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  1. Hello there! 1) When I use force push, do I target the closest mini in the unit, regarding if it is not the leader just to measure range of use, and then do the speed-1 movement from that unit leader? 2) Also, since I am the one using force push, I am the one that does the speed-1 movement of that unit leader, and also the one that places the cohesion units where I want? lets say to place the cohesion mini in base contact with the force user. (following the speed-1 range rule for cohesion). Look example below: 3) if the force user is in engagement with a unit of 5 minis surrounding him, can he force push another unit to be also in base contact with him?, or does the already minis that are in engagement blocks the new unit movement not allowing it to be in base contact with the force user? see the example below: Thank you for your answer!!!
  2. Hi A unit that is disembarking cannot be placed into base contact with any enemy units. A unit leader cannot be placed into base contact with an enemy unit when beginning a disembark move. While performing the speed–1 move, a unit cannot move into base contact with an enemy unit. Vader go out in 1st move from laat. Can he make push enemy and take unit to him to engaged after 1st move? Thx
  3. Can a Force user force push, recover and then force push again during their activation? thank you
  4. 1. When force pushing an emplacement trooper with a notched base, can that unit be moved in the reverse direction using the rear notch on the base? 2. If a force user moves twice into range one of lets say a B1 unit and then force pushed that unit leader closer to the force user but does not make base contact with the unit leader. The force user player coheres one of the minis into base contact with the force user. Does the B1 unit "snap" to base contact with the force user? Is it considered engaged when it comes to not being able to take fire into those two engaged units? Thanks in advance for clarification. .
  5. If I have a unit with a panic token on it, can my opponent force push it into a melee? Or does the panic token prevent that?
  6. Thank you in advance. 1. The saber tank activates and shoots. Later Padame and anakin go and make standby tokens. Can the tank use those tokens if in range? 2. My Anakin force pushes a trooper unit towards him. Does he have to make base contact with the leader to be in melee and/or engaged? May I put the enemy troopers in cohesion in a way where a nonleader mini is in base contact? 3. If he may force push the unit into melee, does the enemy unit minis move into cohesion after the push? I hope that was clear. Thank you!
  7. Hi, a have some questions: 1. Can Force push trigger the Standby? if i put an enemy unit into LOS of my unit with standby using “force push” 2. If Yoda use “guidance” and give standby to a unit that has already attacked, why that unit can’t attack again if is a “new activation “? The rules limit is the activation no the round, same happen with “Pulling the strings” 3. if i use an attack with Vader and use the command card “implacable can use standby in the second activation? Thank you 🙏🏽
  8. Hello there! Another question Can I iniciate engage by using scatter rule or force push? For example: 1. Lord Vader uses his Force Throw and moves all models except for the Unit leader in a new coherension position. Could be those miniatures be placed in base contact with Lord Vader, if the coherension is allowed so? 2. The same question about the force push. After the 1-move could be any non-Leader models be in base contact with an enemy?
  9. Hello again, can forcepush be used to take a mini out of the battlefield? I mean if a fight occurs near a battlefield edge, then I force push opponents mini to touche the edge, that mini is considered incapacitated? Thanks!
  10. If you're using a model with Steady, say Han Solo, and he is force pushed by an Opponent's force user which reads "Choose an enemy trooper unit at range 1. Perform a speed-1 move with that unit, even if it is engaged," would that trigger Steady? What about if the character were to be Displaced "If a unit leader was displaced, it must be placed at speed-1 of its original position," would Steady be triggered in this instance?
  11. If a unit has enough immobilize tokens to drop its speed to 0, can a force user still perform a speed 1 move with that enemy unit through force push?
  12. hello. apologies if this is in the forum already but I could not find it... q) while engaged with a unit, is it possible to force push another unit within range 1 that you are not engaged with? thanks!
  13. Hello There! I understand that Force Push can be used on Creature and Emplacement troopers. Questions: 1. The Speed-1 move should be made using the notches on the base? 2. Can a Reverse movement be performed? (using rear notches) 3. While performing that move with a Creature Trooper, will it displace troopers? Thank you!
  14. When making the speed 1 move with the opponents unit, is that done from the unit leader and then recohered? or can it be done with any mini in the unit and then recohered? This would be in reference to using it in tandem with a scatter attack. Can the unit be attacked, scattered with a mini to be closer to the force user, than use push to move that mini to get unit even closer?
  15. Hi 🙂 4. Vader in range (1) with my Unit behind a big hause (did not see my unit) and uses force push to move my unit. He must see my unit to do this? or only a range must be correct and nothing will block this force?
  16. If Vader uses Vader’s Might who coheres the unit after it’s been moved? Also he n a force push I assume that the force push user does the cohering given that they do the the speed one move. Is that correct?
  17. Can a force user who is engaged, force push a trooper or creature trooper out of melee with them and then still have their 2 actions?
  18. If an enemy squad is force pushed into standby range, can that trigger the standby? Or dies the enemy unit need to make the move on their own? Thank you
  19. If you force push a unit with the spur keyword, can you give them a suppression by triggering their spur ability? Obviously it won't increase the speed of a speed 1 move, but would give the suppression.
  20. Was wondering if the speed-1 move made by using Force Push on a unit with Scale, can activate the free Clamber action, provided by Scale?
  21. Hello, Are the following sequences of actions performed by Luke equipped with Force Push valid according to the rules?: a) Force Push and Charge --1) Move --2) Move --3) Force Push a unit into melee with Luke --4) Attack from the Charge keyword on the unit that was just moved into melee b) Force Push and Son of Skywalker command card --1) Aim action --2) Melee attack on unit A (in base contact with Luke) --3) Force Push unit B into melee with Luke --4) Attack from the Son of Skywalker command card on unit B that was just moved into melee Thanks
  22. Hello If I force push op Luke towards a cliff, would his jump keyword be usable to make him go down? Thank you
  23. Is it correct that I can not force push an opponent's unit leader with a hostage into base to base with one of my own units to start a melee? The hostage card states "You can not start a melee" and the hostage unit is the one starting the melee?
  24. Hey TP > thanks for answering my questions :). If i force push a unit with an Objective attacked hostage into Melee range, do i choose where the objective goes? Do the troopers get placed in Melee before the objective? Or can i place the objective against my force user and then the troops?
  25. Hello, I was hoping to get clarification on the rules for Force Push. 1.) If the only mini that is within range 1 is not the leader of the unit can you still target the whole unit with Force Push? 2.) If so, who does the speed-1 maneuver in that unit, the leader of the unit or the mini that was targeted? 3.) Depending on which mini does the speed-1 maneuver from question 2, who decides the cohesion of the rest of the unit (the owner or the player who used Force Push) and how do you do cohesion if it is the non-leader unit that is moved? 4.) If the Force Push player moves the enemy units and does the cohesion after the speed-1 move can they initiate melee through the cohesion by touching a non-leader unit base to their Jedi/Sith who used Force Push? Thank You for helping answer these questions
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