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Found 12 results

  1. Is a Mandalorian Super Commandos marker alone next to the satellite, does it mark a mission point? ?
  2. As per rulings: A device cannot be placed so that a portion of the device would be outsidet he play area. If this would happen, play is reversed to before the device was placed—the device is not placed, any charges spent and other costs paid are recovered, and the player can choose to not place that device. what happen for devices that has charges that cannot be recovered (such as mines, commandos, buzz droids etc)? The game is revised to before as the action has never been done and the charge is recovered?
  3. On November 4th, 2021, Dee commented and said that Electro-Chaff clouds are not considered Friendly Devices: The current Rules Reference v1.4.3.1 (effective 6/15) now lists Electro-Chaff Clouds as a Device. The text is in Blue so I believe it's brand new to that version. As such, does that change the previous ruling since it's newer? Are Electro-Chaff clouds Friendly Devices? Specifically asking in the case of Lega Fossang (BTA-NR2 Y-wing) who 'may reroll 1 attack die for each friendly device in the attack arc'.
  4. Can a TIE/se Bomber still perform its System Phase boost and drop a bomb/mine if it received ionized tokens on the previous round?
  5. Now that we know that the electro-chaff in addition of being an obstacle, is also a device, my question would be is the chaff a bomb or only a device? thank you in advance, Ulrick
  6. Ok. I searched the FAQs, didn't find this question but I'd be surprised if it hadn't been asked already. Can an ionized ship drop or launch a bomb, device, or electro-chaff cloud? It happens in the system phase, It's not an action, I don't see why not! Thanks
  7. Hello, When multiple devices are dropped by multiple pilots from both players, what is used to determine the order in which the devices are resolved. Does it go by player initiative and all of first player’s get resolved first? Or does it go by pilot skill order and does highest or lowest get resolved first?
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for answering my questions 🙂 Which player rolls for mines/bombs? The player who placed it or the player who receives the damage?
  9. When a single device (say, a bomb) will affect multiple ships, Who chooses the order in which the ships resolve the effect of the detonation? I'm thinking its the owner of the device (given how Sabine works), but its not clearly stated in the rules.
  10. Rules question: Tavison performed a red hard one, but bumped and triggers a proximity mine already in play. and took damage. His template did not touch the proximity mine. The base triggered it. Can he trigger his abil to spend a charge and perform an action, prior to the check difficulty step for the movement he took??
  11. Vagabond's ability reads: If I drop a bomb during the systems phase, and then perform my Adaptive Ailerons maneuver, can I drop another bomb then? I haven't been able to find any rules preventing me from dropping more than one bomb per turn, but I suppose I could have missed it. Any thoughts?
  12. Two ships both with 1 hull left and with the Disciplined upgrade are in range of a proton bomb. The bomb detonates, deals 1 damage to the first ship and it dies. Does Disciplined happen before or after the 2nd ship takes the bomb damage - i.e. would it be possible for the 2nd ship to use Disciplined to barrel roll out of range of bomb before taking damage?
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