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Found 21 results

  1. Hello there 😏 I have one question about fire Support. When i iniciate an atack with twin missile pods and use Gunslinger and fire Support with a unir, that unit does the fire Support for both Gunslinger atack's ? Or i can only do the fire Support for one atack and the secound it's just with the two red dice from the twin missile ? And i have the same doubt to Beam. The unit that does fire Support does it on every beam (ex. Beam 2 ) ir just on the first? Thank you
  2. If a unit adds its weapon to an attack pool using the Fire Support keyword, is it able to also utilize an aim token if it has one? For instance, if a Rebel Vet unit attacks and a Mark II unit lends its weapon via Fire Support...if the Mark II had an aim can it contribute that as well? thanks
  3. Can I fire support into a Self Destruct Attack? Self Destruct says it's a range attack so I'd assume you could fire support into it.
  4. Can a unit that is outside the “visibility” ranges in limited visibility contribute to the attack pool if the attacking unit is within the visibility range for that game round? RAW it seems they could as they’re not making an attack, but doesn’t seem RAI.
  5. Hello, Unit A performs a move then an attack. Can unit B use Fire Support to add a weapon with the CUMBERSOME weapon keyword to Unit A's attack pool? Thank you very much for your help.
  6. When a unit is using fire support, does it get to add all types of keywords that it would normally provide to itself outside of weapon keywords. E.g. A phase 1 unit that has the targeting scopes upgrade is fire supporting along side a unit of pikes that are firing that do not have the upgrade, is the precise 1 added to the pike’s dice pool?
  7. When a unit, say Captain Rex, lends fire support to another unit. Keywords are added to the attack but what about attack conversion? Phase 1 clones don’t surge to hit but Rex does. So in that example does the attack surge to as Rex is involved? Thank you
  8. Does a unit with a faceup order using fire support remove a standby token on that same unit?
  9. When using Rex’s 1-pip, can he add his weapons to multiple attack pools that are formed by the splitting of fire. Example: Phase 1 clones with a z6 attack one unit with the z6 and another unit with their other weapon. Q1: Can Rex add his weapon to both of these dice pools or only one as both dice pools are formed simultaneously? Q2: If so, would other units be able to do this as well, or only Rex because of his command card?
  10. Hi there, Tricky question: If I was activating a PH1 clone squad with a face-up order token, and managed to trigger a friendly units standby, causing the friendly unit to attack, would I be able to trigger the fire support on the PH1 squad I was activating. If so, what would happen? Cheers
  11. Just to make absolutely sure my interpretation of the rules is correct: a fire supporting unit cannot split fire and attack a different unit with some weapons, correct? It can only contribute to the attacking unit’s pool.
  12. Q1: When Captain Rex divulges "Call me Captain" and adds his attack dice to an eligible attack does the whole attack pool gain surge to crit (since Rex surges to crit)? If not, would Rex' 3 red dice surge to crit? Q2: I assume when a squad of CTs uses fire support to add their dice to Rex's attack pool all the dice surge to crit since Rex made the attack. Is this correct?
  13. Hello there, Last day I played vader vs GAR, and used his pip2 fear and dead men, and we disagreed on fire support. Does vader gain a dodge when a unit is using its fire support ability ? Does it count as an activation ? Thanks!
  14. Hi, at my local FLGS there seems to be two schools of interpretation of how fire support works. Group 1: Believe that if Unit A has line of sight and range to an enemy squad C, that unit B can fire support into C, sighting that LOS is done from the attacking unit A. Group 2: Believe it’s that A can see/range, and fire supporting squad B only has 1 mini that can see a mini in C and so only contributes that weapon to the pool as it’s the only mini in B that can make a legal shot. Wounds allocation is still done from A. Can you tell us what is correct? Thanks. :)
  15. On a Call Me Captain turn. Assuming all targets are within Rex’s range, can Rex fire support each of the 3 attacks on a Beam 2 weapon?
  16. I have a question about Fragmentation Grenades and Fire Support. Unit A is making an attack, Unit B with Fire Support and Fragmentation Grenades is in range and line of sight to add them to the attack pool. Does the attack pool gain the surge to crit from the Fragmentation Grenades? My understanding no, for two reasons: The use of "you" and "yours" only applies to the unit with the grenades (Unit B), the attack pool is the pool of the attacking unit (Unit A), not the fire supporting unit. Weapons added to fire support only contribute dice and weapon keywords, which the surge to crit is neither. Thanks
  17. Can a panicked unit (A unit with suppression tokens equal to double the unit's courage) use Fire Support?
  18. Hypothetical: A clone unit with all range 3 weapons, a face up order, and an aim token attacks at range 4 given the effects of the command card Take that Clankers. A unit nearby them, also with only range 3 weapons, has a faceup order token, and an aim from some other effect (Padme two pip, spotter, etc). Can the nearby unit fire support to add dice to the first unit's attack at range 4, because their dice would be "eligible" in the sense that if they performed the attack on their own they could use range 4? Or would they be unable to extend their range during fire support because they are not performing a ranged attack, merely adding eligible dice to the pool? Thanks!
  19. A unit leader is attacking an enemy unit with Incognito at range 1. A friendly unit with Fire Support has line of sight to said enemy unit, but is at range 3 instead of range 1 (Phase 1 Clone Troopers). Can the Clone Troopers Fire Support this attack since they are beyond range 1 of the enemy even though the attacking unit is at range 1?
  20. Can you fire support saber throw? Saber throw states you create a ranged attack with 1 of your melee weapons. I've seen an argument online stating you cannot, as the attack pool is technically formed by a melee weapon and the fire support would fail to occur as you cannot mix melee and ranged weapons into the same attack pool. This doesn't feel right to me, and my intuition would say that you can fire support a saber throw since it is a ranged attack. Either way I have seen some confusion on this matter and would like a clarification.
  21. Question on fire support: playing rebels, and vet and support weapon have an aim token. If fire supporting the same unit, can I spend both aims or just one?
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