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Found 10 results

  1. Hello again, When the clones use scout, and on top of that commander Rex gives scout party, plus reccon intel, gaining scout 3, can they clamber since scout ignores difficult terrain, and clamber is not an standard move so as scout? Thank you!
  2. When a unit performs withdraw action, if they are on top of terrain do they attempt to climb down?
  3. Is it legal to climb or clamber DOWN off of terrain that does not have structure directly underneath? Examples of this would be a bridge, rock cliff that extends out a couple inches, or awning/platform that extends out from a rooftop. The rulebook simply states "If a trooper unit leader is in base contact with a piece of vertical terrain, it may climb." To be a peice of vertical terrain, must it connect to the "ground" ? Technically the bridge has verticality to it (albeit may only be 1/4" or something like that, but a different type of bridge could be 2" for example)... perhaps by my loose definition, every piece of terrain technically has verticality to it. There are obviously differences between bridges, awnings, and cliffs, but I'll avoid going into the weeds of every scenario in hopes there is a straightforward answer. In all cases, the climb/clamber would essentially be a unit "dropping" from a height-1 object onto the ground, and the miniture would have no way of being in base contact with the terrain it "dropped" from. It has been ruled by several judges I know that you can "drop" (climb/clamber) down from these objects, but obviously you would not be able to climb back up.
  4. If I want to move on top or over buildings with a dome like roof, like shown on the pictures, how does this work? If I climb/clamber up, do I end up on the middle of the dome, as the unit can stand no where else or is it just not possible? could a wookie squad just scale over it, in one scale before/after a move? would it take 2 move/scale, clamber actions to get over? If it is like shown in the second picture, and it is lower than a trooper mini, could I just walk over there as difficult terrain, or normal with a unit that has scale or unhindered? It seems like a could get a lot of movement out of a clamber action here.
  5. An enemy trooper uh unit triggers a standby to a unit whose unit leader is base edge with terrain height. Can unit with standby perform a clamber down height 1?
  6. Can Vader's Might be used to place a Dewback or Tauntaun, or any other non-clambering unit on a roof or other a high flat surface? As per below: "You cannot place a trooper unit into terrain it normally wouldn't be able to move to." Such action would be illegal 🤷
  7. Hello On page 10 of RRG 2.0.2 picture shows legal cohesion for a unit where umit leader is in base contact with the terrain and one of the models is on top of that terrain. My question is: Based on rule that cohesion is at legal speed 1 or climb move, is it possible to move unit leader to base contact with flat roof building (hight less then 1) and put other minies from that unit on the top of building at its edge without clambering roll? And the other way as unit leader moves from a building these minies that were at its roof edge go down without rolling? Best regards
  8. Per the RRG, the Scale keyword indicates that after performing a movement action, a unit with the scale keyword can perform a free clamber action. Clamber actions are considered move actions for the purpose of triggering scale, allowing a user to reach the top of height two terrain. Per RRG: A unit with the scale keyword can use scale in combination with a clamber action move up or down a distance up to height 2. In the following scenario; Grievous is in base contact with a height 2 building. Based on the rules as written, Grievous can perform a clamber for his first move action, triggering scale to reach the top of the height two building. He can then make a second move action once he is at the top of the height two building. This seems pretty clear. The question I have is in regards to a scenario where Grievous is not in base contact with the height two terrain. Assume Grievous’ first makes a standard move action at speed two, which places him in base contact places him in base contact with Height two terrain. Per the scale rule, Grievous can perform a free clamber action. However, this would not be sufficient to reach the top of the height two building. The RRG also says however that scale can trigger before or after a move action. As written, does Scale allow Grievous to: Move Speed 2 to get in base contact > clamber (scale) > clamber (scale) > Move Speed 2 > End activation Or, is Grievous required to: Move Speed 2 > clamber (action) > clamber (scale) > End activation. Thanks in advance
  9. If I want to climb/clamber and the direct vertical space is filled with another model (there is still space around this model) can I still climb and place my model as close as possible to the edge (left, right, behind that model) or is climbing in this case impossible?
  10. Hi, my question is: Considering that climb/clamber action move you to a very specific position up or down a terrain element, can base to base contact/melee engagement be initiated by a climb/clamber action, if that position is partially or totally occupied by an enemy mini? For the sake of the example, we can assume there's ample space around the enemy mini to place the clambering unit.
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