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Found 16 results

  1. Does Hulkbuster gain the additional power or does Ironman (Hulkbuster) gain the extra power?
  2. Hi, just wanted to make sure I was using/reading this right before I start running Hulkbuster. When 'big' Hulkbuster is dazed he ejects the Support suit and is 'removed from the battlefield'. If I get enough power to change back to big form using Secondary Support Suit it says the small Iron Man (Hulkbuster) is 'removed from the game'. Reading that makes me think that if my opponent dazes 'big' Hulkbuster again then I would not get to bring in the Support Suit again as he has been removed from the game, not just the battlefield. I know this is a pretty corner case scenario as my opponent would have to daze Hulkbuster twice, just wanted to make sure I have it right as I couldn't see anything on here confirming one way or the other.
  3. If the Hulkbuster gets the 3 virus tokens what happens? Does he get KOd and Small Iron Man gets out? Or is he totally KOd?
  4. How does Blind Obsession interact with Hulkbuster? 1) Does the positive effect only apply to Hulkbuster (not Iron Man (Hulkbuster))? 2) as Hulkbuster is never KO’d (only removed from the board) does the negative effect ever get removed?
  5. Would Hulkbuster's "Built To Take It" reactive power also take place in step 2d of the attack timing chart? This also says it can be used after being targeted but I have seen it used after damage is taken to reduce the overall damage. We just wanted to make sure we were not doing this wrong. Thanks for the help.
  6. Just wondering what happens to blind obsession if it's applied to hulkbuster when hulkbuster flips to ironman? It is an effect and enhanced support systems clears all effects but then the effect isn't directly applied to hulkbuster? So when would blind obsession leave the character who played it as technically hulkbuster never gets KO'd. Then if it does stay with Ironman(hulkbuster) if ironman(hulkbuster) uses always have a backup does the blind obsession would still remain in effect as well?
  7. When the Hulkbuster is removed from the battlefield it says it loses all power, damage, special effects and conditions. Does this include an activated token if Hulkbuster had one? Would this allow Iron man Hulkbuster to be placed without and activated token and activate in the same round?
  8. If I'm using Ironman(Hulkbuster) and use All You've Got, and gain enough power to use Always Have a Backup, what will play out?
  9. Question around Hulkbuster's Meteor Punch, Throw on damage and Explosive trigger. Situation: - Hulkbuster attacks a character with Meteor Punch - Hulkbuster deals no damage to the target character but rolls a Wild to trigger Explosive - Explosive triggers and damages another enemy character within R2 Question: - Does the Explosive damage to another enemy character allow Meteor Punch to meet the Throw trigger of 'if this attack deals damage..'? Thank you
  10. Hello, am i right is thinking that if the rapid repuslor blast attack on the secondary support suit side of Hulkbuster hits the trigger for a rapid fire it can conduct a double attack and then conduct both pushes together much like the soon to be "old version of madusa can ?
  11. This thread: States that either Iron Man or Iron Man (Hulkbuster) can play the card Ricochet Blast which requires an Iron Man character. However, I've been told (couldn't find a thread on it specifically) that Wong's Servant of the Sorcerer Supreme only works when he's near the original Doctor Strange and would not work with Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. So first question, is it true that Wong's ability only works with the current Doctor Strange and not supreme? Does this mean that parentheticals in a character name are ignored when looking at rules that refer to a character by name? Would Wong's ability work if there was a Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) model created later?
  12. If you are using the Hulkbuster leadership and someone (like Luke Cage) has a version of reduce damage by one, do you get to choose which one reduces first? Or is it leadership effect and then character? Basically if Luke Cage has 2 damage coming through on a collision, can he reduce it down to 0 after both effects?
  13. Hi Rules Gurus, Really excited to play Hulkbuster after it was spoiled at Minstravaganza. Had a little rule query come up though. Hulkbuster dazes, and baby Tony pops out. He places within 3 of Rocket, albiet in the cleanup phase. In the rulebook, a "place" is a type of movement, so may I use "booby traps" to explode baby Tony in the cleanup phase? Thanks, Theo
  14. Why is the new iron man(hulkbuster) does that mean when he's iron man he can use ricochet blast?
  15. I'm sure I'm just missing a subtle rules interaction, but at the moment I'm failing to wrap my head around what the phrasing of the Hulkbusters Leadership means compared to how other Leaderships are phrased. It says that when the character is put into play, you are still using the Hulkbuster Leadership ability. The only thing I can think of is that this is meant to head off arguments over your Leader being removed, this ending use of the Leadership ability. That feels unnecessary to me though. Is there a rules interaction I'm overlooking?
  16. How does the new Hulkbuster Leadership (reduce collision damage by one, no minimum) work with the existing Invulnerable Effects (reduce damage to a minimum of 1)? Does the Invulnerable power trigger first followed by the leadership? Is it done in the order chosen by the player with priority?
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