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  1. In my game tonight, Loki had 1 HP left and was holding the Kree Power Core. He was out of range to attack anyone after spending his first action to move. This leads to my questions of: 1) Could I make the Frost Blast attack, even if no enemy models would be under the beam template? 2) If I can do number one, would this attack satisfy the attack conditions for the Kree Power Core to prevent the damage? 3) If Loki made an attack on a model, which was then Life Saver'd away, would that satisfy the attack conditions for the Kree Power Core to prevent the damage?
  2. Mystic Empowerment I saw a previous answer from Nov 2020 that says Doctor Strange can apply Mystic Empowerment to Beam and Area Attacks. I'm not understanding why, as Beam and Area Attacks never choose targets - a clear part of the requirements to use Mystic Empowerment. In order to help figure out what we are missing in our group, please consider the following: A player has a character (for ease of reference, we will say it is Loki) with a Beam or Area Attack. It is his turn, he decides to use that attack. Three enemy characters are under the measurement tool, thus in range of the chosen attack. For the purposes of this question, the three enemy characters have no special distinctions or rules that matter other than that they each have a defensive stat that is lower than the other two defensive stats. Loki (again, just a convenient reference - it does not matter that the charater is in fact Loki, only that the attacking character has a Beam or Area Attack) wishes to take advantage of Mystic Empowerment to make his attacks use the lower defensive stats of the enemy characters who will suffer his attack. The first part of Mystic Empowerment reads: "Once per turn, when an allied character declares an attack, before choosing a target it may spend one Power." The rules for both Area and Beam Attacks instruct the player to follow a different set of rules. The rules for Beam Attacks outright state "instead of declaring a target." The rules for Area Attacks say "The attacking character does't declare a target..." This would mean that Loki cannot take advantage of Mystic Empowerment to change the attack type, as it does not choose any targets. They are simply under the range stick and attacks are resolved against all enemies affected. Is this correct? If not, why not? As always, thanks!
  3. Hello, Sorry again if there is already a topic about that but you know i'm dum. In case of an area attack or a beam attack, for example Magneto shrapnel Blast or Cyclop optic devastation, is every character (not allies) in range of the attack suffer the special condition stun (for Magneto) or concussion (with a wild for Cyclop) ?
  4. Ran into a new situation last night on game night. Storm used Hurricane with Spider-Man and Mysterio in the A2 range. Venom used Lethal Protector to move in next to Spidey and take the hit, now placing him in range of the A2 Hurricane attack. Does the timing on LP keep Venom safe from being a target of the Hurricane and taking Spidey’s hit only, or does he take the hit for Spidey and then takes a hit himself?
  5. A beam power is fired at a target (say Doctor Strange) and Luke Cage is directly in between the attacker and Strange. Luke Cage activates Too Dangerous to Ignore. Is Doctor Strange still attacked with Luke Cage, or is Luke Cage attacked twice, or is Luke Cage attacked just once?
  6. Example: Beam covers 2, or more, characters. Venom is under the range tool for the beam. Venom plays Lethal Protector and is placed within Range 1 of another Character in the beam before Venom is rolled against.. (attacker chose not to roll against Venom first) Venom is now no longer under the range tool for the beam. Venom is beside the original location of the beam. Is venom attacked once or twice? Same question using Heroes for Hire substituting Luke Cage, or Iron Fist, in the place of Venom. Can this Place move be used to put him beyond the beam range?
  7. Say you start a beam attack that targets Dormammu and others. You attack Dormammu first and then are pushed by his reaction power. What happens with the rest of your beam attack? Does it proceed from the area you were pushed from? Does it get re-evaluated from your new position (and if so, can you now make an attack against characters who were not part of the original beam)? What if you can still target some of the original characters from your new position, do you get to continue with your series of attacks?
  8. So a question came up over the weekend in my group if it was possible to use a beam attack from any part of a base on the attacking miniature or does the tool have to be place centered on base of miniature. In the picture provided yellow beam would be how I thought it needed to be lined up but was told by group that blue would also be allowed and that there is no center of base required. I did see in the rule book it stated something about center of base but wanted to make sure a ruling hasn't changed that.
  9. Cable does an A2 attack catching honey badger in the area. When does honey badger take the damage? Can she apply the -1 dice to all the attacks before her damage is taken or is she damage first?
  10. My understanding of Trip Up is that the conditions to play it are targeting a character with an attack, and having an allied character within range 2. The two characters then pay 1 power each to add the status effects listed if the attack does damage. If this is an attack that targets multiple enemies within range 2, such as an AOE or a beam, can the 1 power each be paid multiple times to put the statuses on each target of the beam/AOE within 2? Or does the card essentially only work for one target, since it is then “played” and any further conditions that the card meets are irrelevant because the card is already used?
  11. So a scenario came up a during a game yesterday. We had Luke Cage and Miles both under a beam attack, and my friend wanted to play Heroes for Hire, and move Luke out of the beam. Would he still take the attack since he is no longer “in range” of the beam?
  12. The rules for Beam and Area Attacks tell us that they do not target models and that they do target models. I find this very confusing, especially when considering Shadow Organization. In the case of Beam Attacks, in particular, it says to place the range tool and then attack each enemy hit by the template. Shadow Organization says that enemy characters must be within 2 in order to target the affected models. Since the Beam does not, as written, declare a target, what happens when the Beam attack is made (assuming a Beam length of, say, 4 and all enemies being over 2 away)? 1. The Beam still hits the enemies who have had Shadow played on them. 2. The Beam cannot be made at all as there are no enemies closer than 2, despite the Beam being 4 long. 3. The Beam is wasted.
  13. In the event that someone like Rocket is getting hit with an AoE or Beam, and Groot(or another bodyguard ect) is also in the beam/AoE, can Rocket still assign his incoming portion of the attack to Groot, thus making Groot get hit twice by the same attack?
  14. If an enemy uses a beam to attack multiple characters and Ghost-Spider uses life saver to move one of them out of the path of the beam, but still in "range", does it get hit? (eg if the attack is B3 and the target is still within 3 of the attacking character)
  15. If someone initiates a beam attack and targets Loki and Quicksilver. If both use trickster and Can’t Catch Me respectfully to get out of range of the beam, does the person initiating lose the attack action because the beam targeted multiple people even though neither targets could be actually targeted?
  16. If an ally has stealth at range greater than 3, will they be hit by the 1 point of damage from a beam attack?
  17. Hi, If Ronan is the first target of a beam attack and is Dazed/KO'd, then uses his superpower The Accuser and KOes the attacker who is then saved by Lockjaw's Last Minute Save, does the beam continue or is it interrupted? Thanks!
  18. In an Area attack, “Allied characters in range of an area attack suffer 1 damage”. Since the attacker is in range and allied to themself, do they also suffer a wound?
  19. Can a character make a beam or AOE attack through Seeing Red if the opposing character that dazed the ally is targeted by the beam/AOE attack?
  20. If my opponent has Cap Falcon as a leader, if I hit 2 or more characters with a beam or area attack when i resolve the attack against the first target, if I daze it does it instantly trigger cap falcon leadership or I resolve all of my attacks against the characters hit by the beam /area first?
  21. Hi, how does this leadership triggers, if I attack multyple characters with beam/area? Thanks
  22. Hi, I play battle lust card and use beam/aoe attack. Then I hit 2 mini. All my attack gets +2 ?
  23. Hi! According to this I suppose this would be the same scenario, but I prefer to ask: when using a beam attack targetting three different enemy characters, could I modify all the attacks with Mystic Empowerment, or only one of them because of the "once per turn" limit? Thanks!
  24. Hoping you can clarify when Wicked's Judgement from Ghost Rider would trigger on a beam attack. Can Ghost Rider pay to use this ability after each character is attacked? I ask this as a previous post about Wicked's Judgement on a rapid fire attack states that Rapid fire would trigger first and then Ghost Rider could use Wicked Judgement on the first attack dice pool, but after the second attack had gone through. However, is the beam attack considered to be resolved with each dice roll against each character and therefore Ghost Rider can use the ability after each attack or would he wait until all attacks are finalized and the specific attack sequence ends for him to use it based on the initial dice pool? Seems strange that an ability to rapid fire would mean that attack sequence has not ended yet, but a beam attack is treated as resolved after each attack, even though the overall attack has not been resolved? Had this come up in a game where Ghost Rider did this after each attack from Hulks Thunder Clap (which was targeting 4 characters including Ghost Rider) and ended up doing something like 14 damage to Hulk and knocked him out. Also, does wicked judgement need to happen before Spirit of vengeance? So can Ghost Rider use spirit of vengeance to gain one power to enable him to perform Wicked's Judgement if he only had one power before this point?
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