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Found 13 results

  1. My attacking unit can only see the hostage attached to an enemy unit. Can I still attack that enemy unit? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi there. Can a player select a unit with the detachment keyword, such as a Mortar or Mark II Medium Blaster as the Hostage carrier during set up? The card just says "Corps" unit. If "Yes," then how does the Detachment rule interact with the Mortar or Mark II being placed in the middle of the table, subsequently moved by opposing player, etc during set up? Thanks!
  3. Good morning, In Hostage Exchange objective, if blue player, when placing and moving red's unit, moves a little less than 1 in such a way that they can cohere one of red unit's mini overlapping part of the center (the point where red player should place blue's unit next) in such a way that the free point "closest to center" becomes shifted towards blue side of the table; is this a legal movement?
  4. Asking because there are several posts in the Legion Discord rules chat that give opposite answers. Is Vader’s Might able to place the opponent’s hostage carrier engaged with another unit? (Outside of round 1, of course)
  5. HI. If I choose to use my SHORETROOPERS for Hostage Exchange does the Detachment rules still apply to DF-90 MORTAR TROOPER? Thanks!
  6. Is it correct that I can not force push an opponent's unit leader with a hostage into base to base with one of my own units to start a melee? The hostage card states "You can not start a melee" and the hostage unit is the one starting the melee?
  7. What is difference between Scouting Party and Scout on Hostage Exchange? As I understand from the forums, Scout is not allowed to be used on Hostage Exchange but Scouting Party is allowed. However, Scouting Party says that after you use the Scout X keyword you may give the move of X to another (Y) unit(s). But if you can't use Scout on Hostage Exchange how can you proc the Scouting Party?
  8. If a unit with Recon Intel is selected to be the hostage taking unit in Hostage Exchange does it get to take its Recon Intel Scout 1 after it is 'deployed'? If so, does it make the scout 1 move before or after the unit is moved by the opponent?
  9. While playing Hostage Exchange, if Yoda has the Hostage and a player uses the Size Matters Sometimes Command Card does a. Yoda keep the hostage, and b. does Chewbacca move at his normal speed or is his speed reduced as Yoda has the hostage.
  10. Can a unit claim 2 Hostage objective tokens? If so, the effects of the Hostage card are doubled? (-2 maximum speed to a min of 1, +2 Courage) Thank you!
  11. How does Scouting Party interact with the Hostage unit? Can they move at Speed 2 if the "Party Leader" has Scout 2? I assume that Scout doesn't work as it triggers when the unit deploys, and the Hostage unit doesn't deploy, but is placed (and moved) during setup
  12. Hi, What happens in this mission, hostage exchange mission, if the center of the table has a piece of terrain that prevents to deploy the hostage unit? If this piece of terrain is for example a house that you can deploy on the roof, how is the 1 speed move done? Could you move to the ground ignoring the house? Should you stay in the roof because you cannot make a climbing move? What would happen then if the second unit with hostage hasn't enough space to deploy? In brief, how is done this hostage unit deployment and movement when the center of the map has a "problematic" piece of terrain?
  13. If a player who had a Covert Ops commander (and no other commander) used Covert Ops to become an operative, could they select a "set aside" unit from Rapid Reinforcements to become their commander? Similarly, could they select the designated hostage unit to become their commander?
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