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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there, When playing Dynamic Exit, does interacting with a computer terminal or a supply box or doing a similar action from the scenario rules count as an "Objective Card action" for the purposes of Incognito? Put differently, would performing any of the actions like Abscond, Alert, Check Manifest, etc. cause a unit to lose its Incognito token?
  2. Hi, is there a mention anywhere of the army size limit for blue player in dynamic exit? I dont see it anywhere on the cards or in the pamphlet in the kit. It just mentions red player being limited to 400 points of units.
  3. In Dynamic Exit, can you use the Abscond free card action on a Precious Cargo token already claimed by a friendly unit, or is it limited by the rules for Objective Tokens that you can only take an unclaimed token?
  4. The flat-footed condition goes away when a unit gains a suppression after defending. Commander Vader has infinite courage, and does not gain suppression tokens. RAW, Vader can defend from an attack, block all the results, and even deflect to cause wounds on the attacking unit, but he will remain flat-footed. RAI, this seems like a slight oversight. If Vader is deflecting shots back at enemies, he is obviously not unalert to them. Can we have an official ruling on this?
  5. Hi there, Could you help with some clarification on a few things for the Dynamic Exit Event? 1. The victory conditions for the blue player say that "At the start of the end phase, if the Defense Turrets are disabled, the blue player may reveal each claimed Precious Cargo token within the red player deployment zone. If the blue player reveals a token that matches the Target Token, they win the game." Does the blue player HAVE to have their matching token in the red player's deployment zone to win? Sounds straight forward, but "may" and "must" could have different effects here... 2. For the Defense Turret Terminal Tracker, if the blue player was at their first terminal trying to power down the turrets, and rolled three hits...would they flip three turret trackers at once? Or can you only disable one token per try? Thanks in advance!
  6. Does the -1 Maximum range restriction cause the Super Commando Jetpack Rockets to go to range 3 from 4 or would nothing change as Range 4 could be construed as both the Max and Min range and the -1 doesn't affect minimum range.
  7. When using the Shutdown action / Defense Turret Terminal Tracker, is there any particular order that the markers have to be placed? Or can any rolled results be placed? (For example, rolling 2 crits / surges and no hits the first time you take the Shutdown action) The tracker has an arrow pointing from the leftmost spot to the right, but there is nothing on the Dynamic Exit cards indicating there is any particular order to follow.
  8. Hello there, For the new OP kit Dynamic Exit, the "Under the Cover of Darkness" rule states that one reduces the maximum range of all weapons by one and that units may not perform attacks beyond Range 3. Two questions about this: 1. If a Range 2 weapon has its range reduced to Range 1 due to Under the Cover of Darkness, does that weapon now count as a Range 1 weapon for the purpose of the Immune: Range 1 Weapons keyword on units like the T-47 Airspeeder? 2. Does Under the Cover of Darkness affect the minimum range of weapons, particularly command card abilities like Co-Ordinated Bombardment or Maximum Firepower? As these weapons have a minimum range of 4, they would thereotically not be usable unless their minimum range was also reduced?
  9. When making a skirmish list for the Dynamic Exit event, it says the Red player can only have a maximum of 400 points...does Red player still have to satisfy normal list building requirements for corp units? i.e. a minimum of 2?
  10. Hello there, I have two questions about this scenario : if I use saber throw, I reduce to one the distance ( like others ranged weapons) ? In this scenario, all support unit are prohibed ( heavy included) ? thanks for your answers
  11. hello I contact you about "Dynamic Exit" Organized Play Event I would like to know how to interact the "night cover" rule with the "saber throw" card please? For my part, the "saber throw" is not a ranged weapon but an ability that allows a "ranged attack" it should not be impacted by "night cover" what do you think please?
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