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Found 9 results

  1. So a unit of troopers (5) with a multi dice attack (let’s say a z6). Attacks a force user with deflect. the attacking unit has only 2 members that are in LOS of the force user, they roll there 7 dice and score 5 hits. the force user spends a dodge token to gain deflect, and rolls 4 surges, now he only has 2 members in LOS, do all 4 deflections cause wounds in the attacker? (We believe so because it says just cause wounds) or because they only have LOS to 2 minis, only 2 minis in the attacking unit die (one of which has to be the z6)?
  2. Hello there! Fluttercraft Bombardier has Immune: Deflect, so Deflect and any Force user variant can't be used to cause wounds. But Swoop Bikes do not have Immune: Deflect. Since the Overrun attack is neither a melee nor a ranged attack: - Deflect or Ataru can NOT cause wounds to the attacker, because they do that on ranged attacks. Soresu and Djem So CAN "deflect" because it just says "during an attack" Am I right? Thank you very much!
  3. If a unit uses two different weapons to perform attacks on different targets and the first target deals some damage back with deflect keyword, how does it work? Will the full attack on all Targets be carried out with full dice pool, or can they be partially or fully canceled out? 4 different scenarios; 1: Single Unit with Arsenal, if it dies after the first attack will the second be carried out? 2: Single Unit with Gunslinger, same question 3: Squad Unit with different Weapons split between multiple targets, firstly does the wound need to be attributed to the attacking minis (e.g. heavy weapon trooper) or can it be any unit, and if any unit, will the dice pool of the subsequent split rolls be affected 4: Vehicle with Arsenal, if the deflect keyword damages a weapon after the first attack, will the second roll be affected?
  4. Hi! There was a recent question that we could not find the answer for, I remember reading where all masteries had deflect by default, is that still the case our group has looked and cant find the answer: and if so does that include all force users i.e. Obi-wan Anakin ect? Thanks in advance!
  5. When a force user successfully triggers Deflect and returns damage to the attacker does that attacker also receive a suppression?
  6. Rules as written state the attacker suffers one wound for each surge result rolled. Does the attacker get to save against this or because they “suffer” the would they just take it? Thanks
  7. if a unit fires a weapon that has immune:deflect on it, can a jedi that does not have deflect but has a mastery instead that has a similar function still do damage back? For example a Droideka shooting Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Droideka has Immune:Deflect on its weapon, can Obi-Wan spend a dodge and do 1 wound to the Droideka for each Surge he rolls? he does not have the deflect keyword but is doing something very similar? in this particular case can the Droideka spend a shield to not take a wound token? Thanks
  8. Good afternoon, Vader's Command Card Fear & Dead men reads: "When Darth Vader uses DEFLECT, the attacker suffers 1 wound for each blank result, instead of each (surge) result" The card doesn't specify that this wound per blank result only happens during ranged attacks, and Deflect *can* be used during melee attacks. Thus this card and particularly the word "instead" could be read two ways: a) It indicates that the whole phrase only applies to situations where you would be deflecting back wounds anyway: Ranged attacks. b) It indicates that in those instances where you would normally deflect with surges (ranged attacks), that effect is cancelled, and now you deflect with blanks only; but the blank-to-wound effect happens with both ranged and melee attacks. Thanks.
  9. At which step is the dodge spent to activate "deflect". I always assumed it was when applying dodge and cover? During step six is there any other keywords than "impact" that apply there
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