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Found 12 results

  1. Apologies if this was asked before I could not find it in search. If an attack with rapid fire targets a character and nick fury uses eye in the sky on the rapid fire triggered attack to move the targeted character out of range, does the character that is attacking get refunded a full action? As in, they could make two more actions after the eye in the sky?
  2. Lets say Black Swan uses everything dies targeting nick fury, the first attack happens and swan rolls the follow up for the eye beam. Fury then uses eye in the sky to get out of range 3 of black swan, but the attack specifically states it ignores range and LoS, would this end the eye beam and give swan a new action or would swan still get to eye beam fury if he was outside of Range 3?
  3. If Malekith uses Ferocity into a target and the opponent uses Eye in the sky, or similar effect such as life saver, trickster, escort to safety, does Malekith get the action back even though he made the move?
  4. If a character lets say Nick Fury, is targeted by Vision with a Beam attack and Fury is the only character under the Template and you use Eye in the Sky but you remain within R4 and LOS of Vision but no longer under the template do you still get hit? Or does Vision get the action back?
  5. The tactics card "Till The End of the Line" specifies Captain America and Winter Soldier are required to play it. I take this to mean 'Steve Rogers, Captain America' cannot be used to play the card and only Captain America can. Is this correct? The naming for Eye in the Sky says "Nick Fury may spend" there is a both a senior and junior Nick Fury. I assume the fact it hasn't specified means either character could play the card. Unless it is referring to the Characters name and not his alter egos name like in the card Professionals Thank you in advance.
  6. Can Nick Fury use Eye in the sky on himself when playing shield affiliation
  7. This is referring to some interactions of 'eye in the sky', but all abilities that move the target of an attack when they are targeted, but then refund an action if they move out of range. 1) If for his first action Sam Wilson (SW) pays to charge, makes the move then declares the attack on Hulkbuster (HB), but then Nick Fury (NF) uses eye in the sky to move HB out of range, does SW get an action back? Which means he gets the first move action, then now 2 actions leftover? 2) If HB uses hit and run, then targets SW. NF uses eye in the sky to move SW out of range of HB, in doing so, refunds HB the action back. Does HB still get his 'hit and run' advance still? Then have his 2 actions leftover as one was refunded? Or, does HB lose his hit and run advance as he couldn't make the attack action (and would he get refunded for the power of hit and run)? 3) If Iron Man (I'm), uses Friday ai, and targets SW, but NF uses eye in the sky to move SW out of range. Does Friday Ai get wasted? Or does it still apply to the next attack action I'm does? 4) Similarly with if Loki pays for 'I am a god', but his target gets eyes in the sky out of range, will his power get refunded?
  8. Let's say I have Thanos within R2 of an allied She-Hulk. I also have Nick Fury Jr and am SHIELD affiliated. On my opponents turn, they activate an enemy model and target Thanos with an attack. I declare that I'm using She-Hulk's Legal Defense to have her become the target of the attack (and pay the 2 power). Can I then use the Eye in the Sky TTC, have Nick pay 3 power, and move She-Hulk short? My confusion comes from the "is targeted" language on the TTC and "becomes the target" trigger on the Legal Defense superpower. Similar issue with Rocket/Groot. Pretty sure the TTC triggers, but wanted to be sure.
  9. If I use the face me TTC on a model with Loki/ quicksilver/ eye in the sky target and I advance the model towards them is there a window to "trickster" out of that attack ? And if so would the face me target get an action ?
  10. If you use the Helios Laser and say you want to sink 30 power into it. If someone uses Eye in the Sky or trickster etc to move do you still count has having spent the power? The rules say you spend power in step 3 of the timing charge. Targeting effects is in step 2.d. but step 1.a says you have to have the power to play the card.
  11. I’m fairly certain this works but wanted the official stamp of approval. How do Eye in the Sky and Hawkeye’s Fast Draw interact? If you shoot Hawkeye from range 4 can I fast draw, take my attack, then play eye in the sky stopping my opponents attack? Similarly, my opponent shoot Hawkeye with a range 5 attack from range 3. Can I eye in the sky out of 3 (but still inside 5) and then trigger fast draw?
  12. Can grunts be affected by eye in the sky Tactics card when they are targeted by an attack
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