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Found 11 results

  1. Ran into a new situation. When picking Map edge deployment if my opponent picks say a left or ride edge in order to play side to side, do we have to play side to side (as my opponent argued) or can I request we rotate and play with the map normal forward to back since this the purpose of this rule I thought was to allow you to play terrain from different location? Was first time I've ran into this sort of situation, where someone specifically wanted to play side to side, and not rotate the map. By looking at the crisis cards, I interpret them them as the players sitting across from each other, with deployment directly in front of them, so if someone picked a map edge... rotate the map. then deploy and setup as normal. Basically, is it a legal strategy to insist to play side to side in order to gain a strategy advantage and throw your opponent off?... as he did mention.
  2. Marvel crisis protocol can i move inside the deployment zone in later turns, i.e. can i move in the deployment zone of my opponent in turn 3
  3. I've recently noticed something odd in an online battle report and wanted to know if they got it wrong or if they just showed me something I had not considered. When it came time to choose a board edge from which to deploy, they chose the one to their right, not one of the two in front of them (the near side and the far side). I see that the rules just say "The player without the Priority token chooses a battlefield edge..." but it never occured to me that I could pick an edge other than the ones shown on the cards (or at least hinted at by the dark blue bar on the cards*). So, can I pick any of the four edges to be my edge? *BTW, just a note/thought for clarity - The deployment cards have dark bars on opposite sides, but there is no actual wording in the book to say that these are the deployment zones. When we first got into the game we just assumed, based on our experience with other games, that these bars are meant to show the deployment zones, but it is just that, an assumption. With no actual rule to show an opponent, he or she could easily claim that they want (for example on a D map) one of the two edges where the objective tokens are pretty much already in the deployment zones to be their edge. Or, to say it a different way, nothing indicates that the deployment map card is to be used only in 'portrait' format as opposed to 'landscape.' So, one could orient the map so that a Hammer (for example) is already inside each deployment zone. That seems odd, but there's nothing I can see within the rules themselves to guide the players about the orientation of the card. I'm the sort of player that never feels comfortable telling my opponents that they are not allowed to do something when they can find support within the rules for their opinion. In this case, I would not be able to deny my opponent their choice as nothing shows us that the dark bars are indeed the deployment zones.
  4. Hi! Just to clarify the deployment step of Setup, what happens in the following scenario? Player A has deployed all of their ships and has one remaining squadron to deploy Player B has several more ships left to deploy Player B just finished their turn deploying a ship, so the turn to deploy passes to Player A Does Player A now deploy their single remaining squadron? Or do they deploy that squadron after Player B has finished deploying the last of their ships? Another player interpreted it to mean Player A would wait until Player B had placed all their remaining ships and they would very lastly place their remaining squadron. Thanks!
  5. Hello. Upgrades that gain tokens when deployed, such as Clone Navigation Officer and Parts Resupply, do so "when that ship is deployed, during the Deploy Ships step of setup." Does this mean that these upgrades would not gain tokens when deployed as a result of Hyperspace Assault or other set aside effects? Thanks!
  6. Greetings Atomic mass games. I have a cuestion about the deploymet deploy a character, a player puts it within Range (i) 3 of their deployment edge . this means is complitly whithin rage 3 or jus whithin range 3 ?
  7. Hi, Roll Out declares "[...] each vehicle may deploy within range 1 of a friendly deployment zone". The RRG states at page 37 that "Each mini with an oblong bases (such as the TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank) may extend beyond the boundary of a player's deployment zone so long as its base is touching the edge of the battlefield within that deployment zone and at least half of the base is within the boundary of the deployment zone." Can I deploy a GAVw with 49% of it's base outside the range 1 allowed by Roll Out? Thanks.
  8. For clarity, this post is attempting to aid players in understanding the use of movement and range tools during deployment. (1) and (2) are directly from the Rulebook. (1) To deploy a character, a player puts it within range 3 of their deployment edge. (2) Any distance that is measured using a measurement tool can be measured at any time, but players may only use one range tool and one movement tool at a time when making measurements during a game. Question 1: Is deployment considered part of the game? If no, then is it safe to assume that the restriction on measurement tools doesn't apply (in which case questions 2 and 3 are irrelevant)? Question 2: For the purpose of deployment, when is a mini considered “put?” (a) When the mini has been placed on the map in a legal placement and the deploying player acknowledges to their opponent that the mini has been deployed. (b) as soon as it is standing on the game area without assistance within range 3 of the deploying player’s deployment edge. (c) something else entirely. If (a) is the correct answer for Question 2, then I think we also need to understand the scenarios in question 3. If (b) is correct, please answer question 3 with the caveat that the deploying character is holding their mini with one hand while executing the fiddly bits described in question 3 with their other. If (c), please provide granular guidance on the relevant parts of Question 3. Question 3: If (a) is allowable (or an applicable (c)), and (b) is not required – Is it permissible for a player to place their mini on the board, within range three of the deployment edge and then: (i) Replace their range three ruler with a range 2 ruler, measure range 2 from a previously deployed mini, adjust the deploying miniature to range 2 of the previously deployed mini, replace the range 2 with a range 3 ruler and commit to a final placement? (ii) Measure a position outside of range 3 from the deployment edge from the miniature as placed (but not necessarily in the final placement) using a movement tool to estimate the minis position after a move action? (iii) Same as (ii), but additionally, swap out the range 3 from the tentative deployment position to measure range 1 from the movement tool, and then move the movement tool to estimate the possible position of two movement actions from deployment, then, swap back to the range 3 tool to decide on a final placement. I have seen players do all of these things, including one player telling another after the opponent accidentally dropped their mini on the board within range 3 that it had been deployed. I have also heard players argue for and against all of these points. Clarity would be much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Hello, in this post it’s stated that if any part of your base is touching the measurement tool you are considered “within”. I'm struggling to find that in the rule book. In the 6th paragraph of the measurement section on page 8 it indicates that part of your base has to be “within” a portion of the measurement device, which implies a slight overlap. that makes the current ruling feel very grey, can we get this paragraph clarified in the next RRG update and it might be worth highlighting the definition of within in a special box in the rules.
  10. When you are deploying the rule states that characters need to be within range 3 of the edge. Does this mean that the front of the figures have to be behind the end of the range 3 ruler or does it mean that the back of the figure can touch the end of the range 3 ruler? Thank you.
  11. Miniatures need to be placed wholly within 3 from edge of the field or simply within?
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