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Found 11 results

  1. Does heimdal get to trigger forefend if a grunt is spawned within rng 2 of him?
  2. How does All Seeing Eye work with Sinister Traps and Well Laid Plans/Psychic Shockwave? Does it let you reroll with whoever played the card or can you not even use it?
  3. When playing Terrigenesis with a Heimdall on the table who, if anyone could benefit from rerolls? The character playing the card, if near an allied heimdall? The enemy being rolled for, if near their allied Heimdall? Neither?
  4. Hello, I had a question come up regarding Heimdall. All-Seeing Eyes states "when an allied character within 3 is attacking, defending or dodging...". Can Heimdall use this superpower on himself? Superpowers like Shuri's upgrades state specifically other, and I think I remember reading that Baron Zemo's strategic genius has a superfluous "This character and allied characters" just to be clear for the core box, so I'm presuming he can. It is just confused by the fact that Guardian of the Bifrost specifically says "Choose this character or another allied character within 4". Is it just worded differently for brevity or does allied character within X not included the character itself? Thanks! Rhys
  5. Can Heimdall use Forefend when an opponent is moved due to SWORD, Cosmic Invasion, and Spider Infected?
  6. Can Heimdall use Forefend during the power phase when characters get moved by a crisis (spider-infected, sword push, etc)? It says once per turn but this doesn’t happen during a turn. additionally, if he CAN use Forefend, can he use it more than once since this is technically not during a turn? thanks!
  7. How does the timing work between an enemy character using a charge super power ending their movement within range 2 of an allied Heimdall? Does the enemy character have to attack and complete their charge super power ability before Heimdall can use “forefend,” or is there a window of time between the enemy’s move and attack where Heimdall can use “forefend?”
  8. Does heimdalls re roll work on crises like deadly meteors, and alien ship which allow to roll dice to claim those objectives ? My interpretation is yes just due to the fact that the character is rolling the dice and heimdall is within 3.
  9. The criteria to make the attack is tk end a movement within range 2, would grunts being placed within range 2 of Heimdall by fury or daredevil or Electra qualify for this requirement?
  10. Can you reroll skulls when using Heimdall’s All Seeing Eyes for crisis cards?
  11. Because of the wording " when an allied character..." heimdall can target himself to reroll because he's allied is this correct or can he only target others
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