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Found 7 results

  1. The most recent FAQ and Errata document has the following for doomed prophecy. Replace 2nd paragraph with...This character cannot roll defense dice for physical attacks. Additionally this character adds dice to its physical attacks = to its physical defense. The updated card from Nov 2021 includes a for the rest of the game clause in regards to not rolling defense. The most recent FAQ doc does not have it. Is the errata faq document supposed to replace the text on the updated Nov 2021 version? If so, does the defense nerf no longer last until end of game or is that just implied? Thanks
  2. Hello, To be sure as usual. I'm pretty sure that the special condition 'incinerate" does not have an effect on a dodge rolls because dodge rolls are not defense rolls BUT does Incinerate has an effect on character who has used Doomed Prophecy ? Thank you very much.
  3. I just wanted some clarification on phases/turns here. For Doomed prophecy it says start of activation phase. Would that mean Right after Power phase? Or lets say for example I take a turn, and my opponent takes a turn, could I then still play Doomed prophecy? Also in the FAQ it states next clean up phase at the end of the card. Would that mean the following clean up phase? Which is after next round? Thanks!
  4. If a character gets both of these tactic cards played on them, does the second activation from All You've Got clear the attack bonus of Doomed Prophecy due to being their next activation? Or does both the activations being within one turn somehow make the bonus carry over to the extra All You've Got activation?
  5. Hi there, As the title suggests, Doomed Prophecy adds dice to physical attacks, and the book changes the attack type to mystic when targeted. Does the additional dice remain even after the attack type is changed as it was added before being targeted? Or additional dice not added as the additional dice are added at step 4b of attacking sequence? Thanks.
  6. Can you please explain the timing of TT cards like Doomed prophecy, blind obsession and such, who state they need to be played at the start of activation phase? Does that mean you must play them at the start of the round before any character activation?
  7. Just to be sure. The "bad" effect (the no defense) of the Doomed Profecy lasts until the end of the game? I assume yes due to there is not a "until the end of the round" added at the end of the sentence. Summarizing, you have a bonus during 1 activation and a penalty until the end or the game (or more probably, until your death xD)
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