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Found 16 results

  1. Hi there! So I just would like some reassurance to my assumption; pumpkin bombs status effects apply before defense is rolled, so am I correct in assuming that should I roll the wild, and choose incinerate to be applied before the defense roll is made, that their following defense rolls would have the incinerate affect reduce their defense dice pool by one. I was told that it doesn’t apply to the attack that applied the status, but if so why the particular wording? Thanks in advance!
  2. If I use Shuriken Arashi and my opponent chooses to move to try and get cover behind let's say a size 3 building. If I have powered up Green Goblin ready to blow up that building with Trick or Treat. Does he have the window of opportunity to blow it up before creating the dice pool of Shuriken Arashi, making it a 10 dice attack?
  3. Are x-force/spider foes leaderships once per turn, or once per character per turn? Trying to parse the difference in wording between these 2 affiliations, and why they are different.
  4. For abilities like Trick or Treat or attacks like Whatever a Spider Can, the wording "The target character suffers a collision as if the terrain were thrown into them" or "The enemy character suffers a collision as if the terrain feature had collided with it" are slightly vague in terms of execution. Is there any operative difference in this and how an interaction with the target character would resolve had terrain actually been thrown into them? For instance, would Spider Sense allow dodge rerolls? Would Brace For Impact be allowed to be played here? I'm a little unsure how like a normal collision it is and isn't.
  5. Say an enemy ends a placement within range 3 of both my Green Goblin and Mysterio, would they both be able to use their respective ability or would only one of them be able to use it, since there is now another action/power that has happened since the placement?
  6. If Scarlet Witch is part of Miles Morales’ Web Warriors team and contesting an objective, can Green Goblin’s leadership ability force her to reroll a failure result?
  7. Trick or Treat from Green Goblin- Can an allied character push/throw/place an enemy character and trigger this? An enemy character that suffers the collision from Trick or Treat - does that mean they still can attempt to dodge this? Sinister traps tactic card- same question ^^^ regarding allied character push/throw/place an enemy character ?
  8. If Green Goblin start his activation within 3 of an enemy Peter Parker, can his first acton be a Hit and Run superpower that targets that Peter Parker with the associated attack?
  9. Does Sinister Traps effect triggers if the model is Placed within range 2 of objective tokens? Broadly speaking is Place cinsidered to be move for game effects? As for example Green Goblin's Trick or Treat mentions "moved or placed".
  10. What step is cover applied? I have a situation where Green Goblin forces a reroll to the defender's rolls at 9b.i but can he force a re-roll of cover (if it's the only defensive success rolled, since he could force a reroll of any others otherwise)? It appears cover is applied by the defender on step 9.a.ii Thanks!
  11. The wording on Green Goblin's Trick or Treat ability has me confused.. "The enemy character suffers a collision as if the terrain feature had collided with it." Does this mean that the enemy character suffers damage as if the terrain had been thrown at him/her causing a collision? Or does this mean the character suffers 1 damage as if he/she had collided with it? The way its worded sounds like the first scenario. And if so, does the enemy character get to make a dodge roll?
  12. With the new clarification for reroll effects, how does this affect Oscorp Weaponry? The leadership says: "it can spend 1(power) when modifying opposing defense dice." So do you still pay in step 10 or does the payment happen sooner (step 6) as per the other clarification?
  13. Hi guys, Just a quick one, if my injured green goblin is within range of a Peter Parker so that I have to attack him because of arch nemesis uses glider ram to now be outside of 4 first (so neither of my attacks are in range) do I still get 2 actions or have I lost one because I have to attack spider? Thanks
  14. Ant-man and Wasp “transform” from tiny to normal and the reverse. The Transform rules say to place the new form. Is this a place for effects such as Trick or Treat? Just clarifying since the card says Transform, and doesn’t say place.
  15. With oscorp weaponry, it states you may re-roll one opposing defense die. Do you make that re-roll before or after your opponent has rolled extra dice for his criticals?
  16. Just wanted to double check, I was reading correctly. Its only advances or places that trigger this superpower. A push or throw would not. Unlike Booby Traps which covers all movement types.
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