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Found 11 results

  1. Couldn't find it else where so thought best to ask. Does a rapid fire or flurry style second attack recheck for stealth prior to the second attack commencing or does it skip that bit as the first attacked checked for the both attacks ??
  2. If Corvus Glaive does a Death Blow attack and rolls a wild to trigger a Flurry, can he then use his Glaive's Edge superpower before getting his free Strike via flurry? Thank you Patrick
  3. If luke cage heroes for hires an allied character and the attacking character has flurry, the flurry will then resolve. If Luke cage survives the first attack and then dazes on the flurry attack would he still get the throw from surviving the first attack per the card?
  4. Am I right to assume that if a character like Steve Rogers who bodyguards an attack like Shield Throw from Sam Wilson, and Ricochet triggers into someone within range 2 of Steve Rogers, Steve can trigger bodyguard again to redirect the attack to himself? I assume this also works for flurry attacks that allow separate targets. How about if the attack triggers a 2nd attack on the same target (Sin's Make It Personal) but Steve Rogers is out of range 2 because he bodyguarded it off someone in range.
  5. Hello, we already learnt that you need a card/power that specifies attack action to grant a bonus to all the attack dice on a Beam and on Area attack but is the same if I boost with an attack that grants flurry or richochet or Modok's Doomsday Chair? I'm asking this because in the case of a beam or area attack, while we resolve every hit character as a separate attack, all the targets are already estabilished in the beginning. Instead until now attacks caused by Flurry, Richochet or Doomsday Chair's second attack are resolved after i'd say, so not so sure about them
  6. Would Toad be able to use “slippery” before the attack granted by the flurry trigger?
  7. Suppose Quicksilver is attacked by Medusa using Braid Bash, and Medusa triggers Flurry on the attack. On the attack granted by Flurry, if Quicksilver uses Can't Catch Me and successfully moves out of LOS or range of Medusa, does Medusa get another action despite having made a successful attack initially? Life saver has similar wording Can't Catch Me, so I presume it would apply similarly.
  8. So with abilities like flurry, if I daze the original character I attacked and I rolled a wild to activate flurry can I shift that second attack to another character within range?? Also would that work that way with most abilities similar to flurry, like Valkyrie’s. At work so I don’t have the cards I front of me to double check the wordings and other flurry-like abilities. Thanks in advance.
  9. Valkyrie attacked Venom triggering flurry while Venom spent 2 power to use So Many Snacks. I think Valkyrie can do the flurry stack before Venom do his attack, is that correct? And if venom is dazed after the Valkyries second attack, he looses the opportunity to attack back ?
  10. How does martial prowess get resolved in the following case? Given Valkyrie has two remaining stamina and attacks a character with prowess 1. Valkyrie attacks with dragon fang 2. defender uses the martial prowess power 3. Valkyrie rolls a wild for flurry 4. Defender blocks everything 5. Valkyrie performs a strike For the flurry 6. defender uses martial prowess again 7. defender fails to block and becomes dazed
  11. Had this situation come up in a game today. Valkyrie attacks Daredevil with a Dragon Fang attack, and rolls a wild. Flurry says after the attack is resolved, she can make a Strike attack. Daredevil's Man Without Fear says after an attack targeting him is resolved, he can use the superpower to make a Strike attack. Do I get to resolve Man Without Fear before Valkyrie makes her bonus Strike attack? And if not, am I able to use Man Without Fear twice (once for the initial Dragon Fang, then again for the bonus Strike)?
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