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Found 22 results

  1. Just looking to confirm this, i think im right but just want to check If a friendly character is targeted and steve rogers uses bodyguard as he is within 2. Can cable then play telekinetic shield to add dice to steves rolls, as he has now become the target of the attack? also telekinect shield and vibranium shield could stack to give steve 4 extra dice? thinking it may be a cheap way of getting 2 extra dice and saving power on steve as it would only be 2 power globaly instead of 3 power off steve to get 2 extra dice with his leadership for bodyguard and kinetic and it would work agaisnt mystic too
  2. If Captain American's Shield Throw attack KO's the target character and gets a wild for Ricochet, does the Ricochet fail since the original target is no longer on the board? Since if the character is not on the board no other character is with 3?
  3. Question on what happens? Sam targets Captain Marvel, and uses Bird of Prey, but Steve 'Bodyguards', what happens with the Bird of Prey Tactics Card?
  4. Hello, something came up last night and I was hoping to check with yourselves. Captain America (in this case Sam) is within r2 of storm using xmen gold leadership. Ironman is within r4 of captain A but NOT within R2 of storm. During ironman's turn he and Captain A use ricochet blast targeting storm. Does storm get cover or not? What we considered: Does she get cover because Ironman is the attacker who isn't within r2? Does she not get cover because range and line of sight are measured from Captain A who is within R2? We played the former with storm getting cover but thought it was an interesting one. Many thanks in advance
  5. Does Capt America's leadership ability affect superpowers during the cleanup step since it says once per TURN?
  6. Hi. I’d like to ask for clarification regarding the step in which Sam’s leadership resolves as the wording is: ”When this character or or another allied character is Dazed or KO’d, choose a non-dazed allied character. After the effect is resolved, the chosen character removes 1 damage, one special condition and may advance short.” From the wording, the choosing of a character is done at step 12 of an attack while the resolve of the effect is done at step 14b. Thanks.
  7. Hi all his Sam wilson affiliation order to be solved in the order the ability is wrote the controlling player con choose? IE Can I move, then remove the condition, than cure or am I obliged to cure , then remove condition, then move? TY for answers
  8. Does Capitan America's (Steve Rogers) leadership, a day unlike any other, work on superpowers that occur during the Cleanup or Power phases? For example, could I use the leadership to reduce the cost of Black Widow's Interrogate superpower that occurs "At the start of the Cleanup Phase" ?
  9. During the power phase in 'Struggle for the Cube continues', Sam Wilson and another Avenger each have a cube and one health left. Can the Avengers player use Sam's leadership after the first character is dazed by the cube and heal a point from the second thus saving them from also being dazed?
  10. I trigger Omega Red's Death Factor to do 2 damage to everyone within 2 that has Poison in the order of my choosing. If I daze the first person I choose, would there be a window for Cap Sam to trigger his leadership and move someone out of range before I choose them?
  11. If my opponent has Cap Falcon as a leader, if I hit 2 or more characters with a beam or area attack when i resolve the attack against the first target, if I daze it does it instantly trigger cap falcon leadership or I resolve all of my attacks against the characters hit by the beam /area first?
  12. Say there is a tactic card played that damages and dazes multiple character (rolling a hit on lovable misfits with multiple 1 health character nearby, or Deadly Duo), how does the effect stack between the tactic cards and the leadership ability? To make it more interesting, let's throw in Winter Soldier in there as well with his "Got your back" superpower. Does the tactic card resolves fully before leadership and hence Winter Soldier? Or does each character getting daze would trigger Sam's leadership and Winter Soldier, giving Winter Soldier a chance to take out Rocket before Deadly Duo would complete.
  13. Question for the hive mind. How does Bob’s rule that he gains a daze instead of being KO’d interact with Sam Wilson’s leadership? Does he count as being dazed when he gains the daze token? Also if punisher is on the team will this trigger his punishment token?
  14. Bob's Excessive Violence has a self dazing ability on it. Can I choose to resolve his self throw first that would daze him, Trigger Sam's leadership to move a character outside of range 2 of the original target, then resolve Excessive Violence's all characters within range 2 suffer 2 damage to avoid taking 2 damage on one character? If my character was KO'd by an attack that has an after this attack has been resolved timing Would I resolve ANAD before they resolve their effect? If my character was carrying an objective token and was dazed do I resolve ANAD before or after the objective token is placed by my opponent? What does the Timing look like with Mission Objective and resolving ANAD?
  15. If Both Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Captain America (Sam Wilson) are both in range 1 of Winter Solder when the Tactics Card "End of the line" is played which Captain America (Sam or Steve) Gets the tactic card's bonus one or both?
  16. Captain America Sam Wilson’s air lift wording implies the allied character air lifted by Sam has no relation to sams movement as the allied character moves 2 from its current position regardless of where Sam moved?
  17. When Captain Sam is KO'd does his team get to benefit from the leadership ability, or does the ability cease to function due to him being KO'd
  18. Can Cap use his leadership ability on an opponent's turn? For instance, can he discount bodyguard to re-direct an enemy attack?
  19. This might be an obvious question, but I wasn't sure, so wanted clarification. Does Captain America benefit from his own leadership ability, or does it just apply to his "allies"?
  20. Would an innate superpower that doesn't have a cost count for the Day Unlike Any Other leadership ability? For example, if Cap bodyguards Ghost Rider, will Spirit of Vengeance prevent Wicked's Judgement from having its cost reduced?
  21. Heya, if using the tactics card "Till the end of the line" with Cap and Winter Soldier and during the round after activating the card one of the characters is dazed, does the benefit of the extra defense dice and no push still apply to the not dazed character. Thanks.
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