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Found 8 results

  1. If Hawkeye is targeted, and conditions are met for him to use the Fast draw Superpower, can this be triggered, then, assuming conditions are met, Steve Rogers use the Bodyguard superpower? I believe these both happen in the same timing step, so Hawkeye can get a shot off, then Steve becomes the target and takes the attack?
  2. I’m fairly certain this works but wanted the official stamp of approval. How do Eye in the Sky and Hawkeye’s Fast Draw interact? If you shoot Hawkeye from range 4 can I fast draw, take my attack, then play eye in the sky stopping my opponents attack? Similarly, my opponent shoot Hawkeye with a range 5 attack from range 3. Can I eye in the sky out of 3 (but still inside 5) and then trigger fast draw?
  3. During Bullseye's activation he uses the Hit and Run superpower and declares an attack on Hawkeye. Bullseye is not within Range 3 and Hawkeye uses his Fast Draw superpower to make an Arrow Shot at Bullseye. After the Arrow Shot is resolved Bullseye uses the Parting Shot superpower against Hawkeye to deal 1 damage and advance Short away from Hawkeye. Bullseye is still in the process of resolving Hit and Run but with the Short advance from Parting Shot he is no longer within Range 4 of Hawkeye. Since Bullseye cannot attack Hawkeye does he resolve the Move Action from Hit and Run and then gain another Action?
  4. Does Hawkeye's Trick Shot ability expire on its own in any way or does it last until he performs his next arrow shot attack, even if that is after his turn ends or even in a later round?
  5. Quick question that came up this week. Rocket has Small Statue (always benefits from cover). Hawkeye has Trick Shot (ignore LOS and cover) for 1 power. Which ability takes precedent? Is there a general set of "X always trumps Y" logic that can be applied in these situations? r/-A.
  6. Hi, this came up in our recent local tourney. Dr Strange attacks Hawkeye, Hawkeye is outside of 3 and uses Fast Draw. Dr. Strange rolls for defense and uses the Eye of Agamotto re-roll. Survives and proceeds to do his attack, at which point he wants to re-roll his attack dice. However, the Eye of Agamotto reads "... once per attack". So is the attack made by Hawkeye completely separate and independent attack (it goes through all the steps of the attack timing chart) or is it somehow part of the timing chart of Dr. Strange's attack and hence he can only re-roll for defense roll or for his attack roll? Thank you very much
  7. Hai. So. Rocket always has cover. If hawkeye paid the energy to ignore los and cover then i assume he would be able to attack rocket ignoring this cover. Same with the second part of storms leadership? Cheers
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