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Found 17 results

  1. I have seen on a previous topic that you can interrupt Maximum Carnage attack with Paint the Town red, however, I was hoping for some clarity on some things regarding this: If you Daze someone with Maximum Carnage, use paint the town red, can you then move and use a Symbiote Tendril attack before continuing on with Maximum Carnage, or could you decide to hold of the Symbiote Tendril attack until after concluding the Maximum Carnage? Also if you move as part of paint the town red, could you move into a position which would bring you closer to more enemies for the Maximum Carnage attack? Also if you had friendly models in range of the maximum Carnage attack at the start, but then moved with paint the town red could you move to a point where they are no longer in range to receive the 1 damage from this attack, and vice versa, if you moved into range of a friendly unit would they take the damage, or avoid it as not being identified as a target as part of the initial attack? Sorry, a lot of potential interactions with this one which would be good to get clarity on. Thanks.
  2. If I am playing Carnage in Criminal Syndicate and Carnage dazes an enemy character with his spender, leaving him on 0 power. Does Carnage have the time to play the No Mercy tactics card before having to pay for Paint the Town Red, or will he not be able to play No Mercy until after the time in which he would need to pay for Paint the Town Red
  3. Dears, Carnage plays TTC Carnage Rules on a Character that cannot be advanced, e.g. Astral Ring Can he still make the attack from the TTC? Ty
  4. Does using the symbiote tendrils attack utilise 1 of the Carnage’s actions (hence why it’s a may attack ?)
  5. I had a probably rare occurrence come up in a recent game. Carnage sitting on one wound left went up to attack Wong, but Luke Cage played Heroes for Hire to jump in and take the attack. I had the card Neogenetic Recombinator available to be played, so my question is this: is there a time available to me to play Neogenetic Recombinator after my attack on Luke Cage, but before the throw generated by Heroes for Hire? My thought is yes, because H4H says "After the attack is resolved . . . " and I am still the active player which fulfills the requirements of NR. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Good afternoon, I have a question regarding Carnage attacks and superpowers. If Carnage make a Maxmimum Carnage and there is 2 two characters (A and B) at range. He daze/Ko character A and then he use Paint the town in red, move and arrive in contact with two others characters (C and D) what happens ? Carnage loose the attack which should have been allocated to character B wich is not right now in range 2 ? or Carnage continue Maximum Carnage on the characters C and D which are now in contact after using the movement of Paint the town in red ?
  7. How does Escort to Safety effect the attack granted by Paint the Town Red? Example: Carnage activates and Advances then Attacks for his 2 actions. The attack Dazes a character and Carnage pays for Paint the Town Red which let's him advance Short then makes a Symbiote Tendrils attack. The opponent plays Escort to Safety to push the targeted character out of range. What options does Carnage have at this point? Is he "refunded" an Action meaning he could Advance or Attack? Thank you
  8. If carnage targets multiple enemies with Maximum Carnage and dazes his first target, can he interrupt the attack action to use Paint the town red, and then return to the Maximum carnage attack, targeting whichever targets are left from when the attack began?
  9. Does Carnage's Rampage trigger on Maximum Carnage affect the character he is attacking, or just every enemy aside from that one within 2 of Carnage?
  10. Does Sadistic Glee ability applies to the free attack given by the There will be carnage tactic card. As this card gives you a free Symbiote Tendrils attack, and not a free attack action, I'm not sure if this ability could be used here.
  11. Carnage uses Maximum Carnage, affecting enemy Corvus and Proxima. Carnage attacks Corvus first, triggering Rampage and applying one damage to Proxima, dazing her. Can this trigger Paint the Town Red, or is the damage done by Rampage not considered "with an attack?"
  12. If I trigger Paint the Town Red is there a window to be able to pay the power for Sadistic Glee? Thanks
  13. Imagine carnage has taken 6 damage, so has one stamina left: Carnage activates Sadistic Glee and rolls a fail (skull), but also manages to daze/KO the target. Can Carnage trigger Paint the town red, healing all damage before the damage from Sadistic Glee triggers, or would he become dazed/KOed first?
  14. Domino - Things tend to go my way : "Enemy characters do not roll additional dices for critical results in their attack or defense rolls." Hex special condition : "The character doesn't roll additional dice for critical results during attack, defense or dodge rolls." Carnage - Symbiotic Serial Killer : "The defending character does not add dice to its defense roll for critical results." Because of the slightly different wording on Carnage's innate ("add dice" instead of "roll additional dice"), a friend of mine is telling me that a character targeted by Carnage doesn't count critical results as successes when defending. Can you confirm or deny this? Thank you for your time.
  15. If I have an enemy Eddie Brock within range 2 at the start of Carnage's activation can I use Maximum Carnage to satisfy the innate power?
  16. When Carnage rolls skull results on an attack with Sadistic Glee he takes damage after the attack is resolved. When Carnage Dazes of KOs a character he can use Paint the Town Red to remove all of his damage. I feel like the order of these effects is pretty important. If you roll a skull result and Daze/KO your target, do you remove all damage and then take a damage, or do you take a damage and then remove all damage? Is it possible for Carnage to Daze himself from Sadistic Glee before he has the opportunity to remove all his damage with Paint the Town Red This interaction becomes even more complicated with Maximum Carnage where he end up making a bunch of attacks, rolling lots of dice and maybe lots of skulls, and even Dazing or KOing more than one enemy.
  17. If you have a squad with both Carnage and Venom (Eddie Brock) in use, does Carnage's arch nemisis super power come into play if they get in range of each other? Example: Player 1's Venom moves within 3 of Player 1's Carnage. Next activation for Player 1 is Carnage. Does Player 1's Carnage have to attack Player 1's Venom for its first action even though they are on the same squad?
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