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  1. This is my question. When tony stark plays Helios Laser Bombardment. A dazed character may pay energy to increase dices on this atack?
  2. I have a couple of situations I want to clarify, so I am asking In case I make an attack that triggers an Explosive or Reality Warp (damage or status in range X of the target of the attack) but the original target of the attack is dazed by the attack, if the trigger states after the attack is resolved or after damage is dealt can I still apply the trigger to other characters? Again in the same situation but with an attack that has Richocet or like Modok's Doomsday Chair or Dormammu's Incantation of Obliteration, if the target of the original attack is dazed can I still make the Richocet/additional attack from Doomsday Chair etc?
  3. Can a Character, in a squad with From the Ruins Leadership, gain power from destroyed terrain while they have a dazed token?
  4. Does Anklebiter still apply if the enemy character(s) are within Range 1 of a Dazed Honey Badger?
  5. When the Hulkbuster is removed from the battlefield it says it loses all power, damage, special effects and conditions. Does this include an activated token if Hulkbuster had one? Would this allow Iron man Hulkbuster to be placed without and activated token and activate in the same round?
  6. I looked and did not find any topics on this subject. Such as Loki's "god of mischief", do other such innate superpowers (unless specified i.e. Crystal's ttc) still affect the game when the source character is dazed? Leadership abilities do and those would be concidered innate if anything.
  7. can i confirm the interaction between x-men blue and a dazed character, can they contribute to the reduction of attacks of allies within 3 ? as the leadership doesn't say "non-dazed" i would assume yeah they can, is this correct ?
  8. I have been playing that when u daze someone us till put the status conditions on them from the attack that dazes them in case they get brought back by cards like Field dressing. Is this correct of is it a case of they are dazed and do get it because they are dazed ??
  9. So I had a situation where I was playing Wakanda and up against A-Force and She-Hulk was KO'd earlier in the round, but not yet removed from the board. The next highest threat for my opponent was Cap Marvel and Medusa, both 4 threats. Kilmonger, who activates later in the round, plays Usurp the Throne and takes out Cap Marvel, scoring enough pts with the bonus from the card to win the game (a very close game btw!). We ruled in the moment that this was allowed, because She-Hulk, clearly the highest threat at the start of the game, was now essentially KO'd earlier in the round. Can Kilmonger choose another character as his choice when he later in the round plays this card? Thanks!
  10. By rulebook the activated token is placed on a model after he completes his second action. What happens if my model get dazed by a reactive super power that trigger after the attack is resolved , do i get the activated token? And if it doesn't get the activated token and i immediatly field dress the model, what can he do? He can take 2 action? He just do his remaining actions (if available)? If he doesn't have any more action available he get an activated token? Thanks
  11. The rulebook states "A character with a Dazed token can’t move or be moved for any reason and can’t be targeted by attacks or be affected by special rules or superpowers. Dazed characters can’t make attacks or play Team Tactic cards and don’t have superpowers. Dazed characters never contribute to scoring conditions." I'm wondering what would happen if another character was thrown into a dazed character? Would the thrown character still suffer 1 damage and nothing happens to the dazed character? Or would the Thrown character travel past the dazed character and not end their base overlapping the dazed character? In addition, would throws count as an enemy effect? Would the thrown character would gain 1 power from the damage suffered and the collision character gain power also? Thanks!
  12. If a character is dazed and incinerated, can Baron Mordo use soul barb on the dazed character to spread the incinerate condition to other characters? I assume no because dazed characters can’t be targeted by super powers but wanted to double check. thank you!
  13. hi all. if I play bitter rival on a character and then this character become dazed is him still the fulcrum for bitter rivals, giving a die penality to friends within 3? ty for answers
  14. If Cassandra Nova uses Mental Domination on a character and, after moving them, "Pshychic Distraction" manages to daze them, can I still use the attack granted by the Tactic Card?
  15. Can Ghost Rider use dazed character as a target for Deal With The Devil?
  16. Hi, With "X-Men Gold", when choosing an allied character within 2 distance of the active character, can I choose a Dazed character and move the active character into distance 1 of him/her? Thanks a lot!
  17. black bolt targets a character with Master punch manages 6 dmg which would 💫 (daze) they target, my question(s) are Can the attack throw size 2 character if they are 💫? Can the attack allow Black Bolt to be placed in 1 of the character if they become 💫? the assumption is it can throw but not place the character of they are as the throw has no timing where as the placement does (after the attack has resolved) and those type of effect can not go ahead against dazed character . Correct ?
  18. If Mysterio plays The Grand Illusion and is subsequently dazed during the same round, are enemies still affected by it? For reference, Crystal’s Elemental Infusion specifies while she’s not dazed, but The Grand Illusion doesn’t.
  19. as the title says can Deadpool remove power from a character using Merc with a mouth from a dazed character
  20. I assume Hood and his possessed form share the same health pool. so when Hood is Dazed and transforms into his demon form (of course getting the range 1 displacement), when the character has to flip over the card during the clean up phase you flip over both the normal and possessed hood correct?
  21. Hi AMG, Does Doctor Voodoo's Brother Daniel token still function while Doctor Voodoo is dazed?
  22. Hey all, going to play my second game of Crisis Protocol today and wanted some advice/clarifications First, about affiliations, I understand you must have at more than half your force under an affiliation to use the leadership ability. For example, if your wanting to use Captain America’s “A day unlike any other” Avengers leadership ability on a five man squad, at least three of them need to be Avengers. The confusion is what about the “odd men out”? If the remaining two of the squad are say, Crossbones and Ultron, they don’t benefit from Cap’s leadership ability right? Rationally I would think they don’t, but I have seen blogs elsewhere on the net that say they do. Second question is simple.....is there any difference in the game between wall crawling and flight? and lastly, slight confusion on what “dazed” and “ ko’d” mean....I think “dazed” means losing all your health on your healthy side, becom8ng “injured”...and ko’d means losing all your injured Hit points? (Dead)
  23. If the character that places the projection token from Astral Ring is dazed, is the projection token still contesting a point or is it treated as a dazed character?
  24. The situation was this: Un-activated Hela took damage that caused her to become dazed. Could I have used Thor's Leadership ability to heal her? If so, would she have lost Dazed? Would she then be able to activate? (Yes, if I had had a Field Pack Tactics cards, this wouldn't matter. I had Medpac.) My instinct, and the ruling we reached, was no. Were we right? According to the wording of Thor's Leadership ability: "At the start of each or your turns, one allied character may spend one (power). If they do, remove one damage or one special condition from that character. Each allied character may use this leadership once per round." That would imply at the start of each characters activation (turn), that character can use Thor's ability. Can you use this ability only on Thor's activation? According to the FAQ (070821): "Q: When character is Dazed and has a Leadership ability does my team still gain the benefit of that Leadership? A: Yes, they do! When a character is Dazed they retain their Leadership abilities, but not superpowers. However, a Leadership ability no longer benefits a squad once the character is KO'd." If this works for all characters trying to use the Leadership ability, on their turn, it would seem a Dazed character can use the ability, however; Finally, according to the rule on Dazed (Page 7 main rulebook): "A character with a Dazed token can't move or be moved for any reason and can't be targeted by attacks or be affected by special rules or superpowers. Dazed characters can't make attacks or play Team Tactic cards and don't have superpowers. ... Additionally, Dazed characters cannot activate during the Activation Phase." This would seem to say that you could/should declare that the character is "Passing", which implies the character is taking a turn, just not activating. The above references are a bit confusing, since the FAQ is referring to the character with the Leadership ability, yet the rule on dazed says that the character cannot activate. A post on this forum adds to my confusion: Per Negoldar (mod): (Thread) Infinity War League - "A Matter of Time" Crisis Card By RJ1040, (May 17) The card says "At the start of a character activation, if it is holding a Time Fragment roll 1 die. If the result is Crit, Wild, or Hit they may make an additional action this turn. Otherwise, they gain the Stagger special condition." When activating a character can you resolve this effect from the Crisis card first and then use Thor's leadership - Prince of Asgard - to spend 1 power and remove the Stagger you may have gotten from the Time Fragment? Negoldar (May 18) You cannot. Thor’s Leadership activates at the beginning of the turn, before selecting a character to activate. According to this answer, his Leadership ability happens at the start of the Activation Phase, but before choosing a character to activate, which is not the way the ability reads, and changes the timing of the ability greatly. So, there is the problem. If Thor's leadership ability is done on his turn, I could have healed her and removed the Dazed token. If it is done on each characters activation, it boils down to is Leadership an ability or a power, and can a Dazed character still use it. If a Leadership ability can be used by a Dazed character, I could have healed her, but then there's the issue of if she regains her activation, which is what I would expect to happen. Mods please help!
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