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Found 21 results

  1. Just looking to confirm this, i think im right but just want to check If a friendly character is targeted and steve rogers uses bodyguard as he is within 2. Can cable then play telekinetic shield to add dice to steves rolls, as he has now become the target of the attack? also telekinect shield and vibranium shield could stack to give steve 4 extra dice? thinking it may be a cheap way of getting 2 extra dice and saving power on steve as it would only be 2 power globaly instead of 3 power off steve to get 2 extra dice with his leadership for bodyguard and kinetic and it would work agaisnt mystic too
  2. Let's say I have Thanos within R2 of an allied She-Hulk. I also have Nick Fury Jr and am SHIELD affiliated. On my opponents turn, they activate an enemy model and target Thanos with an attack. I declare that I'm using She-Hulk's Legal Defense to have her become the target of the attack (and pay the 2 power). Can I then use the Eye in the Sky TTC, have Nick pay 3 power, and move She-Hulk short? My confusion comes from the "is targeted" language on the TTC and "becomes the target" trigger on the Legal Defense superpower. Similar issue with Rocket/Groot. Pretty sure the TTC triggers, but wanted to be sure.
  3. If Hawkeye is targeted, and conditions are met for him to use the Fast draw Superpower, can this be triggered, then, assuming conditions are met, Steve Rogers use the Bodyguard superpower? I believe these both happen in the same timing step, so Hawkeye can get a shot off, then Steve becomes the target and takes the attack?
  4. My question here is. When I play One-Two Punch and then my opponent plays Bodyguard does Bodyguard stop the dice generation because they are now the new targer. Or are the dice generated and now the Bodyguard has to deal with the extra two dice? Which one goes off first? Then let's say if the Bodyguard is at lest range 3 of one of the allies do that also nigate the generation of the two dice?
  5. About Dormammu and Incarnation of Obliteration. I target an character, but my opponent use a bodyguard to redirect. If Dark Miasma proc, can I target the first character ? (we assume the first target is still withing 2.)
  6. Enchantress is targeted by an attack, I also have a captain america within two of enchantress, does the attacker pay 2 power to make the attack non-mystic then i may activate bodyguard to have capt be the attack of the original attack type. is this the correct order?
  7. Is the following the correct process? An enemy targets enchantress, they as the attacker must choose whether to pay 2 power or not for the enchanting ability. If they pay two, I can then choose an ally with bodyguard to take the hit and the two power they spent to attack enchantress is still removed?
  8. Question on what happens? Sam targets Captain Marvel, and uses Bird of Prey, but Steve 'Bodyguards', what happens with the Bird of Prey Tactics Card?
  9. “Regardless of range and LOS” - does a bodyguarding character gain cover if they meet the requirements for cover as outlined in the RRG? Can they meet those requirements considering the “regardless” clause of the bodyguard super power?
  10. If I’m attacking a character and there is another character within 2 of the original target that has the bodyguard superpower (or equivalent) can that character be the recipient of another bodyguard superpower from a separate character? E.g. Ghostrider targets Scarlet witch with an attack, Captain America spends power to bodyguard (becoming the target of the attack) then Okoye uses her bodyguard special ability to become the target of the attack instead of captain America.
  11. In the event that someone like Rocket is getting hit with an AoE or Beam, and Groot(or another bodyguard ect) is also in the beam/AoE, can Rocket still assign his incoming portion of the attack to Groot, thus making Groot get hit twice by the same attack?
  12. Had a game a while ago where Quicksilver was facing off against Okoye and Black Widow. He attacked Okoye first, got the wild and hit to trigger Velocity to then target Black Widow. Okoye then paid 2 power to use bodyguard, would this stop the attack going through? Bodyguard states that this character (Okoye) becomes the target of the attack and Quicksilvers Velocity rule states that the attack may not target the original target of the attack, which she was. When Quicksilver declared the attack, Black widow was the target but as Okoye jumped in the way, she is now the target but was also the original target as well which would break the chain, but the main issue is whether it only has to be a different target at the time of declaring the attack or at any point during the attack sequence?
  13. Hello, If Angela is attacking Carnage with Hevens Wrath but Okoye did bodyguard to protect Carnage and Angela got Cleave by rolling 2 crits and wild. Okoye was KO after the attack. ¿Who is the original target? ¿Carnage or Okoye?
  14. If I target character A with IoO, B Bodyguards, I Trigger Dark Miasma, can I target A again, or do they count as already having been targeted?
  15. Can Doctor Strange use HHW on an allied character who made themselves the target of an attack through a bodyguard style affect or a tactics card like Heroes for Hire? For example. Opponent targets Strange, he pays 2 for H4H then pays 2 for HHW to bump Cage or Fist's defense dice up by 2.
  16. Am I right to assume that if a character like Steve Rogers who bodyguards an attack like Shield Throw from Sam Wilson, and Ricochet triggers into someone within range 2 of Steve Rogers, Steve can trigger bodyguard again to redirect the attack to himself? I assume this also works for flurry attacks that allow separate targets. How about if the attack triggers a 2nd attack on the same target (Sin's Make It Personal) but Steve Rogers is out of range 2 because he bodyguarded it off someone in range.
  17. If someone attacks a target and Luke Cage/Iron Fist play Heroes for Hire. They get placed and become the target of the attack but someone bodyguards the attack. After the attack is resolved, do they still get the throw since the attack has resolved and the placed character was not dazed/KO?
  18. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but if an enemy is attacking my Ghost Rider, whom is within range 3 of the attacker, and someone like Captain America uses the Bodyguard ability, after the attack is done will Ghost Rider's two aforementioned abilities trigger?
  19. How would area attacks work with bodyguard? If I have two models in range of an area attack and one of them bodyguards for the other one does the attack still get a chance to attack the other model? What if the bodyguard model is dazed from the initial bodyguard trigger?
  20. Does the negative effect of the Execute team tactic card carry over if the original target character gets body-guarded? Thanks
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