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Found 12 results

  1. Hoods demonic resilience ability reduces by two to a minimum of one but is that before defence dice are rolled or after. Example: if im attacked and the opponent has three hits but my role only blocks one so do i take one damage or is all of it negated
  2. If Scientific Method was played on Hood, and Hood transformed. Would the abilities it grant carry over to the transformed character?
  3. Hi, appreicate it if you could help me to clarify follow questions: 1. If Hood uses dark lightning to attack enemy character with 2 wild dice but only 1 enemy character (B) within 3 if the target original character, can Hood assigns one more Arc effect on enemy character B? 2. Re point 1, If yes, can assigns 2 or above Arc on same character even more than 1 enemy character within the range? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I ran into this situation last weekend, "wounded" Hood used hex shot on Proxima Midnight, one instance and a second instance (rapid fire). Proxima Midnight used martial prowess twice and she blocked both attacks. Generating 4 damage that could potentially daze Hood. The confusion comes at the timing of Hood's transformation. Does he transform and then reduce damage and survives, or he gets daze first and then transform. Thank you.
  5. If an attack targeting an allied charactern is redirected to Hood via Sacrifice, can he pay to use invisibility cloak? This just changes his defensive type and counts blanks rather than adding dice and modifying dice.
  6. If Hood uses Empowered dark lightning to attack a model. And the opponent has Ghost Rider. At the time of the attack he isn't in range three of Ghost Rider.q The attack resolves. Ghost Rider can't use Wickeds Judgement as he isn't within range of Hood. So Hood then transforms, which now puts him in range three of Ghost Rider. Can Ghost Rider then use Wickeds Judgement can he? As the timing for him to use the power has already passed, as at the end of the attack Hood was out of range three?
  7. If Deadpool triggers bang bang and then bang bang bang do all the attacks resolve on Hood normal before being allowed to transform to the demon form?
  8. If i am playing defenders and i use the leadership to change the attack to a physical or energy attack and then hood using his cloak superpower am i right in saying that hoods ability triggers after strange's leadership, meaning it will always be mystic when using hoods cloak ability ? and this will be the same for all "use this defence" style ability ??
  9. Can Hood use his heal ability Black Arts on characters immune to bleed? Or is the bleed pre-requisite for the super power to work? Thanks
  10. If I KO a character with Dark Lightning, will I able to resolve the Arc ability on the attack for any wilds I roll? As I understand it, a KOed character is immediately removed from the board, so I can't measure within Range 3 of them to determine Arc targets.
  11. Hello. So does Hood's two forms have separate Stamina pools and get damaged separately or it is shared? What happens if Possessed form is Dazed by non Mystic attack so it doesn't transform to Normal before Dazing? Do both forms still flip? Is it clarified in rulebook as I didn't figure it out after first read of updated rulebook.
  12. I assume Hood and his possessed form share the same health pool. so when Hood is Dazed and transforms into his demon form (of course getting the range 1 displacement), when the character has to flip over the card during the clean up phase you flip over both the normal and possessed hood correct?
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