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Found 14 results

  1. All of these cards result in a throw but they don't state "Collossus may throw, or Thor may throw, or Juggernaut may throw implying the card is the source of the throw. so first part, with these cards throwing characters and the one that does terrain you may not throw through the character correct? for example wolverine and colossus are in range to do fastball, but wolverine is behind colossus, so you would not be able to throw through colossus since he technically is not the one performing the throw but the card is the source of the throw. With Juggernauts card he cant throw terrain through himself for the same reasoning correct? Last part if Juggernaut is not the source of the throw but the card it is assumed you still measure the terrain throw from Juggernauts Base but is this true since the card is the source not Juggernaut?
  2. What happen when let's say Groot attacking Black Widow using range 2 attack and Luke Cage uses Heroes for hire then move himself behind Black Widow and evading the range 2 attack of Groot. Will Groot attack fizzle or he still attack regardless of range and LoS? Because card like sacrifice noted that the new target is attacked regardless of range and LoS but nothing states that in Heroes for Hire.
  3. Example: Beam covers 2, or more, characters. Venom is under the range tool for the beam. Venom plays Lethal Protector and is placed within Range 1 of another Character in the beam before Venom is rolled against.. (attacker chose not to roll against Venom first) Venom is now no longer under the range tool for the beam. Venom is beside the original location of the beam. Is venom attacked once or twice? Same question using Heroes for Hire substituting Luke Cage, or Iron Fist, in the place of Venom. Can this Place move be used to put him beyond the beam range?
  4. Hello, I understand that Heroes for Hire's throw occurs after the movement in Whatever a Spider Can. I would like to confirm whether Spider-man can still be thrown by the Heroes for Hire throw even after it has traveled away using Whatever a Spider Can. Thank you.
  5. If Rocket and Groot play Deadly Duo and on the first attack, the opponent plays Heroes For Hire, and doesn’t daze Luke/Iron Fist, do they resolve the throw after said attack or after all three attacks have finished resolving? I ask mostly because of the word immediately in deadly duo. And if it resolves after the first attack and rocket is thrown out of range of any OTHER characters, I assume that would end the deadly duo tactic card effect?
  6. So a scenario came up a during a game yesterday. We had Luke Cage and Miles both under a beam attack, and my friend wanted to play Heroes for Hire, and move Luke out of the beam. Would he still take the attack since he is no longer “in range” of the beam?
  7. If an enemy character targets a character using an attack that has the Rapid Fire trigger, if I use Heroes for Hire, place say my Iron Fist and he becomes the defender, if Iron Fist doesn't become dazed, does he throw the attacking character before the Rapid Fire Triggers or after? And if he throws the attacking character before, if the thrown character is out of range for his Rapid Fire attack does it become void?
  8. I had a probably rare occurrence come up in a recent game. Carnage sitting on one wound left went up to attack Wong, but Luke Cage played Heroes for Hire to jump in and take the attack. I had the card Neogenetic Recombinator available to be played, so my question is this: is there a time available to me to play Neogenetic Recombinator after my attack on Luke Cage, but before the throw generated by Heroes for Hire? My thought is yes, because H4H says "After the attack is resolved . . . " and I am still the active player which fulfills the requirements of NR. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I have not found this on the rules page but can Iron Fist Heroes for Hire himself for the throw and the place?
  10. If luke cage heroes for hires an allied character and the attacking character has flurry, the flurry will then resolve. If Luke cage survives the first attack and then dazes on the flurry attack would he still get the throw from surviving the first attack per the card?
  11. If an Area attack gets redirected to a Hero for Hire, does the Area attack hit all of it's targets before the throw is resolved?
  12. Can Doctor Strange use HHW on an allied character who made themselves the target of an attack through a bodyguard style affect or a tactics card like Heroes for Hire? For example. Opponent targets Strange, he pays 2 for H4H then pays 2 for HHW to bump Cage or Fist's defense dice up by 2.
  13. If someone attacks a target and Luke Cage/Iron Fist play Heroes for Hire. They get placed and become the target of the attack but someone bodyguards the attack. After the attack is resolved, do they still get the throw since the attack has resolved and the placed character was not dazed/KO?
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