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Found 20 results

  1. Just a quick question about this it’s quite clear that you add dice to this attack = to the power the opponent has up to max of 10 dice I just want to clarify that GR opponent loses the power = to wounds caused & not the power on the card as well ie not losing power twice * so I don’t lose 5 power from my character for 5 wounds & then get 5 wounds with no power for those wounds as well ??? thanks
  2. If ghost rider has a winging it token when he is KO’d, then plays deal with the devil, does he retain the winging it token in the resolution of DwtD?
  3. Hello, I wanted to confirm the order of things happening for Ghost Rider and Hela. Its already been confirmed in the forum that Hela's Queen of Hel ability can prevent her from being KO'd from Deal with the Devil if she has 3 souls, however if at the moment when Ghost Rider gets KO'd Hela only has 2 souls does she get the 3rd soul from Ghost Rider being KOd or does Deal with the Devil negate his KO? The order of events as I see it is below but please let me know if I am wrong Ghost Rider reaches 7 stamina on his injured side Ghost Rider is KO'd Hela gets her 3rd Soul Token Before Ghost Rider is removed from the table he plays Deal with the Devil Hela is chosen as the target character Hela is KO'd Hela uses her 3 soul tokens to avoid being KO'd Thank you
  4. Hey there - if my ghost rider chooses to KO my Ultron when he plays Deal with the Devil, can Ultron in turn play “The Age of Ultron” to come back to life?
  5. Say Ghost Rider is KOd by a typical enemy attack, I use Deal with the Devil to place Ghost Rider further away from the original combat and then resolve effects of the card. Then I use Seeing Red that triggered off of Ghost Riders KO. Does the character chosen for Seeing Red have to be within 2 of Ghost Rider before or after he is placed by Deal with the Devil?
  6. So, can I use the TTC Highway to Hell when I advance my Ghost Rider due to the superpower Hell kn Wheels?
  7. Moon knight (any rapid fire Model) - uses his "throwing glaves" and kills a model that can be reborn (Ultron/Ghost Rider) and MK hits the rapid fire will they get the second rapid fire when the reborn model comes bk or will the attack end as he was ko'd? I believe he would but just checking
  8. Bob and Ghost Rider are your last two characters. Both are injured. Ghost Rider is dealt enough damage to be KO’d and deal with the devil is played. Does the “before he is removed from the battlefield,” clause of Deal With The Devil keep you in the game?
  9. If Hood uses Empowered dark lightning to attack a model. And the opponent has Ghost Rider. At the time of the attack he isn't in range three of Ghost Rider.q The attack resolves. Ghost Rider can't use Wickeds Judgement as he isn't within range of Hood. So Hood then transforms, which now puts him in range three of Ghost Rider. Can Ghost Rider then use Wickeds Judgement can he? As the timing for him to use the power has already passed, as at the end of the attack Hood was out of range three?
  10. If I understand correctly, Ghost Rider can be KO'd, then play Deal With The Devil in order to come back, then second portion of Deal With The Devil is to select a target character. Hela is then selected for the KO. On her injured side, she then expends her 3 soul tokens and is not KO'd. Then Ghost Rider is determined to be on his injured side as Hela was on her injured side at the time of Deal With The Devil. As per that order Hela and Ghost Rider would both remain on the table both on their injured sides, correct? Bryan
  11. When Ghost Rider is KO’d and uses Deal with the Devil, he loses his activated token. What is the next gameplay step? 1) Is it still Ghost Rider’s activation (a brand new activation)? 2) Is it the other player’s turn now? 3) Is it the same player’s turn, but they get to select which character they want to activate?
  12. When Ghost Rider uses the tactics card "Deal with the Devil" does he still keep any leftover power he had on him when he replaces the allied character that is K.O. by the tactics card? Thanks!
  13. When Ghost Rider uses Penance Stare against Moon Knight when is the amount of power checked for adding to the Attack Roll? If Moon Knight uses Avatar of Khonshu when targeted during step 2.d is the amount of dice added to Penance Stare reduced by 2? I guess more directly does Penance Stare check the amount of power in 4.b or earlier?
  14. If Ghost Rider is within Range 3 of an enemy Domino and she uses her Probability Manipulation during an attack on an ally of Ghost Rider, will Ghost Rider’s use of Wicked’s Judgment cause a damage for each skull counted as a critical success?
  15. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but if an enemy is attacking my Ghost Rider, whom is within range 3 of the attacker, and someone like Captain America uses the Bodyguard ability, after the attack is done will Ghost Rider's two aforementioned abilities trigger?
  16. Hello again, need a little clarification with highway to hell. Ghost Rider is within one of multiple enemy characters he uses the highway to hell reactive team tactive card, Can he choose to move all of the enemy characters or must he choose one enemy character to move?
  17. Hoping you can clarify when Wicked's Judgement from Ghost Rider would trigger on a beam attack. Can Ghost Rider pay to use this ability after each character is attacked? I ask this as a previous post about Wicked's Judgement on a rapid fire attack states that Rapid fire would trigger first and then Ghost Rider could use Wicked Judgement on the first attack dice pool, but after the second attack had gone through. However, is the beam attack considered to be resolved with each dice roll against each character and therefore Ghost Rider can use the ability after each attack or would he wait until all attacks are finalized and the specific attack sequence ends for him to use it based on the initial dice pool? Seems strange that an ability to rapid fire would mean that attack sequence has not ended yet, but a beam attack is treated as resolved after each attack, even though the overall attack has not been resolved? Had this come up in a game where Ghost Rider did this after each attack from Hulks Thunder Clap (which was targeting 4 characters including Ghost Rider) and ended up doing something like 14 damage to Hulk and knocked him out. Also, does wicked judgement need to happen before Spirit of vengeance? So can Ghost Rider use spirit of vengeance to gain one power to enable him to perform Wicked's Judgement if he only had one power before this point?
  18. With deal to the devil does it happen before the attack is resolved, after the attack is resolved? We are wondering if King Pins hail to the king stagger will affect Ghost Rider after deal to the devil I believe he would gain the stagger here. Deal with the devil triggers as soon as his damage fills up, step 12 of the attack sequence. Kingpins Stagger doesn't trigger until after the attack is resolved, which is step 13.a Thank you
  19. If an enemy Punisher is attacking an ally of Ghost Rider using the Hip Fire attack, at what point or points can Ghost Rider use Wicked's Judgement and Spirit of Vengeance? My understanding of Rapid Fire is that it would occur at 15.a of the attack step, but Ghost Riders abilities would occur at 15.b Does that mean Wicked's judgement couldn't be used until 15.b of the second attack of Hip Fire (the rapid fire attack)? Could you use it on the first attack AFTER the whole second attack is finished? Does the entire Rapid Fire attack occur within the 15.a step of the first attack? Bonus question: Does using Dr Strange's leadership ability Mystic Empowerment on a Hip Fire attack change the first attack or both the first and the rapid fire attack to the chosen attack type?
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