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  1. The steps of the power phase appear to be 1) Everyone gains 1 power, 2) Player effects, 3) Crisis effects. Am I able to choose the order of resolution of my effects that occur in the power phase, for example Asgardian, and Dormammu's leadership power gain and damage trigger? For example, Valkyrie is on 3 power as the Power Phase starts. Everyone gains 1 power, she goes to 4. Can I then trigger the leadership to gain the 1, go to 5, and check for whether she is over 6 for damage application purposes, then apply Asgardian ability power gain to go to 6 after it's been checked for, thereby avoiding the damage? Thanks in advance!
  2. Had a situation come up in game where Dormammu's Incantation of Obliteration KO'd Ronan while having the results to trigger Dark Miasma. If Ronan activates The Accuser does Dark Miasma still resolve first off of Ronan's current position (and any subsequent potential Dark Miasma attacks) or does Ronan resolve The Accuser before Dormammu resolves the next attack?
  3. Dormammu's Feel the Power of Darkness states "After an attack targeting this character is resolved, it may use this superpower. The attacking character is pushed away from this character short and gains the Hex special condition. If the attacking character already had the Hex special condition, it gains the Incinerate special condition." My question is: IF this is used on a character that is immune to Hex, then this ability will not be able to apply Incinerate to that character. I believe because since you cannot satisfy the first part of already having Hex.
  4. Hi. In CK09, can the defenders interact with the Artefacts and can they be stolen from an attacker by an effect, for example by Quicksilver or Blackcat? If so, what happens to them? Thanks!
  5. 1) When the entity takes damage because the attacker got all artifact to alter, doed that entity get power for that damage? 2) Do the artifacts count as extract objectives for the purpose of Mystique's leadership?
  6. Hi everyone, just bought the Dormammu set and had a question before I play. When the Banishment card says “the damage from this attack cannot be prevented by the Beings From Another Dimension special rule” which part is it referring to? Is it referring to not removing damage if you daze them meaning they stay on the battlefield and you can KO them next time around? At first I assumed it meant the Dark Servants status card thank you for any help in advance!
  7. I'm planning on playing the Dormammu OP kit tomorrow, I just watched the AMG playthrough and it is mentioned around 2:50 that the Cosmic threat's minions do not get damaged if they are near the portals, instead they are pushed. Is this in the rules somewhere? I can't find the text and may be missing something. Thanks in advance
  8. About Dormammu and Incarnation of Obliteration. I target an character, but my opponent use a bodyguard to redirect. If Dark Miasma proc, can I target the first character ? (we assume the first target is still withing 2.)
  9. Hi there, Couldn't see this question already being asked, the wording on the Attacker Backup! seems to suggest that the total value must match the characters brought into play exactly, does that mean that you cannot bring a 4 cost into play if you hold 2 portals, it would have to either be a 5 cost or a 3 and a 2? Didn't want to house rule it if the exact amount was intentional. Thanks!
  10. Hello! I was playing the Dormammu UE lastnight for the first time. Was great fun, but there are a couple of things I need clearing up 1, we played narrative so 0 TTC's in play, one of the guys had Dr Strange in his Crisis team so took his infinity gem cards in the match with him as he has the gems in his passive stat on his card. Is this correct and allowed or are the gems classed as TTC's and therefore cnt be used in that UE. 2, if dormamu is at 0 presence in the clean up phase, would he be able to move upto presence 1 for free, as it states you pay power equal to your presence to power up. Thanks in advance guys
  11. During the power phase, a non-Dormammu character starts the round with 4 power while I am using the Dark Dimension leadership. That character then gains 2 power from Flames of the Faltine during the Power Phase. Are they now considered to have 6 power, and they suffer a damage?
  12. For the dormammu OP kit, when you transfer the entity card does it automatically flip the character to their injured side? Or is that only if the chosen character is dazed? The wording is confusing.
  13. Hi, I wasn't sure if attacks like Ricochet from Sam Wilson Capt. America, Dormammu's Incantation of Obliteration, or any similar attacks that allows additional attacks within X range still requires LOS? Thanks,
  14. Hi, If Winter Soldier targets Dormammu with Assault Rifle and triggers a rapid fire, but Dormammu uses "Feel the Power of Darkness!" which one triggers first? If "Feel the Power of Darkness!" triggers first would Winter Soldier still be able to rapid fire? I would assume no if he is out of range. Thanks!
  15. The second part of Dormammu's Master of the Realm of Darkness says that Dormammu counts skulls rolled i his attack and in his target's defense roll as successes but does he still count them as successes in his attack if it/they are considered a critical due to Domino's Probability Manipulation or due to Infinity Gem: Reality?
  16. https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/3622-ronan-the-accuser-judgement/ Based off this ruling, does that also mean there is no window for say Dormammu to use Feel the Power of Darkness if attacked by Ronan using The Accused?
  17. When a Dark Dimension squad has stun on a character, do they gain one or two power during the power phase? Thanks, Rath~
  18. if thanos uses deaths decree on dormammu's Incantation of obliteration and he rolls the tigger for Dark Miasma Will thanos have to pay again to use Deaths' Decree on the next target or will the inital effect of Deaths' decree stay in effect as though it were a beam attack? or is the Dark Misama trigger concidered an entirely separate attack?
  19. if dormammu is damaged by an attack that does not grant power to the defender equal to the damage suffered (like wasp buider when she is tiny) ,does he get 1 power?
  20. Simple question - when Dormammu uses Dark Restoration on a Transform model that was KO'd in their alternate form (Tiny Wasp/Ant-Man, Possessed Hood), do they come back as their transformed version or do they revert back to their normal model?
  21. When Dorm revives a threat 3 model, do they reset to 0 power and then get whatever they would get during the power phase, or do they retain the power they had when they died?
  22. If I target character A with IoO, B Bodyguards, I Trigger Dark Miasma, can I target A again, or do they count as already having been targeted?
  23. The trigger for Dark Miasma on Incantation of obliteration Requires ❗💥 🛡️💀(crit/hit/blockFail). If Dormammu's attack roll shows no 💀 but their opponent does show at least 1 💀 will that be enough to trigger Dark Miasma due to the effect of Master of the Realm of Darkness counting opponents 💀 as successes?
  24. Since Dormammu counts skulls as successes in both attack and defense rolls, would Dark Miasma trigger if you didn't roll any skulls in the offensive pool, but there was 1 in the defensive pool?
  25. Do to the wording if your lucky enough to keep rolling the attack again result is it essentially infinite as long as there are two character near each other. It appears the when you select the new target for the new attack that target becomes the new “original” target for when the bonus attack triggers. So I could ping between two guys till one of them dies correct?
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