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Found 18 results

  1. Cassandra nova has a reactive super power called Psychic distraction so my question is if a character performs a charge action, or any other ability that would also grant an attack as part of any other action, would that super power trigger after the whole action is completed or would it interrupt the charge and i lose the attack [for example with the charge]
  2. I saw that post : The Black Bifrost has a similar wording as Pentagram, but it is not exactly the same. The use of: "at any time" is not there. (The part that is mentionned in the answer on the other post) Does the ruling remains the same? Can a character do a move action, use the portal and attack someone on the other side of it? A character like Green Goblin has the window of opportunity to Trick or Treat after the initial move, which lead me to believe that a window of opportunity could be possible to use that portal.
  3. This is referring to some interactions of 'eye in the sky', but all abilities that move the target of an attack when they are targeted, but then refund an action if they move out of range. 1) If for his first action Sam Wilson (SW) pays to charge, makes the move then declares the attack on Hulkbuster (HB), but then Nick Fury (NF) uses eye in the sky to move HB out of range, does SW get an action back? Which means he gets the first move action, then now 2 actions leftover? 2) If HB uses hit and run, then targets SW. NF uses eye in the sky to move SW out of range of HB, in doing so, refunds HB the action back. Does HB still get his 'hit and run' advance still? Then have his 2 actions leftover as one was refunded? Or, does HB lose his hit and run advance as he couldn't make the attack action (and would he get refunded for the power of hit and run)? 3) If Iron Man (I'm), uses Friday ai, and targets SW, but NF uses eye in the sky to move SW out of range. Does Friday Ai get wasted? Or does it still apply to the next attack action I'm does? 4) Similarly with if Loki pays for 'I am a god', but his target gets eyes in the sky out of range, will his power get refunded?
  4. How does the timing work between an enemy character using a charge super power ending their movement within range 2 of an allied Heimdall? Does the enemy character have to attack and complete their charge super power ability before Heimdall can use “forefend,” or is there a window of time between the enemy’s move and attack where Heimdall can use “forefend?”
  5. I was playing a skirmish game yesterday and my opponent moved a squad of wookie warriors into base contact with Cad Bane. This move also put them within range 1 and LOS of a Cad Bane token. our question is, what happens first resolving the Bane Token or the free attack from the Wookies charge?
  6. Hello there! I find a close questions in this forum, but whant to be shure of it Can a unit start mele after disembark if he have "charge" ability? If a vehicle that is transporting that unit has performed more than one standard move, can unit still charge as normal after disembark? Thank you!
  7. Hello, Are the following sequences of actions performed by Luke equipped with Force Push valid according to the rules?: a) Force Push and Charge --1) Move --2) Move --3) Force Push a unit into melee with Luke --4) Attack from the Charge keyword on the unit that was just moved into melee b) Force Push and Son of Skywalker command card --1) Aim action --2) Melee attack on unit A (in base contact with Luke) --3) Force Push unit B into melee with Luke --4) Attack from the Son of Skywalker command card on unit B that was just moved into melee Thanks
  8. On its second action a character pays the power cost and uses the charge super power to move just within range to attack Mysterio. Assuming damage is done by T&T and Mysterio gets to move outside of the attack's range does anything else happen? It seems to me the charging character just paid the power cost for a move action with no refund as there is no language about getting an action back within the tricks & traps super power. As it was the character's second action the turn would end. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.
  9. Given Baron Zemos and Thor’s superpowers that let them move and attack with the same action, is the move action granted by this ability optional? For instance if thor For Asgard’s into Mysterio, can he choose to stay in his current position? And if so, has a move action or movement taken place?
  10. Hi, If a bx commando puts down a charge token and then a ground vehicle moves onto it. Does the charge token have los to the ground vehicle overlapping it? Also if a hover ground vehicle or a hover air vehicle overlaps a charge token from the bx cammando unit does that charge token have los to the hover ground vehicle or hover air vehicle? Thanks and sorry if this has been asked. I looked through the whole forum and did not see it. dan
  11. Valkyrie uses Charge and ends a move action within 4 of Ghost Spider. I play Spider-Tracker and advance Gwen outside of Range 2 of Valkyrie, no other characters are within 2 of Valkyrie. Does Valkyrie get an action back?
  12. In "Charge" (and "Relentless") it states that a unit that has already performed an attack action during its activation cannot perform a free attack action via that keyword. If i have padme e.g. and she has a shareable standby token (via exemplar) that anakin (after he played his command card which gives him relentless) uses to make a move towards an enemy unit, which lets him come into base contact, that would technically trigger relentless, but what if that happens after anakins activation and after he already attacked in that activation in that turn? Am i still allowed to attack via relentless in that case? Is that limit only supposed to be limiting attacks INSIDE of an activation, or is this limit for charge/relentless supposed to be per turn, not per activation? PS: This is also important for Yoda's upcoming Guidance-Ability, if it finds its way into the game like it currently is.
  13. When performing a charge action is it necessary to move towards an enemy character or is it possible to use it to run away?
  14. If there is a mystic portal from Pentagram of Farallah on the board and I choose to use the charge super power e.g. with Killmonger. Can I move up to the portal, pay a power and move through the portal and then attack within the same ‘Action’?
  15. Curious how this works. Valkyrie charged Loki (the Charge superpower), spending 2 and added 1 power due to his God of Mischief superpower. Loki uses Trickster to move outside the range of her strike. Valkyrie is in range to attack another target but the Trickster ability says the attack ends, but she can perform another action. So she didn't lose her first action then? She had begun the activation using the Charge superpower, so would have a second in the bank. Does Valkyrie lose the power she spent? Does she lose the charge (ie isn't moved her advance distance) and can then decide to perform a different action before she spent the power. Or did she move and has to redirect the attack at another foe in range? I am thinking that since it's not an attack targeting multiple targets, she is at her original position, doesn't spend the power and has to choose a different action. Alternatively, she makes the move, spends the 3 power, but now has both actions as she didn't use her second one yet, and the first one is returned due to Loki's Trickster power. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  16. Is it possible to play "Battle Lust" (Team Tactics Card) and use Baron Zemo´s / Killmongers superpower "Charge" at the same time? I.e. i declare the "Charge" superpower,move the character, play the "Battle lust" card and attack with the bonus dice equal to the size of the character.
  17. If I pay 2 energy and spend an Action for Charge and it is countered by Shhh... I know that I still pay my energy, but do I also still spend the Action? Why in either case?
  18. Valkyrie spends 2 and charges Miles. Gwen uses life saver and pulls miles out of range. Nobody else is in range of Valkyries attack... How many actions does Valkyrie have left? One or two?
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