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Found 11 results

  1. Would just like to clarify a couple of interactions with Rapid Fire attacks: 1) If I rapid fire into Magneto and he pays his power for Force Projection, does that last for both the initial and subsequent rapid fire attack, or does it last for both attacks? 2) Similarly, if I rapid fire into Enchantress do I need to pay 2 power for Enchanting for both the initial and subsequent rapid fire attacks? Thanks
  2. Enchantress is targeted by an attack, I also have a captain america within two of enchantress, does the attacker pay 2 power to make the attack non-mystic then i may activate bodyguard to have capt be the attack of the original attack type. is this the correct order?
  3. Question about an interaction between Red Skull (RS) and Enchantress (E), enemy targets RS with an attack, RS uses Hail Hydra making E the new target. Will the attacker have the option to pay 2 power to prevent E from using Enchanting? I believe yes but want to make sure. Thanks in advance
  4. Context: - A character declare an attack on another character. - Enchantress, within 2 of the targeted character pay for the sacrifice card. Questions -On sacrifice does enchanting works, since it doesn't adding dice but switch defense? -Can he pay the to avoid enchanting? -- Does he have to pay before the player declare using sacrifice (like body guard :link to this ruling at the end of the post)? -- Can he pay after sacrifice? My feeling is he need to declare it when he target the first character, but I wanna make sure! Link for bodyguard Thanks and have a great day 🙂 Le pogo
  5. So Doctor Voodoo's Brother Daniel token gets placed on Enchantress. This means she can't interact, hold, or contest objectives. However, Amora's Kiss is not doing any of that. I assume this means Enchantress could then Amora's Kiss an objective from an enemy, but immediately drops it since she cannot hold objectives. Is this correct? Or is there a unique event happening I'm not seeing?
  6. If Enchantress or Black Cat have enough power to use multiple times in a turn their stealing extracts powers (amora's kiss and Master cat Burglar) if the crisis permits to have more than one extract on a character, can they use those powers more than once each turn targeting the same target and in fact stealing more than one extract in a single turn?
  7. Hi All, apologies but I can’t find this on the forum and I must have missed it somewhere. New to the game so would be good to know where to look next time. Enchantress rolls 3 wilds on her ‘Enthrall’ attack A) She only takes the Stagger Trigger. B) she takes all three as she has 1 wild, 2 wild and 3 wild. c) She can take the Stagger trigger OR she can take the Slow and Stun instead. She spends all 3 wild dice to get one trigger, or she spends one wild for one trigger, then the remaining two wilds for another trigger. Any help gratefully received.
  8. Does Mystique get to ignore passive abilities such as Enchantress' Enchanting ability so you don't have to pay the power for her to roll 2 defense dice?
  9. Enchantress sirens call says advance a character small, a character can be made to advance by this superpower only once per turn. Can the superpower be used on multiple characters but only once per character (power allowing) or is it only one character that turn and the power is done ?
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