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Found 14 results

  1. When rolling dice to take control of am objective with Dr. Voodoo, my opponent said he gets to add 2 additional dice for the Spirit of Brother Daniel ability. I thought that only applied to actual defense rolls. For example, when interacting with an Origin Bomb, rolling dice equal to his energy defense, will he roll 2 dice or does he get to roll 4 from having the Brother Daniel token?
  2. Suppose one of my characters is targeted by an enemy attack, and it and my Doctor Voodoo play the Sacrifice Team Tactics Card, causing Doctor Voodoo to be the target of the attack. Sacrifice says the new target cannot "add additional defense dice" to its roll. I have always understood this to refer to step 8 of the attack timing, where you add additional dice for criticals. Brother Daniel says "While this character has the token, add 2 dice to all of its defense and dodge rolls." I have always understood this to refer to step 5 of the attack timing, where you build your defense die pool. Specifically, these are not "additional" dice because they're there from the start. Does Sacrifice prevent Brother Daniel from adding 2 dice to Doctor Voodoo's pool? If not, is the distinction between "adding dice" and "adding additional dice" unintentional/not meaningful? It's very consistent across cards. If so, does it follow that other characters can use their superpowers to add dice to their dice pools in step 5? For example, can Captain America pay for Vibranium Shield to add 2 dice to his dice pool?
  3. Hi, i have two questions about Astral ring Tactic card. 1.- A character can interact/pick up objective tokens through astral ring token?, if not, can still do it from the miniature?. 2.- A Voodoo character using Astral ring, can measure his possession superpower distance through the astral ring token?. Thanks
  4. What happens if I use Possession super Power (doctor Voodoo) on a character that is controlling an Objective (like Sword conosoles, foe example). Does the character keep controlling it or loses the control?
  5. Since grunts do not have a threat level is Doctor Voodoo unable to use the Brother Daniel token on them or is it free with a threat cost of 0? Or would you have to spend 1 power to activate the ability and the 0 threat is less than the 1 and enough to apply the token?
  6. While an enemy Dr Voodoo possesses an opponent's Convocation character (with brother Daniel), can that convocation character use the astral ring tactic card AND still contest an objective through the ring? Or does the possession effect apply for the projection as well?
  7. How does the interaction between Doctor Voodoo's Possession work with the new Infinity Gem Threat Level? Example: 6 Threat Thanos Base + two 1 cost gems. Does possess cost 6 or 8 power to use here?
  8. Lads and Lasses, Voodoo makes his Staff of Legba into Kingpin and rolls two Wilds Kingpin has two Energy Is each wild treated individually? Kingpin loses one energy then spends one energy to negate the damage and second wild does not trigger bc no more Energy available? Or does he immediately lose both Energy and cannot block any of the incoming damage?
  9. Doctor Voodoo's throw has the condition to be able to throw size 3 terrain if he has the brother Daniel token instead. The two questions I have: 1) Does this stop him being able to throw a character? or 2) Is he able to throw a size 3 character / still able to throw a size 2 character? Thanks
  10. The rule for getting a power when rolling a skull (failure) result in the Spirit of Brother Daniel rule is offset from the first part of the rule regarding if Doctor Voodoo has the Brother Daniel token or not. I am not sure if that means he gets the power from rolling a skull (failure) only when he has the Brother Daniel token or just anytime?
  11. How does damage reduction interact with Dr. Voodoos Staff of Legba attack when Power Burn is triggered. Power burn deals damage for each wild before damage is dealt by the attack. Scenario: Dr. Voodoo attacks Corvus and gets 5 successes, 3 of which are wilds. Before damage is dealt by the attack Power Burn does: 3 damage? (each damage is a from a separate enemy effect) 2 damage? (3 damage from single enemy effect is reduced by 1 by Glaive of Immortality) The attack damage is then resolved separately.
  12. Hi AMG, Does Doctor Voodoo's Brother Daniel token still function while Doctor Voodoo is dazed?
  13. So Doctor Voodoo's Brother Daniel token gets placed on Enchantress. This means she can't interact, hold, or contest objectives. However, Amora's Kiss is not doing any of that. I assume this means Enchantress could then Amora's Kiss an objective from an enemy, but immediately drops it since she cannot hold objectives. Is this correct? Or is there a unique event happening I'm not seeing?
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