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Found 14 results

  1. Can Deadpool bang attack go infinite as long as I keep hitting the triggers and the target doesn't die cuz after the bang bang bang attack it just says make another bang attack targeting the original character
  2. On Crisis like Portals Overrun City With Spider-People under interact it states on the card “If the roll contains more Crits, Wilds, and Hit results than the number of Healthy contesting enemy characters,” I wanted to know if Deadpool is considered a “Healthy contesting enemy character” when he is on his injured side for these interact rolls? Also, I wanted to know if only Healthy characters add to the requirement for successes needed on these interact rolls? Or if the interacting character is injured would injured enemy characters contesting then add to the number of total successes needed on the interact roll? Thank you
  3. When thanos uses "deaths decree" to buff deadpool and give him 2 x extra dice on his next attack. Then you use "Bang" with deadpool and trigger his "bang bang" ability to shoot the same character again, do the 2 dice keep going as this is still attacking the same character with the same attack sequence? So essentially the 2 dice stay for both?
  4. Hello. Quick question about deadpools band attack and any attack that has a dice combination to roll for.... I read it as, if you get the result of a "bang bang" or a "bang bang bang" on your first initial roll you are eligible to do another attack if its "bang bang" or another 2 attacks if its "bang bang bang" I have a friend who counts his re rolls (crits or otherwise) as valid result to perform a the extra attacks. Could you guys help to see who's correct? Cheers people 👌
  5. Does "All Right, Now It's Serious" cause Death's Decree to only add 2 dice to the roll, or does it add 4 since Deadpool is technically injured? To clarify, if Thanos uses Death's Decree on an injured Deadpool, does Deadpool's passive that makes him count as Healthy mean Death's Decree only adds 2 dice? The version of the card I was looking at does not contain the updated text for Deadpool's passive stating that he only counts as Healthy for contesting objectives. I believe he gets the extra 4 dice when injured
  6. When Deadpool attacks with Maximum Effort, Dance Party has the effect "After this attack is resolved, this character may advance [S]. After this advance, each character within Range 2 of this character suffers 1 Damage. This character gains 1 Power for each Damage dealt in this way." If Deadpool's player decides not to advance, does Dance Party not inflict damage to all characters within Range 2? I'm guessing the wording, "After this advance, each character..." is significant, as it's different from saying, "Then, each character..." Thank you in advance.
  7. If Deadpool triggers bang bang and then bang bang bang do all the attacks resolve on Hood normal before being allowed to transform to the demon form?
  8. as the title says can Deadpool remove power from a character using Merc with a mouth from a dazed character
  9. If Deadpool has a Chimichanga, does that count as a neutral player effect, and can it take effect before bleed damage?
  10. If deadpool uses the grenade bounce part of this card does it use an action to do so the card does not say its an attack action it just says he can use grenade bounce without paying its cost, it does say attack but just want to be clear if thats saying it is or is not an action
  11. For the dance party effect does deadpool count himself amongst the characters within range 2 for dealing a damage and gaining power?
  12. "Deadpool is a gracious host, though, and he can hand off his pack lunch to someone else thanks to the Interact: Chimichanga action, allowing any character to pick up the token." Now that we have seen the Chimichangas Tactics Card and Deadpool's Character Card.. How, outside of Criminal Syndicate or Missions Objective tactics card, could Deadpool share this?
  13. How does this ability interact with this leadership? For example, if you are checking to see if you secure a Gamma Shelter while Deadpool is on the injured side of his card and there is a healthy, enemy Black Panther within 1" of the same Gamma Shelter do you: [1] Count Deadpool as Healthy, and Count him as two characters due to Illicit Network (you secure instead of your opponent) [2] Count Deadpool as Healthy, but do not count Illicit Network (no one will secure in this case as its contested). Thanks!
  14. If Deadpool plays All You've Got while injured, would he be dazed instead of KO'd due to Alright, Now It's Serious?
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