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  1. If a non-grunt character is thrown into a grunt, is Brace for Impact able to be used?
  2. Does heimdal get to trigger forefend if a grunt is spawned within rng 2 of him?
  3. The Hydra Troopers model have a bit of extra rules text on their card that isn't shown on the other grunts: "This character cannot be included in Rosters and otherwise can only be put into play as a result of the Cut Off One Head... superpower" Is this just a sort of reminder for the normal Grunt rules or does it mean these grunts behave differently from SHIELD Agents and Hand Ninjas? Is deployment considered to be putting a model into play? If so, does this rule mean Hydra Troopers don't get deployed at the start of the game?
  4. Can grunts take one damage to utilize the place from a set of the Black Bifrost tokens?
  5. Does No Mercy work on Grunts or Hulk style models or does the interaction not work as they K.O?
  6. Grunts are not listed as affiliated on the Affiliation document (dated 8/12/22), nor is there reference to a grunt being of the same affiliation as their parent in the rules .pdf. Basic question, do grunt have an affiliation at all? I understand that they do not benefit roster construction, but some Team Tactics cards only affect affiliated team members . . . in this case, do Grunts benefit? If not, please disregard following questions. Otherwise, Specific example, team tactics card "A New Age" 1. Do Nick Fury's grunts benefit from A New Age while holding a book from The Montesi Formula? 2. If Red Skull, Master of Hydra is affiliated with SHIELD via The Initiative, are his Hydra Troopers also affiliated with SHIELD and thus benefit from A New Age? Thanks!
  7. Does Malekith's leadership trigger on grunts or are grunts not considered characters?
  8. Hello, Here (https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/5799-sldd-and-elektra-grunt-activations/#comment-31997) it is said that "You do not assign Grunts to a particular Parent character, the Characters that can put that Grunt into play are its Parent characters. The Grunt will need to activate prior to the activation of the first Parent character chosen to activate." Also there's a rule in Appendix G of the rulebook: "If a Grunt character would change controllers, it is removed from the game instead." So the question is: When such change of controllers might happen if you do not assign Grunts to a particular Parent? Thanks in advance!
  9. If Grunts are removed from play, does Frank get a Punishment token due to an ally being Dazed/KO'd?
  10. When playing Mutant Extremists Target U.S. Senators!, can Grunts interact with the Safe House token to search for the senator?
  11. For the Legacy Virus extract crisis, characters must pay one power for each legacy virus cure they are holding before interacting with another legacy virus cure. Am I correct in interpreting that this means that Grunts cannot pick up a second (or third) legacy virus cure because they cannot generate or spend power?
  12. Montesi Books is written as so: A character holding a spell book may use the following attack once per turn. Is once per turn for the character or the book itself? Wound Ninjas be able to use the book, KO themselves and hand off the book to Elektra / DD and during the parents activation within the same turn, would the parents be able to use the book also ? Or did the book get used for the turn already? Similarly with Corvus and Proxima or Crossbones and Sin, if they are holding one book and they mission objective and double activate, would each character be able use the same book during the same turn? Lastly Corvus and Proxima / Sin and Bones with 2 different books double activate, can they each use their separate books they are each holding during the same turn?
  13. I read the rules, and searched the forms. Just want to clear some stuff up incase its not clear 1. Deployment - Are grunts deployed like a normal character at the start of the game? (so within 3 of board edge, anywhere on the controlling players board edge, or within "X" of parent model? 2. Deployment - When can/are grunts deployed? Anytime before start of game? When you set up the first potential parent, at that same time do you set up the grunt? (set down two models at one "turn" of placement? OR place parent, then oppenent goes, then "have" to place grunt? 3. Activation of grunts - So got that first selected parent dictates when grunts go, but do grunts get two actions like everyone else, or only one? 4. Can SLDD and Elektra benfit from the hand ninja's being within range two of them for their big spender attacks? So lets say Elektra starts on her turn, hand ninjas make an attack of two, pending above question, and then she goes, has power to use Impale and is within range, gets 10 die attack. Then oppenent goes, then SLDD goes and is within range 2 of the hand Ninja's, can he also add 2 dice to his Demon's Devastation attack? Shuriken Arashi Tactic Card - The ideal setup for this is to move the Hand ninja's into range, but still within range two of SLDD, to maximize the short movement of the target. If the targeted character moves out of range and there are no other targets, does this attack just fail, or can another action be selected in its place?
  14. If you have both SLDD and Elektra on the board, and a hand Ninjas Grunt is already out on the board, do the grunts have to activate with whichever parent you activate FIRST, or can you decide when to activate them with your choice parent? Example: SLDD, Elektra, and hand ninjas are all on the board. If I want to activate SLDD with the ninjas, but decide to activate Elektra first, do the Ninjas HAVE to activate with Elektra first, even though I'd want them to activate them when SLDD activates later in the turn?
  15. If I have the Black order leadership, Punishers tactic card and I KO fury, this removes the grunt from play, is the Grunt KO'd or just removed, for instance if I KO Fury do I get 2 VP for Thanos Leadership/ Blood Red, or just 1 VP
  16. I am looking for clarification on the grunts cannot be chosen by friendly tactics cards rule. Does this mean that they have no effect on any friendly tactics cards? If a grunt is KO ed can elektra play vendetta? If a grunt is KO ed can you bring the discarded iron bound books back to your hand?
  17. Can grunts be affected by eye in the sky Tactics card when they are targeted by an attack
  18. If I have 4 activation left and in those I have Shadowland Daredevil with Ninjas (Counting these as 1 and unique activation in my previous number) and my opponent has 5 activation left. Can I pass or my ninja count as single activation in that case so I don’t have the luxury to pass at that point?
  19. From what I've seen, grunts can contest the research station extract. Are they considered being healty?
  20. I’m just looking for clarification on Ninja Grunt activations if you bring both Shadowlands Daredevil and Electra. If both Parent characters and their Ninjas are on the battlefield - and the ninjas activate before the parent characters does this mean -> Ninjas activate followed by Daredevil then they are done- -> then they get to activate AGAIN before Electra would later that round- or are they done after their first activation regardless of having two parent characters on the field? I’ve heard several interpretations. Another interpretation is that Grunts go, then both their parent characters go as a long chain of activations. I just want to play them as intended. Thanks much
  21. Do grunts count for and or against affiliation when determining the 51% criteria to use a leadership?
  22. Greetings, Simple question: if you are playing under Thanos' leadership ability and KO an enemy grunt, will you score 1 VP? Thanks in advance.
  23. Can I trigger Seeing Red if my opponent kills a Hand Ninjas?
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