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Found 18 results

  1. If wounds are being diverted from a unit with the Force Barrier upgrade to a unit with the Guardian keyword, can the unit with Force Barrier use it on the unit using Guardian? Example: Yoda has Force Barrier. Chewbacca has Guardian and the Protector upgrade card. Yoda is attacked with a roll showing 2 Hit results and 1 Critical result. Chewbacca uses his Guardian 2 keyword to divert the 2 Hit results. Can Yoda then use Force Barrier to cancel those 2 hits? Alternatively, Chewbacca uses Protector to divert the 1 Critical result from Yoda to himself, can Yoda use Force Barrier to cancel that Critical result?
  2. Can a unit (MagnaGuard) that is engaged use guardian if Dooku is targeted by a ranged attack and they are within range 1
  3. Can a unit spend dodges or surges while using guardian? If not, how does kenobi's mastery ability subvert this?
  4. When using guardian the rules say ‘covert surges’ does this mean you get to convert up regardless of whether you surge normally or not? ie Royal Guard don’t surge normally but when using Guardian do they get to convert surges making them more defensive.
  5. Hi 🙂 1. B2 battle droid (armor 1) gain Guardian, armor block 1 hit or no?
  6. Hi, sorry if this has been answered here already but with the emperor and open transport if the tank had done two moves can he take his one action and do now you will die attacks with wounds? Also can the guardian keyword be used by IRG to protect the emperor while he is in open transport?
  7. When Obi Wan uses guardian while his Hello There card is active, is he technically defending against an attack? This would determine if he is able to use the Nimble and other similar keywords.
  8. When a unit of magnaguard is issued an order by grievous on the 'Supreme Commander' turn they gain the guardian 2 keyword. A) Does this stack with the guardian 2: commander that the magnaguard already possess or are these two keywords treated as different? B) If they do stack does the commander restriction apply to all 4 points of guardian? C) If they do not could the magnaguard use both guardian 2 and guardian 2: commander against the same attack pool? D) If they aren't the same keyword does 'Supreme Commander' still allow the magnaguard to use guardian 2: commander against a melee attack? Thanks in advance!
  9. When a unit with guardian X and impervious (such as magnaguard with 'Preservation Protocols') uses guardian against an attack pool with pierce, does it roll additional defense dice on the guardian roll?
  10. If a unit with Guardian is about to suffer wounds, can that unit use Emergency Stims?
  11. On a turn where Obi Wan's 'Knowledge and Defence' is played, Grievous attacks a clone unit in melee within range 1 of Obi Wan. When Obi Wan uses Guardian against hits from the melee, is he still able to spend dodge tokens to deflect wounds back on Grievous on surge results, even though Grievous is in melee and Obi Wan is not?
  12. hello If I use guardian on an imperial scout team sniper shoot, against another unit, does the high velocity ability of the weapon cancel the use of dodge tokens? thanks
  13. Can you use Force Barrier on Hits/Crits that are being diverted by guardian. for example Anakin has Force Barrier and is shot, Obi-Wan uses Guardian on 2 hits, can Anakin use Force Barrier on those 2 hits?
  14. Hi, so in the rules reference (in the "pierce" and "guardian" entries), there is an example what happens with pierce and guardian in combination. In that segment it says: Now, lets say there are 2 hits with pierce 1 on a unit and i prevent 1 of them with Obi Wan's Guardian Keyword because i roll a block, does the Immune:Pierce of Obi Wan nullify the pierce 1 then and it can't be used anymore on the remaining hit that is then defended by the original target or can the attacker choose to apply the pierce to the block result of the original target unit instead? Or rather: If a piercing attack is prevented with guardian, are always the first block results (aka those from guardian) pierced first and then remaining pierce goes to the unit that was protected or can the attacker choose when he uses his pierce's? Hope i could make clear what my problem is here.
  15. Hello, My question is if Force Barrier can be used on a Guardian save roll. For example in an Anakin and Obi-Wan list and Anakin has Force Barrier, if Obi-Wan Guardians a ranged attack made against Anakin, can Anakin then use Force Barrier on Obi-Wan for the guardian roll? Thanks!
  16. If a unit uses the Guardian keyword to cancel hits for a friendly unit, can it also use Armor to cancel those hits on itself?
  17. Hi, I saw a question in here about Dioxis Mines and Guardian and that got me thinking about the below. If a unit Guardians an attack with Poison X and the unit with Guardian X takes a wound, is it eligible to be a target for Poison X? It is my understanding that the unit using Guardian X is not the defending unit and is not eligible. However, Pierce X is has an exception carved out and I'm unsure if Poison X has a similar application effect and has been overlooked or if Pierce just has a special cutout in the rules. Example: A B1 unit with the Radiation Cannon Trooper attacks a Phase 1 Clone trooper unit in no cover and rolls 3 hits. Obi-wan guardians those 3 hits and fails 1 save. Is the Phase 1 unit or Obi-wan eligible to be a recipient of the Poison X keyword, since neither unit technically defended? Are there other examples where it may work differently?
  18. Had this interaction in today’s game. Curious if we did it correctly. Round started and Bossk plays merciless munitions. Obi Wan had hello there. So when Bossk’s bomb goes off, can Obi Wan attempt to guardian for each unit in the blast of the dioxis charge as long as he is in the appropriate range? If he is able to guardian, is be able to activate his soresu mastery and use a dodge token to add surge defense on the attack?
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