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Found 21 results

  1. I recently learned that paying to use Dr. Strange's defenders leadership on a rapid fire attack only affects that single "volley"; similarly the same is true for area and beam style attacks: Only one of the attacks in the collection of that action can be empowered. However lets say Daredevil uses Man Without Fear or Venom uses So Many Snacks in retaliation to an attack made against them, can they pay to use the mystic empowerment leadership on their retaliation attack? I'm fairly certain they can, but wanted to be certain and haven't seen anything on this yet. Thanks! (Fingers crossed since DD really needs some help. RIP my Beamfenders list though...)
  2. So if I have Dr Strange in cover and he is attacked and I roll no blocks but then use the cover rule to change one blank to a block, does this trigger the shield of the seraphim rule and gain a power?
  3. I imagine this has been answered, but I can’t find it. Can leaders use their own abilities when it says “when an allied character…” like Dr Strange Mystic Empowerment?
  4. Hi all, So, my question is about Doctor Strange Supreme Sorcerer's ability to reroll all of it attack/defense roll. If I want to use it (since it say may), then am I forced to re-roll all of them or can I keep some of them and re-roll only the dice that I do not like? I used to think I was allowed to keep the dice I liked and re roll the other, but then I read Moon Knight first builder that says he can re-roll any number of its attack dice: that is a totally different wording that lead me to think Doctor Strange must re-roll all of its dice. Thank you in Advance for your time.
  5. I apologize in advance for even asking this, but I am unable to find actual wording in the rules or within my own vocabulary to resolve this question in a definitive manner. My opponent is using the Eye of Agamotto on Doctor Strange after shooting Bolts of Bedevilment at an enemy character. The initial roll for Bolts contained at least one Shield result. Using Shield of the Seraphim, she picks up all her dice and rolls them again. The rerolled dice also come up with at least one Shield. How much Power does Doctor Strange get? 1. One. It does not matter if only the reroll had a Shield or if only the initial roll had a Shield. "At least one" die, overall between the two rolls, had a Shield, so one Power is gained. 2. Two. Under the rule for Shield of the Seraphim, she gets one Power "whenever" Strange rolls dice, so he gets one on the dice rolled in the initial Bolt, and one for the dice rolled in the rerolled result. After all, "whenever" does not care if the dice rolled were in a reroll or not. Dice were rolled twice and a Shield was present in each roll. Now, what if the only Shield rolled was in the initial roll? If the reroll contained no Shields, would Strange get Power the moment the initial roll, which got rerolled, was evaluated? After all, there were dice rolled ("whenever"), and at least one Shield came up. We understand that Strange would not gain the power until the effect (which is Bolts) gets resolved, but would he get it at that point? Or, to put it another way, is there anything in the actual rules that says that rerolled dice have their initial rolls treated, essentially, as if they magically simply never happened?
  6. With the Leadership abilities of Dr Strange and Blade, they both state "Once per turn" for allied characters (any time for Blade, and before an attack for strange) and then the effect of the leadership ability. My question is, does this ability only work once per turn PERIOD or once per turn PER CHARACTER? Ex: 1) Blade OR Moon Knight using bump in the knight on my turn on their activation, or 2) Blade AND Moon Knight using bump in the night on each of their respective activations on my turn, once each.
  7. Can you still explode crits when you play sacrifice? I assume that adding dice to defense roll is for things like Dr Strange’s ability but wanted to confirm whether you can still explode crits.
  8. Assuming the OG Doctor Strange is in Convocation. If you were to run him with the Soul Gem, would the R4 Aura be created from the Ring Token, or from Doctor Strange himself?
  9. Doctor Strange's attack Crimson Bands of Cyttorak has a crit, wild, hit trigger of Mystic Binding. Mystic Binding says: "After this attack is resolved, instead of inflicting the Stagger special condition, if the target character does not have an Activated token, you may give it an Activated token." If I'm attacking a character that's already activated and I roll crit/wild/hit, what happens? I would like it to work like: * Special rule is triggered * I'm presented with an option that I may take * I choose not to take it * Therefore the "instead of" part never takes effect. End Result: I choose not to give an Activated token and they get Staggered instead. But the more obvious reading is: * Special rule is triggered * Instead of inflicting the Stagger special condition, I'm presented with an option * The target character has an Activated token, so I have to decline the option End result: no stagger Which reading is correct?
  10. Can "Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme" use cards that indicate "Doctor Strange" on them? For example the Pentagram of Farallah tactics card.
  11. Hi, this came up in our recent local tourney. Dr Strange attacks Hawkeye, Hawkeye is outside of 3 and uses Fast Draw. Dr. Strange rolls for defense and uses the Eye of Agamotto re-roll. Survives and proceeds to do his attack, at which point he wants to re-roll his attack dice. However, the Eye of Agamotto reads "... once per attack". So is the attack made by Hawkeye completely separate and independent attack (it goes through all the steps of the attack timing chart) or is it somehow part of the timing chart of Dr. Strange's attack and hence he can only re-roll for defense roll or for his attack roll? Thank you very much
  12. Can Doctor Strange use HHW on an allied character who made themselves the target of an attack through a bodyguard style affect or a tactics card like Heroes for Hire? For example. Opponent targets Strange, he pays 2 for H4H then pays 2 for HHW to bump Cage or Fist's defense dice up by 2.
  13. Does Moonknight get a "Chosen of Khonshu" trigger from an an attack that is changed to Mystic with Mystic Empowerment? Does it make any difference if the attack is a beam or area attack?
  14. If Doctor Strange uses Hoggoth's Hoary Wisdom on Gamora and Gamora uses Martial Prowess how many dice does she roll for defense, 5 or 7? Same with Strange and Cyclops with quick draw.
  15. If an enemy Punisher is attacking an ally of Ghost Rider using the Hip Fire attack, at what point or points can Ghost Rider use Wicked's Judgement and Spirit of Vengeance? My understanding of Rapid Fire is that it would occur at 15.a of the attack step, but Ghost Riders abilities would occur at 15.b Does that mean Wicked's judgement couldn't be used until 15.b of the second attack of Hip Fire (the rapid fire attack)? Could you use it on the first attack AFTER the whole second attack is finished? Does the entire Rapid Fire attack occur within the 15.a step of the first attack? Bonus question: Does using Dr Strange's leadership ability Mystic Empowerment on a Hip Fire attack change the first attack or both the first and the rapid fire attack to the chosen attack type?
  16. Once the portals are placed on the battlefield, can any character friend or foe, spend the power to use a Mystical Portal? Looking for clarification.
  17. If you roll a block in your initial roll but you reroll with Eye of Agamoto and do not have a block in the final result, does Shield of the Seraphim still trigger?
  18. So in order to trigger Mystic Bindings do you need to roll at least one crit, wild, or hit or is it you need to roll all three to trigger?
  19. Want to make sure I'm playing this right. "This character my modify and reroll skull dice results. This character my reroll all of its attack or defense dice once per attack." So I interpret this as I can reroll any number of skull dice results I get on attack of defense dice, AND additionally I can reroll the whole dice pool once per attack? This right?
  20. How does Dr. Strange's leadership work with beams and AoE attacks
  21. With Strange’s eye of agamotto super power, it allows you to “re roll all attack or defense dice once per attack” Taking into account the steps of rolling attack, does this mean that criticals rolled in the initial attack “explode” then you may re roll all dice including added dice from crits? for better clarification on the question, you make a bolt attack rolling 5 dice. Two of the results are crits, following the steps you roll two additional dice for the crits. Then when the modify dice step comes in do I re roll all 7 dice now or just the original 5? thanks in advance!
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