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Found 9 results

  1. Can a Character, in a squad with From the Ruins Leadership, gain power from destroyed terrain while they have a dazed token?
  2. Question 1: Just for clarification. When I move Magneto, I cannot move his terrain with him? (But I can hide behind his terrain for cover?) Question 2: When my opponent destroys terrain, Magneto's leadership ability still triggers. So for example my opponent throws and destroys a size 3 terrain, Magneto gets to distribute 3 power to his team? thanks
  3. Hey, So was playing the other day with a friend and we came across an interaction which we didn't have a 100% sure solution for. I used the Tactic Card 'To Ash and Cinder', placing the bomb near some small terrain. The bomb goes off in the clean-up phase of a round, destroying any size 3 or less terrain features within 2. My opponent was playing Magneto as his leader, which states that characters gain a max of 1 power per turn for terrain features destroyed (the size of the terrain being distributed between characters). My question is; because the bomb goes off in the cleanup phase, not during a turn, would any terrain destroyed be exempt from the 'From The Ruins...' leadership skill, or would it just be treated as if the terrain was destroyed during a turn? Thanks!
  4. I have heard the claim that when playing magneto and throwing 1 terrain piece into another, the leadership no longer triggers twice. I see nothing on the ability that would state otherwise nor in the rules. Would you please give us a 👍👎 on this claim? I just want the truth out there for anyone who may have heard this.
  5. With Magneto's leadership, when I throw a size 2 into a size 3. is the total gain 5. this being 1 to each allied team member up to 5. as well is it treated as separate instances of power gain, IE 1 instance of 2 power and 1 instance of 3 power. thanks!
  6. Two questions: 1. How does carrying the extract from Deadly Legacy Virus interact with statuses? If a character has bleed and the extract, would they take damage then heal? 2. How does Magneto's leadership interact with terrain destroyed in the cleanup phase? If 3 pieces of terrain were destroyed, Size 1, size 2, and size 3 respectively how power be given out? Would I be able to give 6 power to one person? Would i be able to give 3 power to 1 person, two power to another, and 1 to a final person?
  7. Hoping you can clarify on the rules for From The Ruins, Magneto's leadership ability, and what constitutes a turn? For example, a game I played today had Magneto and the brotherhood against X-men with Hulk. Hulk threw a truck, so size 4 terrain which Magneto then spread amongst his allies, even though it was my turn. My opponent used punisher to blow up a terrain, giving another 3 power to be spread out. Kingpin on my opponents side then through another terrain giving more power to his team and then Magneto used Magnetic Crush, destroying more terrain (2 x size 3, one size 2 and one size 1) dishing out more power. All of this happened in one round, but as the rule states they only gain 1 power per turn which is per character turn, the amount of power added up quickly. Can a character receive more than one power per round as this ability is per turn? Can the ability grant power from terrain destroyed in their opponents turn? If multiple terrain pieces are destroyed in one go, can you allocate power based on all terrain destroyed (like in Magnetic Crush) or do they need to pick one and then dish out power for that one piece of terrain? Also can power be allocated to dazed characters?
  8. So magnetos leadership says when a terrainn piece is destroyed you can select allies and hand out power. Do to wording does that include if your opponent throws or destroys terrain. It doesn’t say on your activations.
  9. If you hit ronan with a terrain piece and it would cause him to get dazed could he gain an extra power from magneto's leadership before he accusers to say kree justice
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