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Found 12 results

  1. Domino rolls hit skull skull wild. Pays two power for probability manipulation. Rolls in two dice, rolling hit skull. Can domino reroll one of the skull results being treated as a critical result (similar to Corvus with reality), and apply the Probability Manipulation effect to a different skull result (like the new skull rolled in from the skull being treated as a critical result)?
  2. Count Dooku (crew) is on a ship. That ship is at range zero of an enemy ship. The ship that Count Dooku is on performs a range zero primary attack against the enemy ship. Can the ship with Count Dooku use Count Dooku's ability and modify the defender's dice while performing a primary attack at range zero? Count Dooku's ability is (errata version): The rules reference states (pg. 5 of Rules Reference, version 1.4.31): We also know that it is the player who rolled the dice who modifies the dice result (pg. 39 of Rules Reference, version 1.4.31): Therefore, since it is the player who rolls the dice who does the actual modification, can Count Dooku modify a defender's dice during a range zero primary attack? Or, is Count Dooku still considered modifying the enemy ship's dice result even though it is the enemy player who is choosing and modifying the dice result?
  3. I was wondering if i use Midnight and lock a ship, can i use Crackshot to cancel a dice result or is that considered modding ?
  4. Can you confirm whether Salvo works with Exchange dice effects (e.g., Gunnery Chief Varnillian) and Replace dice effects (e.g., Commander Sato)?
  5. Can thane Kyrell, x wing pilot, use his ability only during the modify attack step or during the whole attack steps? like after the cards are dealt but before the aftermath step? 😃
  6. We've just noticed that it is said that players roll dice to a minimum of 0 and to a maximum of 6, but there is no limit on the number of final dice result. So, is it ok to roll 6 dice and have 6 Hit, adding 1 more Hit result during the Dice Modification step, and therefore bring 7 Hit results to the Neutralize Result step?
  7. Does the reinforce effect (adding an evade result during the Neutralize Results step) count as the defence dice being "modified" for the purposes of Dead To Rights, Midnight, and any other effects that prevent defence dice being modified?
  8. When boba fett gets his rerolls for have ships at range one of him, do all of the dice need to be rerolled at the same time or does the player have the option to reroll each dice individually?
  9. Running a TIE/FO with Fanatical. Do I use Fanatical after I use Focus or Target Lock to change the attack dice results or must I use it before?
  10. I was just looking for some clarification for the timing window of Darth Vader's ability for his Tie X1 after a situation came up today that was different from what I was under the impression of how it occurs. Darth Vader's tie advanced ability reads Advanced Targeting Computer: While you perform a primary attack against a defender you have locked, roll 1 additional attack die and change 1 hit result to a crit result. Once you roll your first results with the additional die because of the lock do you get to change 1 hit to a crit then spend the target lock to re roll the remaining results or do you only choose to use the target lock or use the ability after rolling? I had a 4 dice roll with a hit ( that I would change to a crit) and other results I wanted to re-roll by spending the target lock, is it only one or the other? Thank you.
  11. How does Han Solo (modified YT-1300)'s ability interact with the Blinded Pilot crit? Can he still reroll or is his ability effectively shut down? I thought that this crit stops his ability as he can now only modify dice by spending force but his ability does also say "This does not count as rerolling for the purpose of other effects" - so is the the crit an 'other effect' I guess is the question. Thanks so much!
  12. Hi all. My question to you is: Is "spending" a die result modifying that die in regards to Thane Kyrell's ability and the Snap Shot card text? Thane Kyrell's card reads: While you perform an attack, you may spend 1 [Focus], [Hit], or [Crit] result to look at the defender’s facedown damage cards, choose 1, and expose it. And the Snap Shot card reads: After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack. Attack: Your dice cannot be modified. Thanks in advance.
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