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Found 5 results

  1. I wanted to get some clarification on a previous ruling because the answer seemed a little vague. If I understood the question and answer correctly, the player would not be able to both use Partners in Crime and play Follow Me by Sin in the same activation because both the super power and the tactic card state "At the end of this character's activation.." And only one "end of the character's activation" effect can take place per activation. But based on that wording it would be legal for Sin to take both actions, then use Partners in Crime to allow the player to activate Crossbones on this same turn. Then at the end of Crossbone's activation, he could play Follow Me targeting Proxima Midnight. After Proxima Midnight takes both actions she could also then use the Wife of Corvus Glaive super power allowing the player to also activate Corvus Glaive. Each effect would take place during a unique "end of this character's activation" trigger. Would this be legal?
  2. I can think of three (technically four) powers and tactic cards that allow you to activate a second model before your turn ends. Corvus/Proxima (each), Sin followed by Crossbones and the Tactics card “Follow me.” When playing an Ultimate Encounter, how do these interact with the activation tracker and the Cosmic threat’s turn?
  3. I think I just figured out this card. It does not mention removing the activated token from a character nor limits the chosen character to one without an activated token. However since the token simply means that the character has performed 2 actions this round, then the chosen character can still activate but would not have any actions available to use if it had one. So the 6 power spent and the ttc would pretty much be wasted. Am I correct?
  4. Quick question on a team tactic card, follow me; the active character may spend six power to play this card at the end of its activation Choose another allied character within range three of the active character the chosen character immediately activates. Question Can a character who's already activated reactivate with the use of this card? Thank you
  5. If Sin activates, uses 2 actions, plays all you've got, uses 2 actions, uses Partners in Crime and plays Follow Me on Proxima. Can I then activate Proxima (Follow Me says "The chosen character immediately activates") after playing all you've got that was played "at the end of its (Sins) activation", play Proximas full activation with Wife of Corvus Glaive that says "may activate before your turn ends" (same wording as Partners in Crime) to then have Corvus and Crossbones activate which would give me essentially 5 activations between my opponents activations (Sin, Sin, Proxima, Corvus, Crossbones)?
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