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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! This was the situation yesterday - Palpatine attacked Droidekas. 1. Is that possible to move Palpatine in base contact with both models in one move? Since there's no engage state with vehicles I assume that's legit. 2. If Palpatine comes into base-to-contact with a non-leader Droidecas and inflicts 4 wounds (the droid does not save), the unit is left with only a droid leader with 1 wound. Since there was no engage - would Palpatine have to spend movement to melee attack the remaining leader, since he is not in base to base contact? or what? And the same situation, but Palpatine comes into base-to-base with a unit leader, what would happen?
  2. Hello, Firstly, thank you to the mods for being so helpful. Our store of new players is about to have our first tournament, and the people answering these questions have been very helpful for all us noobs. 1. Does the Saber Tank provide any cover (as it is a repulsion vehicle)? 2. If it can, does the hover: ground key word allow it to do so? 2. Can enemy units "see" my units behind the saber tank as though they were "Ankle sniping"? 3. Can you move through enemy units and choose to not enter melee or engage them? For example, My Obi wants to walk straight through a stormtrooper to end his movement engaged with the enemy Vader that was further away. 4. Simple clarification. The rulebook mentions that LoS is drawn from the CENTER of a model's base. So if the only LoS line that can be drawn is from the edge of my unit's base to an enemy's base, that would mean there would be no legal LoS correct?
  3. 1. When force pushing an emplacement trooper with a notched base, can that unit be moved in the reverse direction using the rear notch on the base? 2. If a force user moves twice into range one of lets say a B1 unit and then force pushed that unit leader closer to the force user but does not make base contact with the unit leader. The force user player coheres one of the minis into base contact with the force user. Does the B1 unit "snap" to base contact with the force user? Is it considered engaged when it comes to not being able to take fire into those two engaged units? Thanks in advance for clarification. .
  4. If a unit was immobilised and in melee, can the attacker move away? Cad Bane uses his Electro Gauntlets in melee for his first action, immobilising the enemy. Can his second action be to move away? Can the immobilized unit still fight in Melee as its not a "move" action?
  5. Query has just come up in a game - player one has moved their unit into base contact with opposing unit to start melee, the query is if the unit that moved then has to make attacks (this unit has already attacked in their previous action) or if they can just sit in base contact with another unit, be classed as in melee and thus engaged Thanks
  6. Good evening. After the Size Matters Not card is played and Chewbacca uses an action to move into melee: 1) Is Yoda automatically placed in melee? or 2) Can he be intentionally placed so that he is not? This occurred in a situation where Chewbacca was engaged with a single mini (a Dewback), so no other minis to snap into melee. Thank you!
  7. Contested outpost includes the following special rule: The station does not obstruct attacks and does not have the ability to discard damage cards or recover hull points. By default reading, this does not prevent the station from obstructing line of sight for purposes of squadron engagement. Is this intended behavior?
  8. If force push is used on a unit that within range 1, but the target unit leader is further away from base contact than a speed 1 move, can the force user use cohesion of non-unit leader minis in the target unit to make base contact and start melee/become engaged? Thanks!
  9. Hi, my question is: Considering that climb/clamber action move you to a very specific position up or down a terrain element, can base to base contact/melee engagement be initiated by a climb/clamber action, if that position is partially or totally occupied by an enemy mini? For the sake of the example, we can assume there's ample space around the enemy mini to place the clambering unit.
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