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Found 15 results

  1. As the field commander keyword cannot be used in the Invasion Force, does this also mean an AAT with the T-Series Tactical Droid Pilot would be unable to use the Orbital Strike command card's end of activation attack?
  2. Hello, I have a couple questions regarding using a Field Commander and Mercenary Commanders in the same list. 1) If you take a field commander could you take 2 mercenary commanders (provided 1 as Allies of Convenience) since the Field Commander keyword allows you to ignore the minimum commander unit requirement during list building.? 2) If you take only mercenary commanders with a field commander does the field commander still get the commander token (while retaining its rank) and thus the courage bubble when it deploys since you have ignored the minimum commander requirement, which is the trigger for this in the RRG? "if you include a unit that has the field commander keyword, you may ignore the minimum commander unit requirement. If you do, when you deploy a unit with field commander, mark that unit with the commander token" Thank you much!
  3. Moin, I'd like confirmation of the following statements regarding issuing orders and using command cards with mercenary commanders, to see if I understand everything correctly. I've built a Rebel list with some mercenaries in it. I have a T-47 with Wedge as a field commander for the must of one Rebel commander. Then I have a Capo as a second commander with two squads of Pykes and Din Djarin as an operative. So for mercenary units it is two corps units, one commander and one operative. So I don't need Underworld Connections, everything is per the normal mercenary rules. - Mercenary units can only receive orders from a commander of their own affiliation. So Wedge can't give orders to the Pyke units. - Mercenary commanders can give order to units of their affiliation and all non mercenary units of the faction they are a part of for this game, Rebels in this instance. So since in my list I have Rebels and Pykes and the Capo is also a Pyke he can give orders to any unit in the army using Ploy, Aggression and Discretion. Ploy doesn't give out an order I know but I can put any order token of my army on this card. - Wedge as a Rebel field commander is not able to use Ploy, Aggression and Discretion as he is not a mercenary unit. - Generic command cards and faction command cards such as for example Standing Orders, Ambush and Covering Fire can be used by Wedge as a field commander but also by the Capo. The difference would be that Wedge can only order Rebel units with these and the Capo can order Rebels and his Pykes. Or can the Capo only use the non faction generic command cards Ambush, Push, Offensive and Standing Orders? The faction command cards Sabotaged Communications, Turning the Tide and Covering Fire say "Rebels only" but that refers to the faction of the army. The don't say that you specifically have to nominate a Rebel commander. Can the Capo use these or not? Thank you for your help and greetings from Germany!
  4. I find the rules in this case a bit hard to understand. How is understand it, a field commander only has a courage bubble when it has the command token. It can get it either by ignoring the minimum commander requirements and therefore beeing the only commander (no change in order token retains heavy) or when the original commander dies (e.g. dooku) the field commander can be promoted commander and gets the command token (changes order token to commander) and gets a courage bubble. So as long as dooku is alive the field commander in the AAT does not have a courage bubble?
  5. Hello there, Can a unit be ordered by a vehicle with the field commander keyword using the long range comlink? Since you don't change the token of the vehicle at the start of the game that wouldn't work, right?
  6. Following up on the reply re Field Commander in Battleforces: http://Hello, A is correct. As long as the battleforce allows them, Field Commander upgrades can still be used, but the keyword has no effect. TP https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/6839-field-commander-and-battleforces/?do=findComment&comment=35987 Does the Field Commander not have any effect but is still present, i.e. it is there for the purpose of cards such as the Separatist command card Orbital Strike? Or should it be considered not to be present on the card at all?
  7. Hello there! A question on the new battleforces and the “Field Commander” keyword. Most of the battleforces say “ The Field Commander keyword cannot be used in a X army”. Does this mean: a) Upgrade cards with the “Field Commander” keyword on them can be taken, but the “Field Commander” keyword cannot be used for game effects. Or b) Upgrade cards with the “Field Commander” keywords cannot be taken at all. I interpret it as a), especially as Wedge is listed as an available upgrade, but I’ve had it suggested to me that it’s b) and Wedge can only be taken as named as a unique upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello Because the rules of the Collective Shadow Skirmish say, "Each army must include one to two commander or operative units." but then states that "At least one unit must be a commander" but not specifically that it must be either of the 2 mentioned. Do I understand it right that mentioned commander may be a Field Commander and those 2 Command/Op. slots may be spend for 2 operatives? Thanks
  9. Field Commander says In addition, while that unit [Field Commander] has a commander token, friendly units at range 1–3 may treat their courage value as 2 when checking whether they panic. So, a unit with Self-Preservation keyword has that value 2 too when checking panic regardless of affiliation of Field Commander?
  10. Hello New rules allow to add up to one heavy support unit as Mercenary to any army, right? If it so, does it allow to include raiders version of an AA5 with Raiding Party Leader as Field Commander and use generic and faction oriented commands to be issued by it? Thanks
  11. Hello, In the RRG section about field commanders, in the section that mentions "...while building an army..." friendly units may treat a field commander's (with a commander token) courage value as 2 when checking for panic. My question is, do field commanders only get the courage value of 2 assignment when building an army if you do not include a commander in the army or could they also get this value assigned to them if they get promoted to commander during a game after a commander in your army has been defeated? If they do not get it after being promoted, is their courage value treated as 0 in that situation? Thanks for the help!
  12. Can I place my bounty tokens on a vehicle with field commander?
  13. Hello There! If you have no Commanders on your army but you have a Field Commander it retains its Heavy rank. But if you have a Commander, it is defeated, and you promote a Field Commander, does it change its rank? Thank you!
  14. When building a list with the Republic, if you include a TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank with Aayla Secura and a LAAT/LE Patrol Transport with Clone Commander Fox and no commander slot how would you handle the field commander token? In the rules it states "when you deploy a unit with field commander, mark that unit with the commander token." However with the release of Clone Commander Fox you can now have two Field Commanders. Does only the first one of the heavy units with Field Commander get the benefit of the commander token, or so both of them get a commander token as no commander is in the list?
  15. Good day. If in the army there is just 1 commander, which has keyword "covert ops". Then there is a heavy with the keyword "field commander" If I choose to deploy the commander as operative, should I still promote a core/special to commander or will the field commander be enough? The way covert ops is written, seems to require a promotion, since at that time you don't have another commander on the field. And if the field commander would be enough, would it change its rank in this situation? or would it keep its heavy rank as per normal field commander rules (just using the commander token). Thanks, I hope I' ve been clear.
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