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Found 8 results

  1. During Bullseye's activation he uses the Hit and Run superpower and declares an attack on Hawkeye. Bullseye is not within Range 3 and Hawkeye uses his Fast Draw superpower to make an Arrow Shot at Bullseye. After the Arrow Shot is resolved Bullseye uses the Parting Shot superpower against Hawkeye to deal 1 damage and advance Short away from Hawkeye. Bullseye is still in the process of resolving Hit and Run but with the Short advance from Parting Shot he is no longer within Range 4 of Hawkeye. Since Bullseye cannot attack Hawkeye does he resolve the Move Action from Hit and Run and then gain another Action?
  2. So if Bullseye uses hit and run with a throwing knife would there be an opportunity to use his I never miss superpower? After the attack but before the move? Or after both the attack and move?
  3. Helios Laser allows the user to take a Helois Laser Bombardment attack action. Can that action be used with hit and run? Apparently this hasn't been asked, and I figured I would ask the question for 100 percent clarification to avoid any confusion in the future on this attack, and any future interactions with similar abilities. Thank you.
  4. Are you allowed to interact in-between the attacks and the added moves that come as a part of the action? Or, must you complete the entire action before interacting? Thanks!
  5. I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't find it. Lifesaver is used during a hit and run. Model is pulled out and there are no models able to be hit now. The attacking model can move and now has 2 actions because of the refund correct?
  6. Hi! How triggers Sin's hit and run with rapid fire? I mean, if i use hit and run, what would be the order? attack-hit and run-rapid fire? or attack-rapid fire-hit and run? Thanks!!
  7. For this example, assume Cyclops is at range 4 of Loki with no intervening terrain to block LOS. As his first action, Cyclops pays 3 power for Hit & Run, targets Loki with Optic Blast. Loki spends 3 power for Trickster, moves S away from Cyclops. Attack ends as it is no longer in range. Cyclops is given another action from Trickster as Loki was the only target. Cyclops still has the move action from Hit & Run, moves M toward Loki, still has 2 actions remaining. Is this correct?
  8. If Cyclops pays to for hit and run and attacks Sabretooth, would Sabretooth aggressive and then possible untamed force trigger before he gets to move?
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