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Found 14 results

  1. Is Coordinate Friendly only or allies too? In the rules, coordinate starts by saying "Pilots can coordinate to assist their allies" but later the rules mention friendly "1. Measure range from the coordinating ship to any friendly ships. and 2. Choose another friendly ship at range 1–2."
  2. If you have a phase one clone trooper unit with fives and the comm tech clone trooper when the unit is issued an order can it coordinate the order to a corp unit and then use comms relay to send its order to another unit??? Thanks so much.
  3. Hello, I have very specific question which can be summarized by "Can Coordinate:x stack?" Elaborated: When I'm playing Empire army and creating Corps unit: 2x Shoretroopers + 2x DF-90 mortar, if I add to one Shoretrooper unit Heavy Gideon Hask (which can coordinate corps tropper unit) and comms technician with HQ Uplink, can this shoretrooper unit which issue order to itself via HQ Uplink then use two coordinate keywords? One for coordinating other shoretrooper unit (by Gideon) and second for coordinate mortar? Sequence: 1st shoretrooper unit issuing order to itself - then using gideons coordinate to coordinate other shooretropers and then both shoretroopers units use coordinate mortars resulting in issued order to every corps trooper unit. Thanks for clarification and have a nice day.
  4. Hello, Can Hacked Comms Unit Trigger off a unit that is Coordinated? Example: Opponent plays a command card and issues an order to a unit just outside of range 1 on flutter craft with Hacked Comms Unit, BUT is able to coordinate to a unit that IS within range 1 of the flutter craft. Since Coordinate states "After you are issued and order, you may issue an order to a friend trooper unit at range 1" and Hacked Comms Unit reads "During the Issue Orders step of the Command Phase, after an enemy unit at Range 1 is issued an order, you may issue an order to yourself, if able." Would the flutter craft be able to get and order token too? Since the Coordinated trooper was "issued" an order as well I believe that should trigger the Hacked Comms Unit, right? Thank you!
  5. Hello, By the description of the "Coordinate" ability: "After a unit with the coordinate keyword is issued an order, it may issue an order to a friendly unit at range 1" I'd like to get some clarification here: 1. If a unit which just got an order via coordinate also has a coordinate ability, can it pass the order further to the other unit? Like if we have a chain of B1 droid units and issuing an order to the 1st one, can we pass the order to each unit in this chain? 2. If a unit with coordinate got an order, can it push it only to one other unit using coordinate, or it can send the order to multiple units at once? Thank you.
  6. Because the command cards say friendly units issued orders by this card, does that mean that coordinated units that weren't issued orders by the card do not get the benefits of the card? Ex. Does only the 1 heavy or support get the standby? Ex. Does only the 3 b1's issued orders from the card make a speed 1 move?
  7. Hi there, When picking the OOM-Pilot upgrade for the AAT, can it receive an order token from a B1/STAP via Coordinate and chain it to another Droid Trooper?
  8. Can a ship being coordinated perform a Scenario action?
  9. I am new to planning on using the coordinate action and just wanted to clarify a couple of points. When you coordinate another ship after measuring range can you pick a friendly ship that bumped an enemy ship or can you pick a ship that landed on an obstacle to perform the action? Thank you!
  10. Hello there, I have a question related to the command card effects: do the command card effects are transmitted by the coordinate keywords if the command card states "When a unit is issued an order using this card". For example: let's say I have three units of B1 droids and 1 unit of B2 droids. During the command phase I play the card "Roger, Roger", and I issue the three orders of the card to the B1 droids (who gain one dodge or one surge each). I use then "Coordinate" from one of the B1 droids unit to give an order to the B2 droids unit. Does this unit also gains one dodge or one surge through the coordinate? I believe it does not, considering the aforementionned quote of the command card implying that the order given to the B2 droids unit is given by the B1 unit and not the command card, but I would like a confirmation. Thanks in advance !
  11. If I have a unit with Fives embarked on the LAAT, can he use Coordinate: Clone Trooper?
  12. When using hondos crew ability it allows you to choose 2 ships in range of you that are friendly to each other (can be enemy ships, as long as they’re friendly to each other), you jam one and coordinate the other. When coordinating an enemy ship, would I choose their action or would my opponent (the one flying the ship) choose the ships action?
  13. Hi, Thank you for this forum 😉 , you already answer all the questions I had but his one : When end a coordinate action ? 1 : It is after choosing a range 1-2 friendly ship ? 2 : After this friendly ship make one action granted by the coordinate action ? 3 : After this friendly ship make all his link actions following the action granted by the coordinate action ? I think it's the 1st one. And for example when a ship with Gleb coordinate a Silencer, the Silencer can focus and red boost with Autothrusters, and gain a second stress with Gleb. Same thing with Ciena Ree (crew). And how work AP-5 with an A-wing ? Can a stressed A-wing can do 1 action followed by Vectored Thrusters and ends with 2 stress ? Thanks !
  14. Can AP-5 coordinate a stressed ship to perform a white action that links into a red action (such as B-Wing's) ? AP-5 says they can perform actions so long they have 1 stress token. I have had it ruled both ways at large events. I believe it depends on the timing for when a ship receives a stress token to perform said linked action?
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