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Found 6 results

  1. I noticed this post asking about firing arcs and hotshot tail blaster. Taking that into account it may happen: 1) - A ship with outmaneuver can use it when i front of a ship with only a ion cannon arc (like a jumpaster and having turret pointing somewhere else) - FO whisper Wrath with ion cannons and rotating arc behind could suffer outmaneuver from an enemy 2) - A jumpmaster with notorious would not apply it in case someone shots him by the front arc while using a ion cannon (and having turret pointing somewhere else) So does this make sense? because sounds good to me in case of a proton torpedoes or hotshot blaster, but not for a cannon. A cannon IMHO should be an attack arc to be considered in those situations. So really those hipotetical sitations should be resolved as the mentioned forum thread resolves? I dont understand why a cannon is different than a turret in those situations...
  2. Kanan ability specifies while you or a ship in your turret defends. Since his turret is range 2 does that mean in range 3 of his turret his ability does not apply?
  3. So an interesting question - does hotshot tail blaster give a back arc as far as Dengar gunner is concerned.
  4. Good evening! If I equip Ion Missiles and Wolfpack to a LAAT/i Gunship, and maintain the bowtie turret arc to the sides, do the Ion Missiles provide a front arc for Wolfpack to trigger in, effectively granting Wolfpack 3/4 coverage around the LAAT?
  5. Is Zam considered to be in an enemy ship's firing arc while at range zero of a ship that normally can't perform attacks at range zero?
  6. Hello, as depicted in any ETA2 pilot card, there are 2 principal weapon values, one for bullseye 3 dice and one for frontal arc 2 dice. So in the situation ETA2 is at range 1 of an enemy but in range 2 when measuring from bullseye, that means, enemy is in bulleyes but range 2, but at the same time the enemy is at range 1 considereing fonrtal arc. So is then this a situation for a 4 dice attack? From my point of view it looks like 2 different weapons so if you you choose bullseye you only measure from that ar for this attack, so that implies to start with 3 attack dice as base but being range 2 for that wepon, it remains as a 3 dice attack. Other colleagues say that both values are principal weapondry so it is a 4 dice attack. My answer was why not to put that as a text hability, I mean to have an extra dice as a ship card text hability when firing fro the bullseye instead of depict two wepon arcs in the ship. Sadly other ships havent two firing arcs which overlaps, so we cannot compare this kind of situation and we felt is better to ask this to comunity or even designers.
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