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  1. Hi Overrun isnt ranged attack so cover from suppresion doesnt work? So danger sense cant be use too? Units can use the DANGER SENSE X keyword while defending against both ranged and melee attacks. Thx
  2. Multiple scenarios: My unit leader touches a LOS blocker, behind that LOS blocker is an enemy unit, I coher the rest of the unit in a way that they can shoot the enemy unit. Does the enemy unit get cover or not? My unit is standing on a LOS blocking building in the center I want to shoot a unit underneath. The building my unit is on blocks line of sight to to half that unit, does the unit I am attacking get cover? Or not because I am touching that piece of terrain? Thank you
  3. Hi TP ! Let's say my ISP shoot a unit of stormtroopers. When checking if they have cover, do I have to draw a line center to center with my firing arc like usual or can I draw a line from anywhere in my firing arc?
  4. So if I have Dr Strange in cover and he is attacked and I roll no blocks but then use the cover rule to change one blank to a block, does this trigger the shield of the seraphim rule and gain a power?
  5. Hi, can i make a range attack whit my unit which doesnt see any part of the mini but can see imaginary silluethe/roller like on the Picture?
  6. I know, i already see some responses, but, they don't conviced me. My english is not very good, sry for that, When I read the rules of covers, my interpretation is this one (not the one i read sometimes in the forum) If i'm wrong, for me, the rules must be updated to mention the fact of touching the terrain feature is sufficient to grant cover. Thx
  7. There’s a lot of token sharing between the sabre tank and Padme in my local meta but rules state that repulsor vehicles (I.e sabre tank) cannot perform standby actions so it seems an invalid option. I also wondered if repulsor vehicles still apply the cover keyword in melee? I know they don’t benefit from terrain cover but is the cover keyword different? Thanks
  8. Good day Could the attached just be clarified in terms of cover? The Phase 2 Unit is attacking the Droideka unit which is obstructed by the barricade from the viewpoint of P1 - P3 (non-leader members of the unit). Is obstruction/cover only determined from the unit leader? This would mean the droidekas do not get cover? The argument was raised that: a) the unit leader is not touching the cover and thus it is not ignored? b) the barricade is obstructing the droidekas for unit members P1 - P3 who are not touching the barricade and thus the droidekas get cover?
  9. If half of the squad is completely obscured by terrain and LoS to them is blocked, it always gains heavy cover or it depends on type of terrain? Example: 1 of the scout strike team is fully behind terrain that provides light cover and attacker don't see the mini, will they have geavy or light cover?
  10. Does cover count as dice modification? for example would venom ignore all cover if it’s classed as a modification of dice?
  11. “Regardless of range and LOS” - does a bodyguarding character gain cover if they meet the requirements for cover as outlined in the RRG? Can they meet those requirements considering the “regardless” clause of the bodyguard super power?
  12. Hello Can a trooper unit be in the influence of 3 smoke tokens (unit leader inside the range 1 radios of the smoke token), and with that canceling 3 hit from one attack? thanks
  13. Hello, by my understanding, when determining cover we must follow a repeating 3 steps. 1- Checking LOS from the top of the leader of the attacking unit and then, if any part of the defending mini is obstructed we should go to step 2, if no part is obstructed that mini would not have cover and the process is finished for that mini 2- drawing a 2D line from topview and if that line crosses the piece of terrain that mini would get the cover of that piece 3- repeat for each mini and if half or more of the minis in the defending unit get the cover, then the whole unit would have the cover of that piece is this the right way of determining cover or I'm getting something wrong?? thanks!
  14. When two models are on the same terrain(apartment building) but out of range two, would they gain cover if attacking each other? otherwise, height has nothing to do with gaining cover if all three conditions are met correct?
  15. Hi guys, Just a quick query regarding this new crisis. Does the cover given by the token still apply even if the attacker is in range 2, or do the normal conditions of cover negate it?
  16. On page 8 it mentions as a general rule a model needs to be half blocked by terrain to gain cover. On page 31 under the cover rules there is no mention of the "half blocked" statement for a model to gain cover Is the page 8 statement just short hand and the real rules for how models gain cover page 31?
  17. Hello Does REPULSOR HOVER GROUND vehicles (like AAT or SABER) benefits from cover while they are on some kind of elevation or they must be obscured in 50%? Also same question for REPULSOR SPEEDER X type vehicles (like STAP, Airspeeder or Speederbikes) - does they benefit from higher ground cover like troopers or they also need to be 50% obscured by terrain? Thanks
  18. The red player has an AT-RT with the laser cannon (impact 3). When it shoots, the center to center line crosses through the red A-A5. Would the blue bus benefit from cover granted by the red bus before applying impact? (no models touching, AT-RT has arc on the bus (no extra impact from weak point) Thank you. 🙂
  19. Does rocket lose cover within 2? Or does he always have it? We played a game today with the former. But someone said he always has it even within 2
  20. I believe you roll and calculate success and damage (which will be applied) before any "before damage is dealt" effects. Do I lose cover I have if wolverine hits me with berserker barrage from outside Range 2? Place within 1 before damage is dealt, but do we not calculate all the attack results prior?
  21. Hello there! I have a question about determining cover for a model (single-mini unit) that is hiding on a rooftop behind a chimney. The chimney is roughly in the middle of the roof and the whole building, including the chimney, is treated as a single piece of non-area terrain granting heavy cover. The attacker is at the same (or slightly higher) elevation as the defender, so the building itself does not get in the way. The defenders silhouette is partially oscured by the chimney, but the center to center line between the bases does not pass through the chimney. I have attached a very rough Paint diagram of the situation (black is the terrain piece, red are the models; the grey square marks the chimney, but as mentioned the whole thing is treated as a single piece of terrain). The cover entry (page 31-32) of the RRG states: "If any part of a defending mini, including its base, is blocked by a piece of terrain, the player then traces an imaginary line from the center of the base of the attacker’s unit leader to the center of the base of the defending mini. If the imaginary line crosses the piece of terrain that blocked line of sight, the defending mini is obscured." (page31) "When determining whether an imaginary line traced between the centers of two minis' bases crosses a piece of terrain, the line is always treated as horizontal to the battlefield, on a two-dimensional plain. A player should look down from above the battlefield to determine whether the imaginary line crosses a piece of terrain." (page 32) The question is: Does the defending mini have cover in this situation? And a follow-up question: Should we treat the "look from above the battlefield" described on p.32 as an "aerial view" of the battlefield? That is, does it ignore height differences and basically flattens the battlefield into a 2D map?
  22. My tournament headjudge tells that 3 ISF models have cover? I don't think so. What is AMG opinion?
  23. Hey Im not sure From pages: Cover 32 Cover type 8 I have 5 team minis. 3 are in cover (not area cover). Cover is max 30% for them. So team has cover because 3/5 has any cover or not because they have less then 50% for any mini (3 in cover) in cover? Ask2. Need Single mini trooper to have cover need mininum 50% cover indeed? (p.8) Thx
  24. So based on the rule book when determining cover 1 requirement is, "a straight line can be drawn from any portion of the attackers base to any portion of the defenders base through that terrain feature." Does this mean that if the attacker is farther than 2, and the defender is withing range 1 of the terrain, then even if the majority of the base of the defender is visible to the attacker they will still get cover? So for example if a line can be drawn from far left of the attacker base to the far right of the defender base (assuming the attacker and defender players viewpoints across from one another), if a line CAN be made and it goes through a tiny bit of an appropriate terrain the defender gets cover? Is there any limit to this such as having to draw the line from center base to center base?
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