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Found 14 results

  1. In a recent rules question it was clarified, that displaced unit leaders snap back into melee if a different model of the unit is in base contact with the displacing trooper model. From the rules of displacement: No my questions: - Can I place the displaced unit leader outside of cohesion range of the model in base contact with the displacing unit? - And if yes, would the model in base contact snap out of the engagement to recohere with the unit leader or would the unit leader snap into the engagement?
  2. Hi There! If a creature trooper enters base contact with a mini in a unit but had to move through the unit leader to do so, if the placement of the leader after displacement would cause the mini the creature entered based contact with to be out of cohesion would that mini get placed in cohesion and thus no longer be engaged or would the rest of the unit, including the displaced leader, snap into melee with the creature trooper? Also just to confirm, displacement from creature troopers is determined by the path the creature takes along the movement tool, not the final position of the unit correct? So a creature would not be able to enter base contact on the "far" side of a mini if the path along the tool would take it over that mini? Thanks!
  3. Today I had a situation, that would need some clarification. The Bane Token, Kablomo! is on the battlefield, a Dewback moves into range 1 one of the token, the player displaces while moving this Dewback, his trooper unit, that was previously not in range of the Bane token. Now, as the opponent of the Dewback, I get to move the trooper unit with a speed one move. I move the trooper unit into range 1 of the Kablomo! token. When does the token trigger? After the displacement, hitting both units or just the dewback or just the troopers? Thank you
  4. Hello We encountered situations that we were not sure of solving: General Grievous is standing behind an AT-ST touching its base. They are is in melee but not engaged. AT-ST want to make a reverse move but wishes to finish it at base contact with grievous (having it at its front). By making this move it will displace Grievous cousing suppresion but is he allowed to move away from melee by making move after he was displaced or does he must remain at his position? By the rules of displacing units Grievous should be removed while the ATST is moving and should be placed after that with option of speed-1 move from his original position. Does it mean that the AT-ST can't keep him in melee? We resolved it that way but wasn't sure it was correct. Thanks
  5. Good morning, Both Detachment and Displacement rules instruct you to place the target unit "at speed-1". Does this mean you have to use the whole movement ruler, or can it be used only partially? Thanks
  6. Standbys are only ever removed by action, moves, or suppression as noted by the RRG. Vader's Might Standby, this post suggests that a placement would also remove standbys. My question is involving displacement and - courage units such as Commander Vader. If Commander Vader takes a standby and is immediately displaced by a bus, would he keep his standby as he didn't gain a suppression or move, or would the standby get removed following the ruling with Vader's Might and placements?
  7. Under the Displacement keyword in the RRG it states: "When placing a displaced mini, it must remain on its original elevation, if possible." Is this referring to: A model's physical elevation? (e.g. model is on the playmat surface, it's displaced and has to remain on the playmat elevation if possible) Is this referring to Height the model is at? (e.g. model is on playmat surface, is displaced and there is room on the playmat, but the model moves to stand on top of a crate, or terrain. But it doesn't change the Height it's at, like going to a Height 1 or greater surface.) Thank you.
  8. In a single move can a dewback move through a unit to displace them and then still be in melee with that unit?
  9. There was a question a while ago concerning Simultaneous Displacement with Reckless Driver: Since the displacement rules don't give an exact timing for which unit is displaced first and the answer above suggests, that at least the displaced units beneath the final position of the A-A5 are displaced simultaneously, what is the correct order of progression here? 1) Every unit on the path gets displaced simultaneously and the Reckless driver can hit any unit displaced by the entire move 2) Only the units below the final position of the A-A5 get displaced simultaneously and are eligible targets for Reckless Driver 3) You move the model along the movement template. The first unit touched by the A-A5 is the one getting hit by Reckless Driver. Only if 2 (or more) units get touched exactly at the same time, you can choose which unit gets hit.
  10. From what I’m reading the LAAT does not displace troopers. So would the LAAT be able to complete its movement if a enemy trooper is in the area the LAAT would land ? Or would the LAAT have to stop short?
  11. If a unit that can displace enemies has an objective token, a bomb from bombing run, for instance, and it moves such that it displaces an enemy model (or models), does the objective token get placed first, or does the displaced model (or models)?
  12. Good afternoon, When a repulsor vehicle performs a compulsory move, and the non-leader mini coheres, can it displace non-engaged trooper minis? Thanks.
  13. If a trooper unit is displaced by a vehicle and has no possible legal positions after a speed-1 move, or would be unable to put all of its figurines in cohesion (for example, if the final position after a speed-1 move would be blocked by the edge of the play area or other vehicles or emplacement/creature troopers), how should this trooper unit be placed?
  14. Hi AMG, If an A-A5 Speeder Truck with Reckless Driver equipped lands on 6 B1 Battle Droid units simultaneously, would it roll dice for each unit it landed on? Thanks
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