3. Hello! Let's see if I can make myself clear: First: Being in base contact is important for some interactions. With an enemy model to start a melee, with an objective or condition token to claim it or get supplies, or with a terrain piece for objectives or conditions like Key Positions or Hostile Environment. Second: When you perform a move, you should first place the movement tool, adjust it and then execute, moving the miniature along the path created. Also, if it is obvious that the mini will be unimpeded while moving along the path created by the movement tool, the mini can be placed directly at its final destination. (Page 58 of the current RRG) Sometimes would be desirable to move into base contact with multiple elements. For example, engaging in melee with an enemy unit while touching an objective token. Or touching both a terrain piece and a condition token. Or two tokens that are close. Strictly following the rules if you want to end your movement touching two elements you should try to "aim" the movement tool so the end position fits exactly where you want it to be, touching both elements. It requires a precision almost impossible to achieve, because maybe you touch one element and end 1mm short to the other, or you overlap one of the tokens so you could not end the movement there. Question is (considering tournament gameplay): Can you execute a move where you'll be touching two elements at the same time? Thank you very much!
  4. If Luke uses You Serve Your Master Well on an enemy unit which has at least one model in base contact with another enemy unit, is a melee engagment created for the duration of You Serve Your Master Well. If so, must the enemy unit (controlled by the Luke player) immediately snap into proper melee cohesion?
  5. If a vehicle cannot be engaged with an miniature can you preform a ranged attack to the unit in base contact and vise versa. For example a group of rebel troopers come into base to base contact with an at-st can the at-st use its ms-4 blaster cannon to attack the unit of rebel troopers in base to base contact with it?
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