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Found 11 results

  1. Darth Vader- Can this be: 1. Darth Vader in Tie Advanced [Battle of Yavin] 2. Darth Vader in Tie Advanced [Black Leader] 3. Darth Vader in Defender [Dark Lord of the Sith] 4. Darth Vader Crew in what ever Ship All of them, some of them?
  2. Does the faulty countermeasures damage card, prevent commander Darth Vader from using his ability when all the tokens on the ship are exhausted?
  3. If Vader in the Tie Advanced x1 performs a talon roll maneuver or a K turn and has pattern analyzer with his new tech slot upgrade to perform an action before the stress, Can he then spend his force ability for additional actions or does pattern analyzer only allow for one action? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Can Darth Vader in the Tie Defender use the Shattering Shot force ability? Shattering Shot “While you perform an attack … you may spend 1 force to add 1 focus result.” Darth Vader Tie Defender “You cannot spend force except while attacking.” Thank you for your time.
  5. Found this question in a Redit post and there were 2 different answers. Hoping for an official ruling as I actually used this during my last game. When flying Darth Vader in the Defender, can he use the Force to change just a blank to a hit, or can he use Force to change more than one blank to a hit. I'm asking if he can change 3 blanks to 3 hits if he uses 3 Force. How many force tokens can be spent to use an ability during a phase? Thanks.
  6. I was just looking for some clarification for the timing window of Darth Vader's ability for his Tie X1 after a situation came up today that was different from what I was under the impression of how it occurs. Darth Vader's tie advanced ability reads Advanced Targeting Computer: While you perform a primary attack against a defender you have locked, roll 1 additional attack die and change 1 hit result to a crit result. Once you roll your first results with the additional die because of the lock do you get to change 1 hit to a crit then spend the target lock to re roll the remaining results or do you only choose to use the target lock or use the ability after rolling? I had a 4 dice roll with a hit ( that I would change to a crit) and other results I wanted to re-roll by spending the target lock, is it only one or the other? Thank you.
  7. Darth Vader ability says that after making an action he can spend force to make an action. Can i continue to spend force to continue doing actions? (it seems to be the case since spending a force grants you another action basically)
  8. Can Vader Defender pilot perform an attack using cluster missles, spend the extra charge for the bonus cluster attack… then per defender elite config (advanced fire control) still perform a bonus primary as well? Or does he get one or the other per the “one bonus attack” rule? Thanks
  9. Can Darth Vader in the TIE/D equip Sense and use it for it's non force requirement ability? I assumed he could but I thought I would ask for a definitive answer just in case I was incorrect.
  10. Darth Vader as crew allows you to choose a ship at range 0-2 at the start of the Engagement phase, and have them either remove a green token or suffer a damage. Nash Windrider says during the engagement phase, after a friendly ship at range 0-3 is destroyed, he may spend a charge and have that ship engage if it has not engaged during the phase already. Since both happen in the Engagement Phase, can you use Vader to destroy a friendly ship and then have Nash allow it to engage immediately? If so, when does the destroyed ship shoot relative to other initiative 6 or initiative 7 ships?
  11. On the FAQ post the team mention that Vader tie D are allowed to use palpatine force on defense. Vader’s card says “you cannot use force exept while attacking” it not specified HIS force. So force in general are not allowed on the notification due the card wording. Thats the final decisión of the dev. Team ? or Vaders card need to be included on the correction cards document? Thanks!!
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