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Found 14 results

  1. So I apologize if this has been answered already, but my friends are having a hard time understanding this. If I am throwing a character (dr.strange) away from me, and that character is BTB (base to base) with a different character, (baron mordo) can the thrown character hit the one it's BTB with? I found an answer by Negoldar saying "The throw will stop only if contact is made during the movement. Contact existing before the movement does not stop the movement from the throw. " The big question is what is existing contact and what is new contact? Are we saying that the literal few millimeters of touching plastic between the 2 models is existing and that if any new millimeter (or smallest form of measuring, Planck Length) of contact is made, the throw is legal? If that's the case do I even move the model? Can u describe or show an example of what Negoldar means, if my interpretation is correct we can't see a time when there wouldn't be new contact. I attached a very crude example of the issue I'm having. I believe that strange would slide along mordos base, which is making many new millimeters of contact , therefore stopping as soon as a new millimeter of contact is made.
  2. Good morning I m a new player and have this simple question Damage received from throws, collisions and bleed special condition let me gain a power token? Thanks
  3. For abilities like Trick or Treat or attacks like Whatever a Spider Can, the wording "The target character suffers a collision as if the terrain were thrown into them" or "The enemy character suffers a collision as if the terrain feature had collided with it" are slightly vague in terms of execution. Is there any operative difference in this and how an interaction with the target character would resolve had terrain actually been thrown into them? For instance, would Spider Sense allow dodge rerolls? Would Brace For Impact be allowed to be played here? I'm a little unsure how like a normal collision it is and isn't.
  4. Hi! So I had a weird edge case come up last night and neither me or my opponent were sure what the correct way to resolve it was. Here's the situation: Kingpin and Captain Marvel are on the roof of the NYC Apartment Building, She-Hulk is on the ground with her base right up against and touching the side of the building. My opponent activates Kingpin and uses Street-Level Negotiations to throw Captain Marvel medium and is able to position the movement tool so that it would cause a collision with She-Hulk except that Captain Marvel's base would still be on the roof of the building. Normally we probably would have hand waved away the thematic disconnect and said the collision occurs and Captain Marvel would be placed on the very edge of the building so that a top down view would make She-Hulk and Captain Marvel's bases appear to be in contact, but because of the lip of the roof on the apartment building Captain Marvel cannot be placed teetering on the edge. So because she can't be placed at the edge of the terrain and therefore couldn't be "in contact" with She-Hulk's base on the ground would a collision be able to occur here? In the moment we thought a fair compromise was to throw Captain Marvel at a slightly different angle and place her on the ground near She-Hulk and have Captain Marvel take 1 damage as if she had suffered a collision (hitting the ground after being thrown off 3 stories seems like it should hurt a little), but have nothing happen to She-Hulk. Obviously that's not the correct outcome, but it seemed fair to both of us since neither knew what should have happened and we wanted to keep the game moving.
  5. When you're throwing a character does the move end before the impact damage is calculated or after? The situation that resulted in this question On Gamoras activation she Assassins leaps into Cassandra Nova who had zero power. She completes the throw and impacts Nova causing a dodge roll. After rolling Nova suffered 2 damage and received 2 power. Could Nova then pay for Psychic Distraction now that she has the 2 power? Or did the window for Psychic Distraction pass?
  6. I can throw an enemy character to an allied character of my team, so that he receives collision damage and then I would defend myself from that attack?
  7. If an A-Force member is thrown into an ally and they both suffer collision damage, is that damage simultaneous? If one is dazed as a result of the collision, does that mean they would not gain leadership power because it’s simultaneous. Essentially if She-Hulk is thrown into Crystal and Crystal would be dazed by the collision, is she able to gain a leadership power for the damage done to She-Hulk as a result of the collision or is she already dazed?
  8. My friend and I found ourselves in an odd situation. Kingpin is standing between Hawkeye and Wasp; Hawkeye is Dazed. Kingpin, as part of Hail to the King, throws Wasp at Hawkeye (as that's the only way to damage her with the throw within range). Two minor questions I think I know the answer to, plus one 'main' question. Minor 1) Throwing a character at a dazed character. My read is that nothing happens to the Dazed character (they're as beat up as they can be), but the thrown character still suffers from the collision. Is that correct? Minor 2) Kingpin is in the way, but as per Page 17 of the rulebook: "Ignore the character performing the throw and any terrain features the thrown character started overlapping when determining a thrown character’s collisions." So I assume Kinpin can throw Wasp through himself, no problem. The Big Question: Wasp is well within range to collide with Hawkeye per the movement tool, but she can't land next to him because Kingpin is in the way. So as per Overlapping on Page 15, "If a character is thrown or pushed and would end that movement overlapping another character’s base or a terrain feature, it stops along the movement tool at the last position that was not overlapping a character’s base or a terrain feature." The question, then: Does she still suffer a collision with Hawkeye, even though she has now "bounced" back to the opposite side of Kingpin?
  9. Question we had in our game tonight is I had a character 1 from objective and the opponent was throwing another team member that is larger base into him but he puts tool where its behind the character that is holding objective to avoid the 1 from objective to avoid me having more characters holding. So would the larger base connect because it moves along the line but he isn't targeting the character that is within 1 of objective take collision damage. Hope that makes since.
  10. Vision received 3 dice when defending against physical attacks which makes him a 5 physical defense. Does Vision roll 5 dice when dodging terrain since his physical defense is up?
  11. Good evening, I have two questions: 1 / Does each field have to be at "Range 2" of another field? Even this size 1 (How do you play most of the time and how do official tournaments do?) (Personally I glue the trash cans, barriers, size 1 container with different size as house size 2 or 3 and other elements to size 1) 2 / When I throw a size 2 character A on another size 2 character B, character A suffers 1 collision damage, first is the collision damage and automatic? no DODGE possible at the time and how many hits does character B suffer? character size 2 A + 1 = 3 dodged keys (roughly the same as with a terrain element) or character B suffers 1 collision damage that is also non-dodge? Thanks again for your answers 🙂
  12. Do you make a dodge roll before deciding to use Brace for Impact to ignore any damage?
  13. Does collision damage be part of an attack or a super power, does it means that it is a enemy effects? For example. Hilt throw thor into black widow. Does black widow or thor gain power for damage?
  14. Hi, the rules say that if I throw an object at a character, he can try to dodge the object. But is it possible to use an object (car) to crush an enemy against another object (wall)? If possible, does the affected character have to make two dodges?
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