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Found 11 results

  1. Bob and Ghost Rider are your last two characters. Both are injured. Ghost Rider is dealt enough damage to be KO’d and deal with the devil is played. Does the “before he is removed from the battlefield,” clause of Deal With The Devil keep you in the game?
  2. Would Hela get to activate "Goddess of Death" and recieve a token when Bob is on his injured side and activates his "But HOW!?" Or does getting dazed and receiving a dazed token mean different things in this case?
  3. When performing a movement action, do reactive powers that trigger based on that movement "interrupt" the movement (as they do with most other interactions) or do they occur after the movement finished? The question is specifically directed towards movement as the second action, trying to identify whether the activation token is placed before or after the reactive superpower occurs. The main area it is currently relevant is an Injured Bob, Agent of Hydra moving into something like Rockets Booby Traps as his section action.
  4. Question about the ‘before damage’ effects for excessive violence. When does Bob take the 3 damage if he doesn’t have a dazed token? Is it immediate after the throw or after step 14 of the attack sequence. If bob takes the damage at step 11 does that immediately end the attack, negating the damage calculated in step 10? Cheers.
  5. When bob triggers but HOW! upon being koed, would this trigger Sam Wilson's leadership ability?
  6. Question for the hive mind. How does Bob’s rule that he gains a daze instead of being KO’d interact with Sam Wilson’s leadership? Does he count as being dazed when he gains the daze token? Also if punisher is on the team will this trigger his punishment token?
  7. Bob's Excessive Violence has a self dazing ability on it. Can I choose to resolve his self throw first that would daze him, Trigger Sam's leadership to move a character outside of range 2 of the original target, then resolve Excessive Violence's all characters within range 2 suffer 2 damage to avoid taking 2 damage on one character? If my character was KO'd by an attack that has an after this attack has been resolved timing Would I resolve ANAD before they resolve their effect? If my character was carrying an objective token and was dazed do I resolve ANAD before or after the objective token is placed by my opponent? What does the Timing look like with Mission Objective and resolving ANAD?
  8. Does Bob get a Loaded token or would he have to wait until he gets 8 power and use Make It Spicy, Bob! ?
  9. Bob's "But How!?" ability states that when he does not have an activated token and would be KO'd he gains a Dazed token instead. Last-Minute Save states that when an allied character would be KO'd, the allied character removes one damage and is not KO'd. Are these two slightly different wordings functionally the same for purposes of game play - or - is Bob KO'd for technical reasons, while a Last-Minute Saved character is not? How do each of these wordings work with a healthy Thanos's Death's Agenda leadership?
  10. If Bob is brought into play mid-game, eg by the Cloning Banks tactics card, will he come into play with a Loaded token, or does he need to be part of your initial squad to get the Loaded token?
  11. Wanted to make sure I understand how the "But HOW!?" superpower on Bob, Agent of Hydra works. So, let's say Bob already has 1 wound on him and 0 power. He is hit for 5 damage, which is obviously more than enough to KO him. The power kicks in and puts a dazed token on him, clearly. (1) How many wound tokens should be on Bob at this point? How much power? So then the cleanup phase rolls around and the power kicks in again to remove his dazed token and 3 power. He remains on his injured side. (2) How many wound tokens does he have on him now? How much power? Thank you!
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