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Found 7 results

  1. If a player uses Field Dressing on an activated character, does he remove the activation token from it?
  2. I believe we likely know the answer to this, but I could not find anything in the rules that set this out clearly. Played a game today in which I activated a character, Lockjaw from memory, performed his first action as an attack against Black Widow, who played Martial Artist dealing enough damage to daze Lockjaw. Later in the round I had an active Beast within range and with enough power to use Field Dressing on Lockjaw to remove the dazed token and then remove one damage. Now as the rules state that the you place an activated token on a characters once it has performed all of its actions (did not happen as Lockjaw was dazed midway through) and the rules state that the activation phase ends when a players ends their turn and neither player has a character without an activated or dazed token, this would indicate that the round could not end as Lockjaw has neither an activated or Dazed token. Does this mean Lockjaw could either activate again or continue with his unused actions from his previous activation? We played it that he would not as he had been activated and the card did not specify (like deal with the devil does), but on reading the rules it is not actually clear and would indicate that I could well have activated Lockjaw again.
  3. Hello! First time poster, just a quick question if you don't mind! Question is, how does Usurp the Throne interact with revival mechanics like field dressing. Situation: Killmonger uses usurp and let's say Magneto is the highest threat. Killmonger goes into Magneto and dazes him scoring the 2 victory points from usurp. Later in the same round Magneto gets revived by field dressing. Again later in the same round killmonger attacks Magneto again either via 'wakanda forever' or 'cosmic invigoration' and dazes him for a second time this round. Does he then score ANOTHER 2 victory points as usurp the throne is still active until the end of the round? And if I could also clarify the same question again but with ghost rider's 'deal with the devil' or ultron's 'age of ultron' reviving the character who was targeted by usurp the throne. Thanks a lot in advance. James
  4. Hi folks, I encountered a rules dilemma in a game yesterday. I finish my last activation and the opposing player has no model without an activated or dazed token. To my surprise he then plays Field Dressing, and activates that previously dazed character. We continue playing as both he and a spectator say that this is how the card works according to official rulings. (Great game btw, fun and excelent opponent) Something about that interaction grated on me so I looked at more than a few reps and saw other people doing excactly that but still I wasn’t convinced. https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/352-field-dressing-timing/?tab=comments#comment-1701 Here is the link to the official ruling and indeed you can field dress a character prior to activating it. Then I dove into the rulebook and found this text on page 14: “The Activation Phase ends when a player ends their turn and neither player has a character without an Activated or Dazed token.” So if I’m interpreting this all correctly then by ending my turn the game should end the activation phase before giving my opponent a turn to play the field dressing. The activation phase simply ends without passing the turn over to him. So seeing as this is seemingly (if my interpretation is right) widely played wrong I decoded to do this writeup before we throw down in the mid-leagues Thanks for reading my textwall Thor
  5. With clarity, the tactics card Grievous Wounds prevents damage from being removed during the activation phase. Field dressing removes one damage and the daze token. The rulebook states that, "when a character has Damage tokens equal to its Stamina stat, it has been Dazd or Knocked Out (KO'd). So a character suffering from the effects of Grievous Wounds would remove the dazed token, but no damage and become dazed. Correct? Bonus, if correct, does the character become dazed prior to the resolution of field dressing, after, or at another time?
  6. Can i use field dressing before deciding which character to activate? What i mean is, can I start my turn, field dress a dazed character, and then activate that character?
  7. A healthy wolverine activates and attacks twice. He is about to get an activation token, but plays all you've got. He uses this additional activation to make two additional attacks. As per all you've got he dazed. He is full health by the time he dazes. Nearby Hawkeye uses field dressing at the end of the round to bring wolverine back up and ready to fight again next round. Hoe much health does Wolverine have? Did the daze caused by you've got also add enough damage to reach his stamina thereby putting Wolverine at 1 stamina by the end of this? Or does all you've got only add the daze token, but no damage thereby allowing Wolverine to remove the daze token and retain full health? As a follow up, at what point during Wolverines two activations does healing factor kick in?
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