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Found 13 results

  1. If you have a phase one clone trooper unit with fives and the comm tech clone trooper when the unit is issued an order can it coordinate the order to a corp unit and then use comms relay to send its order to another unit??? Thanks so much.
  2. Can units without an affiliation (eg empire, rebel, CIS, Republic) be issued orders by orders with an affiliation (eg anything mercenary). Affiliation rules only seem to cover affiliated orders recieving orders. Also the Comms relay card states you can issue an order to a friendly unit with no mention of faction or affiliation restriction so can say Cad Bane relay his order to a storm trooper squad?
  3. Hi can Comms relay be used by a unit to give an order to the unit that transporting it? couldn’t find in the reference if a unit is considered to be at any range of a unit transporting it. cheers in advance!
  4. Can Bane use the comms relay to transmit an AA5 order in the shadow collective?
  5. Could Cad Bane use comm relay in the turn Palpatine plays An entire legion, to pass his order activating his independent?
  6. If a situation occurs where I issue an order to a unit mid-round and that unit has Comms Relay, would I just retrieve the receiving units order token from the bag and place it with that unit? I am of course assuming this works that way. Example: On the 4th activation of the round my opponent reveals my Cad Bane token placing Cad Bane on the battlefield and he then issues himself an order. If I want to Comms Relay that order to an eligible unit, I just grab their token from my bag and place it while then placing Cad Bane's token into the bag?
  7. Does Comms Relay allow Gar Saxon to issue his order to a unit beyond range 1 when using his command card "Fight Another Day" which limits him to not being able to issue orders beyond range 1? I believe precedent is that the unit using comms relay is the unit issuing the order so it seems like there is a conflict of can vs can't that isn't super clear.
  8. Can Cad Bans use comms relay to pass his order to a Pyke unit? If no, can he try to pass it fail and the order is lost?
  9. If Cad Bane is issued an order and uses a comms relay to pass it off to someone else, does independent still trigger giving him the dodge tokens?
  10. Can Comms Relay and Onboard Comms Channel issue orders to units with a different affiliation than that of the unit originally receiving the order?
  11. Could be issued though comm relay that order at distance 4 due to commanding presence?
  12. I know that there has been a similar post in the FAQ, about whether the nominated unit from Comms Relay get's a green token from the "Roger Roger" Command Card when the order is redirected to it (it does not!), but in my opinion there is no clear ruling whether the Comms Relay-Unit itself get's a green token or not. So if i - for a more concrete example - use one order from "Roger Roger" on Mauls Probe Droids and relay the order to Maul, then Maul doesn't get a green token from the Command Card (we already know that) but do the Probe Droids still get one because they were originally issued the order by the Command Card before they redirected it or does the green token just "disappear", aka is neither given to Maul nor his droids?
  13. Using this as a basis - Does the same thing happen with a Comms Relay and Long-Range Comlink? Can you relay that order ignoring the range 2 limitation of the Relay?
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