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Found 8 results

  1. If the saber tank splits fire using the beam canon and it’s primary weapon can the beam attack beam onto the unit that was attacked by the primary weapon? Hope that is clear. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello There, Quick question on the interaction between a Beam X Weapon and Standby tokens. Would you be able to trigger a standby off the first shot of a Beam weapon, or would all of the Beam attacks trigger before any Standbys could be used?
  3. Hey TP ! My ISP attack a unit of B1 with the beam canon, the unit is in my fire arc and in LOS. The 2 others units are in range 1 from the previous defender, in LOS but not in my fire arc anymore. Can I attack them with the beam 2 or they must be in my fire arc too?
  4. On a Call Me Captain turn. Assuming all targets are within Rex’s range, can Rex fire support each of the 3 attacks on a Beam 2 weapon?
  5. Hi If the Limited Visibility Card is in effect and the additional Beam attacks (beyond the first) are beyond the range specified by Limited Visibility is it still legal for the additional 2 Beam attacks to be declared and initiated? Thanks again.
  6. Hi If there are multiple defenders from a Beam attack, how is cover determined for each of the separate attacks? Do you check cover and line of sight from target 1 to target 2 for the second Beam attack and then repeat from target 2 to target 3 for the third or is the cover for all 3 targets determined from the line of sight of the original attacking unit? Thanks.
  7. How does Dr. Strange's leadership work with beams and AoE attacks
  8. So there still seems to be some confusion in if you gain power off a beam attack for each target you hit under the template. Can you confirm please.
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