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Found 13 results

  1. Cohesion after a Unit Leader is Defeated If a unit is arranged in legal cohesion, shown in the figure below. If the unit leader is defeated (e.g. Force Choke or it is the only mini visible after suffering wounds from ranged attack) replacing any trooper A, B, or C with the unit leader mini will result in at least one mini not being within legal cohesion. For Example: If the unit leader is defeated and Trooper A is replaced by the unit leader, then Troopers B and C are then not within legal cohesion. When does this illegal cohesion get resolved? Should troopers B and C be placed in cohesion immediately after Trooper A is replaced or should they be placed within legal cohesion after then unit makes a move, or is there another way this is resolved? Thank you very much for all of your hard work.
  2. Maul in melee... There are about 8 enemy droids surrounding him, but there is a single gap next to maul because another unit is in the way... If that blocking unit moves... Do the b1s in melee with Maul need to fill that gap? Basically... If a gap opens next to Maul, do units not touching his base need to move into that spot. Or does the gap stay open leaving Maul vulnerable? Basically... What does whenever in the RRG mean?
  3. Hey, I engage a B1 Squad with 7 models with my Anakin by moving Anakin in base contact with a non-unit leader model. Can my Opponent chose to move all other 5 non-unit leader to surround my Anakin so that the unit leader can't be placed in base contact, or must the B1 unit leader move first. If the first Variant holds, how must the B1 unit leader be placed? In a way that all B1s are in cohesion?
  4. If a trooper unit is recohered like with scatter or a force push, can your opponent recohere a non leader mini off the board/playing area, therefore killing that mini
  5. Hello What will happen when a trooper unit that occupies limited space (example: on a roof of the building) is dispalaced by other unit (example: repulsory move of the speeder) and after placing unit that moved there is no enough space for displaced unit to be placed on same level and/or cohesion? As rules says" When placing a displaced mini, it must remain on its original elevation, if possible." is that mean that on rare occasion it can change elevation level? If so how new position will be determined - edge of terrain in move 1 range ? Also all models from that unit will be moved on other level or only those for which there was not enough space? Thanks Winlock
  6. 5. My full team 6 units charge enemy 1 unit i need to put as many as i can units into mele with my opponent or can i lets say put 4 and other close.
  7. Acording this rule: Rules Reference Correction: In the “Melee” entry the following bullet point should be considered added: When either player is placing their minis in base contact with an enemy unit, they must place their minis in such a way that as many of their minis can be placed in base contact as possible. This gives players clear direction for how to place their miniatures in a melee. Q: When I put minis in base contact, do I have to plan my move that I should put as many models as possible in base contact? Can I surround the opponent's mini (small base) with four mine minis, so that there is no room to insert the rest and put the rest of minis in cohesion? For example, such a move I would like to do with force push.
  8. If Vader uses Vader’s Might who coheres the unit after it’s been moved? Also he n a force push I assume that the force push user does the cohering given that they do the the speed one move. Is that correct?
  9. Hello On page 10 of RRG 2.0.2 picture shows legal cohesion for a unit where umit leader is in base contact with the terrain and one of the models is on top of that terrain. My question is: Based on rule that cohesion is at legal speed 1 or climb move, is it possible to move unit leader to base contact with flat roof building (hight less then 1) and put other minies from that unit on the top of building at its edge without clambering roll? And the other way as unit leader moves from a building these minies that were at its roof edge go down without rolling? Best regards
  10. Two questions for the situation in the image. The terrain marked 'X' is difficult to move through. Also, can you please refer me to RRG rules that govern these situations? I could not find them. Sab unit leader moves from A to B. Is the second mini in the unit in a legal cohesion placement (terrain 'X' is difficult to move through)? If this same unit started its move from position 'B', can it unit move from B to A, using its full 2-speed movement? (terrain 'X' doesn't affect its movement because the unit leader isn't crossing terrain 'X') Based on my reading of the RRG, the answer to both questions is Yes. The "DIFFICULT TERRAIN" entry in the RRG has the following rule that seems applicable to this situation: "While performing a standard move, a unit that would move through or enter difficult terrain with any of its minis has its maximum speed reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1." I don't believe non-leader minis do any moving, only unit leaders, so I think this A to B move unit wouldn't have any minis "move through or enter difficult terrain". The unit leader hasn't moved through terrain 'X' in either case, and neither mini moved INTO terrain 'X'. This is important because if the move is legal, it would get cover from terrain 'X' if attacked from an enemy unit near position 'A'. If the move isn't legal, the 2ns mini in the unit would have be placed on the south side of terrain 'X' and get no cover from an attack originating near 'A'
  11. Luke Skywalker is engaged by a unit of B1s, some of those B1s can't fit into the melee because Luke is directly next to a unit of rebel troopers, so those B1s sit in cohesion with leader. The following activation that rebel trooper unit moves away, leaving room for the B1s to now snap into the melee, do they do so, or do they stay in cohesion. If they stay in cohesion, would they snap in on next activation, when they next take wounds, or never?
  12. If force push is used on a unit that within range 1, but the target unit leader is further away from base contact than a speed 1 move, can the force user use cohesion of non-unit leader minis in the target unit to make base contact and start melee/become engaged? Thanks!
  13. If a trooper unit is displaced by a vehicle and has no possible legal positions after a speed-1 move, or would be unable to put all of its figurines in cohesion (for example, if the final position after a speed-1 move would be blocked by the edge of the play area or other vehicles or emplacement/creature troopers), how should this trooper unit be placed?
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